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How To Dip Dye Your Hair


The world is tired of traditional hair color. It is tired of seeing people with mildly coherent hair color cascading from root to tip all organized and boring - like. Now it wants the dip dyed look - a look in which the tips of the hair are dyed a notably different color from the color that the rest of your hair happens to be.

The precise colors are of minor importance, though obviously dark on light, bright on dull create the biggest contrast. You can choose to use the dip dye technique around the entire circumference of your head, on everything but your bangs, on just your bangs, or on any combination of the above or not. The power is yours. The power to color, brightly, boldly, where nobody has ever gone before.

In spite of the fact that hairdressers often tell us that home dye is akin to setting your head on fire, you can do dip dye jobs at home. In fact, doing a dip dye job at home is probably far easier than doing a traditional home dye job in which you have to get the color through all the many layers of your hair. If you're prepared with a few hair clips you can apply the second color underneath the outer layers of your hair, creating a less dramatic, but very stylish look.

For slick, asymmetrical dip dye jobs, or dip dye jobs that require some bleaching you may want to hunt down a professional however - there's nothing quite like accidentally frying one's own hair simply because one became a bit too over enthusiastic with the bleach or the dye.

Home Dip Dye Tips

  • If you insist on going it alone, here are some tips on achieving a good home dip dye job.
  • Take time in picking your two colors. If you're working with your natural or pre-existing base color, your job will be much easier. If you want to do two colors, you may have some trouble with the colors bleeding into one another. Bleeding can be staunched (in a manner of speaking) by using cotton or by separating your colors with foil.
  • The simplest and probably most error free option for a home job is to try doing a dip dye effect under the outer layers of hair. The outer layers of hair will provide a great natural break effect even if you're a bit clumsy. Dip dye jobs can be precision affairs, especially if you want a 'simple' effect, like the one tone dip dye effect, which looks super easy, but is actually only easy to mess up.
  • Doing a fringe or bangs is also an easy option for a home job, with fewer opportunities for accidents.
  • Dip dye jobs are about exploration, vibrant color, rule breaking and most of all - fun. Have fun.

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