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The Classic Denman Brush for Natural Hair

More and more naturals are hearing about the Denman brush and wondering why it’s so much more special than a regular brush. This brush is really helpful for curly haired women because it is strong enough to detangle even the thickest of curly hair. It also smooths the hair at the same time.

Different Sizes of the Denman

There are many different versions of the denman brush. The one that I most commonly use is the D3 medium 7 row brush. This is the brush you will most likely find in your local sally's beauty supply store.

The D3 medium 7 row brush is one of 5 classic denman brushes. They can be found at

Here are some pros and cons that I have found while using the brush.


Detangles the Hair

The Denman brush is a fantastic detangler. While your hair is soaking wet, the Denman detangles the hair very thoroughly removing every shed hair.

You don’t have to worry about the hair becoming tangled again once it’s already been detangled. All you have to do is start from the base of the hair and work your way up.

Starting from the bottom and working up is important because you don't want to create any knots or make tangles worse.


Defines Curls

The Denman brush is perfect for clumping and defining curls. If your hair is normally frizzy and hard to define, maybe you should try the Denman brush.

It can help clump your curls together and reduce the amount of frizz to define your curls.

The rubber base gently smooths the hair and brings individual strands together.


Smooths out Hair

The rubber base on the brush, possibly helps manually close the cuticles of the hair shaft, helping it become more smooth.

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When the cuticles are closed the hair will not be as frizzy or full of static. This isn't proven, it's just a possible explanation for how the denmen smooths out the hair.

Removes all Shedded Hair

Another great benefit of using the Denman brush is the fact that it removes all my shedded hair.

I have found that when I detangle my hair with my shower comb first and then go over it with my denman, I miss a lot of shed hair which can re-tangle my hair.

The Denman grabs the hair and provides just the right amount of tension to clump, define, and detangle it.

Through this process, shedded hairs are removed. I have not found anything else that removes shedded hair like the denman.

Easy to Clean and Modify

When I used to clean my regular paddle brushed, I used to just remove the hair and go. I never thought about what could be beneath the pad of the brush.

There was no doubt a ton of product build up in them. With the Denman all you have to do is slide it out of its base, take out the combs, and rinse everything off. It's so easy!

If you feel that the combs are way too close together you also can simply remove some of the rows of teeth. It’s that simple and easy.


Must Be Used Correctly

One thing I have noticed about the Denman brush is that it is only effective if your hair is soaking wet.

If you use it on dry hair it will create too much friction and it could even damage the hair. Trying to use the denman brush on dry hair is a recipe for disaster.

Takes a While to Detangle

If you have really small curls or very kinky hair it can take a while to detangle with the Denman brush. You will have to take small sections of hair and detangle thoroughly.

Don't try to use sections that are too large. You may find yourself frustrated if the teeth don't go straight through. If your too rough you might snap off a few pieces of hair. I guess this really isn't a con, it's just a word of caution. You should be careful with any tool you use.

The Denman is a fantastic product, is very durable, and is perfect for any curly girl!


Kyndall Smith (author) from Milwaukee on August 04, 2014:

It not the worst thing as long as you are gentle. Hair is the weakest when it's wet, it's really just all in how we handle it.

kat on March 27, 2014:

Hi :). Thanks for the review. I was wondering how bad its to brush your dry hair with this brush??

Kyndall Smith (author) from Milwaukee on June 03, 2013:

@cuddlebug6 unfortunately I have not tried the tangle teezer or the goody tangle fix, so I could not compare. Sorry and thanks for commenting!

Laria LeNoir from USA on May 31, 2013:

Ohhhh! I was wondering what a Denman brush was, I'm newly natural and have been hearing about it more and more. Would you say it works better than the Goody Tangle Fix brush or the Tangle Teezer?

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