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Dental Lab Direct Review

Justine writes from her home home in Ohio. She has many featured articles, and has written through Hub-pages for over 10 years.

Wanting to Try an at Home Dental Service?

There are a few different websites out there in which you can order dentures, partials, snap on veneers or retainers from home without going to the Dentist. In this article you will see an honest review of my experience with ordering a partial from Dental Lab Direct, an at home Dental Service.

Missing or Broken Teeth or Poor Fitting Dental Appliances

Let’s face it, missing or broken teeth can really put a damper on your self esteem. A good smile can really help your self image and give a good impression to those you meet. It can even help during a job interview, especially when you work in customer service like me, it may make or break the job offer. Maybe your feeling self conscious, and searching for a less expensive alternative to traditional dental services. Dental Lab Direct may be the perfect answer to your worries. They are far less expensive then going to the Dentist, but are they worth it? I’m here to tell you the pros and cons of ordering a partial denture online.

Why I Needed a Partial

When I was about 12 years old, my front tooth was knocked out in an accident. My parents rushed me to the Emergency Room where they called in an Oral Surgeon to try to save my tooth right away. I woke up in the hospital to a giant needle that they were going to use to numb my gums. Even though the DR had reinserted my tooth right away, in the next week it began turning dark and eventually black as my roots died. As a young girl I was horrified. An Orthodontist gave me a fake tooth attached to braces, but it never looked right. I have been self conscious about it for my entire life. When my braces were finally removed, an Oral Surgeon suggested a bone graft to eventually get an implant. Each treatment was very expensive and not covered by insurance. After two artificial bone grafts they told me the artificial grafts failed and only has one option, to graft a piece of bone from my chin to see if my body would except it. The ultimate answer was no, my upper jaw bone had receded so much that I could never be a candidate for an implant.

We moved to the next best option, which was a bridge. They filed down my other front tooth and attached a permanent bridge in which they said would last 10 years of more. It never really looked right to me, and I continued to hide it from my friends and classmates trying not to let anyone in on my little secret. Into adulthood the tooth that had been filed down began to hurt. The bridge actually lasted about 20 years, far longer than they thought but had begun to fail. An infection got underneath the tooth at the root and I would need to either get the tooth pulled, or receive a very expensive root canal then replace the bridge. I weighed my options which were money driven, and decided that getting it pulled would be the best option financially.

Obtaining a Partial from a Local Dental Clinic

My only option financially was to try to obtain a partial from a Dental Clinic. A less expensive option then the traditional Cosmetic Dentist. Dental Clinics often offer discounted services, depending on your income, mostly on a sliding fee scale. Even though I was technically under the poverty limit, the services were still very costly. After a month or so of healing from the extraction, I had to go into the office and get molds taken for a new partial. I pretty much hid in my home, afraid of public scrutiny during this time. My husband did most the shopping and my young children often asked where my teeth were. Embarrassing to say the least, as a young Mother I really missed having a nice smile, playing and laughing with my young son. All together with the extraction and new partial, It cost around $1,800 Dollars. It was very hard to afford, but it was something I had to make room in our budget for.

When I received the partial I was relieved it finally arrived. But it didn’t look right. It was better then having no teeth at all, and I needed to get on with living my life. The partial was the wrong color, much lighter then my other teeth. The teeth were also larger then my real teeth and sort of gave me that buck tooth look. Nonetheless, I accepted the fact my smile would never be what it once was. With bone loss and a fake partial I looked much different then before.

Partials Only Last for a Few Years

Over time your teeth move, whether it’s because of age or missing teeth, you will eventually have to replace your partial with a new one. I made it last 3 or 4 years, even though I hated the way it looked. The partial began giving me pressure sores, one side being lose and the other side too tight. It would often just fall out and began causing me pain and stress. So I went back to the Dental Clinic to obtain a new one, and this time it was even worse. I paid for a new partial and it was bigger and bulkier then my previous dainty partial. It was an acrylic partial which had large hooks around my back teeth. It rubbed my gums very hard and was even more painful to wear then the first. Which caused me to simply throw it in a drawer for months, and revert to wearing the old partial for quite some time. I knew there had to be something better out there. I had gotten quotes from a Cosmetic Dentist for another permanent bridge and for a new partial, but the price tag was far out of my reach. That’s when I began researching at home Dental Lab services. Then I came across Dental Lab Direct.

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Affordable Alternative to Costly Dental Visits

Why I Chose Dental Lab Direct

  • They seemed like a legit company. I was worried about giving my financial information online. What if they would just take my money, or what if they were a scam?
  • I read tons of reviews from different websites, did my own research on their company. Most were very good, with the occasional bad experience.
  • They had a professional website which was easy to navigate, and a few different options of partials to chose from.
  • I found a coupon code online which brought the price down an additional $50, and made it seem like I was getting a great deal.

Promo Codes to Dental Lab Direct

The Process of Ordering Online

The process began with choosing which type of partial I wanted. They had traditional acrylic partials like the one I had before, ones with wire hooks, a clear retainer like partial, or their newest addition called a Flex Partial. This Flex Partial is made out of a more flexible material which can more easily mold to your mouth while wearing. This seemed like the best option for me. During the ordering process you will chose the following.

  • Type of partial
  • Tooth color (it was easy to chose from only four colors.)
  • Gum shade (light or dark.)

It’s a very simple process and easy to chose which is best for you because the website offers pictures of the tooth shades and gum colors.

How Long Did it Take from Start to Finish?

Within a week of ordering, the kit came in the mail. The kit included top and bottom trays with a dental putty, and instructions. Mixing the putty is easy but you have to do it quickly. Simply mix the blue and white putties together and roll them into a snake like shape to insert them into the trays. Taking the impressions was relatively easy if you’ve ever had impressions done at the dentist before. You have to wait a few minutes for the putty to harden and sort of wiggle them out of your mouth. Once I placed the impressions in the self sealing box which was provided, I waited impatiently for the finished product in the mail. When I say impatiently, I was more than excited to have new teeth. According to the website they allow about a month for processing your dental appliance, but I received mine in three weeks.

How Did it Fit?

When I first tried on the partial I thought that it fit tightly but I was so used to my old loose fitting partial so it seemed foreign to me. But with any new dental appliance you have to give your mouth time to acclimate to the new device. Once I was used to wearing it, I realized how perfectly it actually fit. No more bulky appliance in my mouth, and no more food particles getting stuck in my teeth. Overall I’m extremely happy with my purchase and definitely recommend Dental Lab Direct to my friends and readers. Follow the link below to check them out for yourself.


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