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Cool Goth Tattoos

The Gothic lifestyle is a fascinating one to me, and overall it's really undefinable, although much of the purpose is to startle and grab attention through clothes and themes the participants wear and engage in.

With tattoos the purpose is the same, as there is little in the way of what most people would consider normal when viewing Gothic tattoo designs, just as in real life.

Goth tattoo designs and images are mostly on the dark side with dark colors. You don't see much, if any, of the bright colors associated with other tattoo, neither lighter themes.

Even when wings, crosses and scenes are depicted there's a sense of foreboding and difference that is easy to see in the style, and not hard to identify.

Tattoos with a goth theme can take what someone else likes as a design and modify it into something very different, for example with tattooed wings which are modified to look very different, as you'll see below.

Since tattoos can be at times very powerfully designed and different, with Goth tattoos it's probably not as dramatic as you would see if they were walking on the street next to someone dressed as a non-Goth would dress. But still, you get the unique feel of the lifestyle in the tattoos. 

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Here's an immediate example of taking a rather benign subject like a fairy, which is usually winsome and playful, and add that dark touch which turns it to the Gothic look. While still having a hint of playfulness, and wings that would be considered normal, the rest has the attitude and look of something very different, including how the fairy is dressed and the eye shadow.

Goth Fairy Tattoo

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This particular tattoo, while Gothic, could also be considered a tattoo of a different genre, and it doesn't have as dark of  a feel because of only the bare legs of the woman. If she had been dressed differently, the tattoo would have been seen from a different perspective.

Goth Tattoo on Lower Leg

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I actually like this Gothic tattoo, which was a hint of tribal to it. You see the wings which are a major part of the Gothic tattoo experience, but a lot of other detail that makes it quite an interesting and compelling design. Very unique.

Gothic Back Tattoo

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Each one of the wing tattoos below include a very different look, showing how you can take one design topic or theme and do so many different things with it.

The first tattoo photo is what most of us would consider the norm as far as wing tattoos go, but the setting of the photo and the woman and her dress definitely give it a unique and darker look.

Below her is the feathered wing tattoo, which is unique because of a man having it on him. Very few men choose this route to go for tattoos, and including the feathers is unusual.

As for the rather drab looking winged tattoo, that was included because it has the wings pointed upwards, not a typical design by any means.

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For the rest, they are those that take the wing tattoo and bring it directly and obviously into the Gothic look. You have the feel that the wings are coming right out of the skin, which adds a somewhat creepy look to the tattoo, and one that has the desired effect of shocking. There is also the skeleton wings, which are not only shocking in looking like they're protruding out of the skin, but in the skeletal look itself.

Very interesting batch of wing tattoos to say the least.

Variety of Gothic Wing Back Tattoos

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An interesting side to the Gothic lifestyle or imagery is the including of Christian symbols, like the cross below. It comes from the architecture and design of a long-gone era, but is compelling today because of those times when Gothic was considered mainstream.

Most people don't know that there is a sub-set of Goth culture considering itself Christian.

Gothic Cross Tattoo on Foot

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I'm not going to pretend I understand what this particular imagery is supposed to represent, but as to the lines and design, I really liked it, as it incorporates curves, scrolling and, images to create the unique tattoo. I like it.

Gothic Back Tattoo

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Even with evil Goth can take it and turn it into something interesting, as in the demon tattoo below. You have to look at it different to see it. My recommendation is to start with the feet and go from there. Start from somewhere else and you probably won't get it.

Goth Demon Tattoo

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Here is another strange look portrayed via a Gothic tattoo. Look closely to catch the wings and hands, as the tattoo is busy and includes a lot. The point is to startle and shock with something totally different. And this tattoo does do that.

Gothci Demon Tattoo on Back

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This is a wonderful image, and it's too bad it was placed on the ankle and calf. Few will be able to enjoy the impact and quality of the art and subject matter of this tattoo without having to get in a somewhat uncomfortable position.

As to the quality of the design, it's amazing. The clouds and darkness of the house are terrific, as is the foreground as well. Add to that the birds flying in the background and it's a very compelling image indeed.

Gothic Tattoo Scene

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The image below is one I see as being what appears a typical woman, who almost has the look of the girl next door (minus the wings), but there she is lying on a stack of skulls. All seemingly unperturbed and as if was the norm of the day.

Girl on Skulls Goth Tattoo

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Finally, this is the epitome of a Gothic tattoo to me. You have everything the subculture is trying to express in startling, shocking and disturbing the senses.

While the tattoos appear real, some of the rest could have been photo shopped in. But it's the imagery itself that represents the purpose of Goths, and in that regard it's successful.

Disturbing Goth Tattoo


As with everything Goth, no theme is safe, and everything and anything can be taken and have a twist added to it to produce the desired response and effect.

You can't look at these Gothic tattoos and get the feeling things are all normal, as they obviously aren't, and neither were they meant to be.

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