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DIY Beauty: LipSense by SeneGence Tutorial and Review

LipSense by SeneGence

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one day, I stumbled upon this amazing video... Girls TRYING to smudge off their lipstick. They were wiping it with their hands, eating hamburgers, drinking wine... And the lipstick didn't budge. Of course, I was immediately intrigued.

I began to search for the miracle product, thinking of how many chemicals it must've had in it. Does it just dry onto your lips? How do you get it off? What does it feel like? How long will it last? Surprisingly, the answers were very easy to find. The product is LipSense, made by SeneGence. They've got a full ingredient list online, over 70 colors, and even other lines of makeup.

My curiosity was piqued enough to want to try the product. This was a little more difficult than I expected. There is a website, but you cannot order products unless you have a distributor's ID number, or order directly from a distributor's website. I found a distributor in my area, and made a purchase from her.

Color, Gloss, and Remover

Color, Gloss, and Remover

The Kit

So if you're just starting off, you need to buy a kit. This includes:

  • LipSense color ($25)
  • Glossy gloss ($20)
  • Ooops! Remover ($10)

Basically, you are able to start up for $55. After that, you can buy different colors and different glosses as you please. To my excitement, they also had a matte gloss, opal gloss, and different glitter glosses.

How it Works

It takes a bit of practice to perfect the art of applying LipSense. Below is a step-by-step instructional on how to put it all on. There are a few things to remember while doing this - you must keep your lips parted while the product is drying - if you do not, you risk ruining the evenness of the color. Also, do NOT just rub the wand back and forth like you would with a normal color. You apply one layer at a time without overlapping, and you must let the color dry before going back over it again. I've included a video to show you exactly what to do, because just writing about it makes it kind of confusing.

  • Shake up LipSense color
  • Make sure lips are clean and dry
  • In one fluid motion, start at the outside corner of the mouth and outline the bottom edge of the bottom lip. Then, without overlapping, fill in the inside part of the lip. You are NOT supposed to go over the same area if the color is still wet. This will cause it to get really goopy and sticky, very fast.
  • Do the same for the top lip!
  • Let the first layer dry. When it is completely dried, apply a second layer exactly as you did the first - and then a final and third layer. ALL WITH THE LIPS PARTED.

You will notice that the color itself tastes awful, and is very tacky if you put your lips together. This is why it is suggested to part your lips until you are finished.

  • Apply a layer of gloss.
  • Re-apply gloss throughout the day as needed. This is the barrier between your color and the outside world - it will keep your color from smudging on anything!

My Thoughts and Experience With LipSense

I tried out LipSense on a workday. You will see in my video at the top of this post how I applied three layers of Plum, along with one layer of Glossy Gloss. Now, this was only my second time applying it, and it's far from perfect. I did make a few mistakes in applying, breaking the rule about using one fluid motion to apply layers, and not going over a layer until it is dry. Oh well, live and learn.

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I thought from the videos I've seen of girls rubbing their lips with their hands - and then showing you that no color had moved - that the gloss on top of the color must be dry as well. However, it doesn't dry at all! Which I think is preferable, really. I hate my lips feeling dry. So technically this stuff IS kiss-proof and smudge-proof, but you'll still be getting gloss on everything.

As far as being water-proof, well it's that too! I was drinking coffee all day and never once did that cause the color to smudge or come off. I also ate twice, and all I had to do was re-apply my Glossy Gloss when finished.

Would I continue to use it? YES! I really liked it, and I see the value in it. I've spent so much money on lipstick in the past, that I end up NEVER wearing because I hate to reapply it after drinking coffee and eating... I usually just get frustrated and wipe it all off so I can live my day in peace. This stuff was great because I didn't even have to do mirror checks after every movement.

Plus, I go to a LOT of concerts and festivals... Where you can't always get to a bathroom to fix yourself up, and when you do, it's probably a port-o-potty. Not trying to fix my lips in there, sorry. I wouldn't even need to with LipSense! I could just walk around with confidence the whole time, and re-apply gloss when my lips started to feel dry.

For me, Lipsense lasted about 9 hours. In the video, it had been 10 hours since I had put it on - but as you can see, it started to really look like crap. At the 9 hour mark, I would've taken it all off and re-applied the color, but I wasn't going to be home for another hour to be able to make the video of me taking it off.

Does it dry out your lips? Well, it has alcohol in it. So yes. I never use alcohol on my lips (Burt's Bees addict!) and they honestly didn't feel very dry at any point. I kept them glossed all day, and when I took it off, I went back to my Burt's. The thing I don't think a lot of people realize is that Chap Stick has alcohol in it too, so when you think you're moisturizing your lips you're actually making them worse. Overall, I don't think it's that big of a deal to use this product, as long as you are exfoliating your lips and taking care of them when you're not wearing it.

How to Buy/Sell LipSense

I mentioned this earlier, but if you like what you read and you want to give LipSense a try - you HAVE to find a distributor. There's no other way to purchase it! And if you want to sell LipSense, you need to have a distributor as a sponsor.

After trying the product, I decided that I wanted to try my hand and selling it. Plus, then I could order my own colors directly from the company. So, lucky for you - if you want to try it out, you can make your order through me! And - if you don't like it there's a 100% money-back guarantee. This is the best thing about the product, I think. Because not everything is going to work on everybody. Skin is weird, and everyone's skin will have a different reaction to different products. So if you'd like to try this stuff out, there's no risk.

Check out the colors and products at

Distributor ID #240484



Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on February 15, 2019:

Informative and well illustrated.

viryabo from Lagos, Nigeria. on May 28, 2017:

I tried it once. It was the most uncomfortable feel. My lips felt kind of gooey ALL day and night!

But then, after reading your article, I found I did all the wrong things. Lol!!

Will try it again.

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