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DIY Hair: 10 Red Hair Color Ideas

Whether you're going for a natural or unnatural look, here are a handful of red hair color ideas. Not only are photos included - but also the hair dyes used to get the looks in these photos.

Red is such a fantastic color if you really want to go rainbow, but you have adult responsibilities. It's bright and different enough to set you apart from the crowd, but not so drastic that you'll have to worry about what your boss will say at work. I know from personal experience... My boss said no to pink hair, but was totally cool when I dyed half of my hair bright red and half black.

If you're not one for bleaching your hair, but you still want to add some flare and color, you're in luck! Red is probably the easiest color to apply on dark hair. Several of these you wouldn't be able to get so easily on pre-lightened hair, like the merlot and plum tones. A lot of the darker reds take beautifully on brown and black hair. Just know this - red is difficult to get out.

1. Rusk Deep Shine Direct Merlot

Help yourself to a container of Rusk's Deep Shine Direct in Merlot for this deep wine red. This color works great on dark hair. The best part? It's subtle enough that you won't have to worry about your day job.

2. Joico Ruby Red

This gorgeous mix is a combination of Joico's Ruby Red, Magenta, and Red. The hair was pre-lightened with Joico's creme lightener. Apply Ruby Red from the roots to the middle, and then a mixture of red and magenta mids to ends.


3. Manic Panic Wildfire

Manic Panic's Wildfire is a bit of a bright orange-red. You can get this look by using the dye straight on roots and mids. For the lighter yellow ends, mix with a bit of Manic Panic Electric Banana!

4. Splat Crimson Obsession

Both Splat and Raw make pretty good crimson hair dyes. On light brown hair, the color should turn out as pictured. I've used Raw's Crimson on my dark brown hair, and it came out bright and beautiful!


5. Manic Panic Vampire Red

Vampire Red is like a deep, velvet red straight out of the bottle. To darken it up as pictured, add a touch of Manic Panic's Shocking Blue.

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6. Lakme Blush

For this color, mix Lakme's 8/22 with 10/40 and 10 volume developer. Apply to prelightened, level 8 blonde hair. The result will be purple, blush, and gold tones throughout!

7. Pravana Vivids Mix

Hairstylist Guy Tang created this incredible blend by using Pravana Vivids Neon Orange Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Red, and Wild Orchid.

To recreate this look, try using Magenta and Wild Orchid on the roots, Red on the mids and lower layers, and Neon Orange Yellow and Orange on ends!

8. Manic Panic Infra Red

Manic Panic has got a boatload of red dyes. Use Infra Red if you're going for darker a pink-red look.

9. Pravana Vivids Red, Wild Orchid, & Violet

Going for Ariel? This custom mix is a result of combining Pravana Vivids colors. Start with a base of Red, and add in Wild Orchid with a touch of Violet for dimension.

Manic Panic Regular Pillarbox Red

Manic Panic Regular Pillarbox Red

Manic Panic Amplified Pillarbox Red

Manic Panic Amplified Pillarbox Red

10. Manic Panic Pillarbox Red

As a bonus, take a look at Manic Panic's Pillarbox Red! This dye comes in a regular and amplified formula - the regular appears like a faded red, while the amplified is totally neon.

This dye can be applied on medium blonde hair with great results.


Michaela from USA on January 11, 2016:

I love Manic Panic and Raw but I think Splat is terrible. Even their green shade washes out too quickly and green is tenacious...

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