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Demi Lovato with Red Hair: Demi Goes Auburn

Demi Lovato with Red Hair

Demi Lovato with Red Hair

When we saw Demi Lovato with red hair we thought she was one of the prettiest redheads we've ever seen. This color would many any girl envious because she wears it so well. Check out Demi Lovato with auburn hair in this pictures to see if you agree.

How does she get the color and style so perfect?

Demi is one of those girls whose hair always manages to look impeccable: perfectly styled and colored every time. But it's really one of those perks that comes along with being famous.

She can have the top stylists and colorists in the business at her fingertips with just a quick call. Salon professionals who cost $500 to $1000 per hour are going to have access to better products and have had more style training that lower-paid ones.

emi Lovato with Red Hair: Demi's Red Shades

Demi sports light auburn hair (lower right) and reddish blonde (bottom right).

We think she looks best in the light auburn shade. This is because the yellow in her skin goes so well with the tones in the red hair. The reddish blonde works for someone looking for a color that is a little lighter and more golden, but still has red in it.

Demi Lovato with Light Auburn Hair

Demi Lovato with Light Auburn Hair

Demi Lovato with Reddish Blonde Hair

Demi Lovato with Reddish Blonde Hair

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How easy is it to change hair colors like Demi does?

For someone like Demi Lovato, the work isn't in managing healthy hair through color transitions, it's more about managing makeup and wardrobe to coordinate with the hair colors. But you will have be concerned with all of the above.

It is easier to go back and forth in dark and light color shades if when you go darker in color you get temporary hair dye that fades out with washing. If you don't do this, then when you wish to go light again you will need a professional colorist to strip your dark hair color out. This can be expensive and somewhat damaging.

And if you have ever changed your hair color, you will notice that sometimes the makeup you wore with blonde hair no longer works with the makeup you wear with dark brown hair.

In addition, your clothing may look like it no longer looks good on you when you change your hair color. So if you decide to switch colors to look like one of your fave celebs, be aware you might need to invest in new cosmetics and clothing.

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