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Cool Hairstyles for Girls with Kinky Hair

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Cute Kid Hairstyles

African American children normally have their hair in its natural state. But by the time most African American children reach Junior High School, their parents have gotten a chemical perm put in their hair. When Black children are in school they notice their Black friends with perms in their hair; it makes them want to get a chemical perm in their hair as well. But children with natural hair will also notice is that their other African American friends with perms in their hair that their hair will eventually begin to fall out. Because children with perms in their hair do not know how to properly take care of permed hair daily. Unless the child is going to a Beautician every two weeks, then maybe their permed hair will not fall out and break off.

After a child with perm hair has broken off, the parent most likely will have braid-extensions put in the child's hair. The reason for braid-extensions in a child's hair after a permed hair has been damaged the hair, is to make the hair grow back.

There are some parents that never want to put perms in their child's hair. This is a great idea because natural hairstyles are more common these days. No child wants to have short breaking hair that looks awfully bad. Maintaining a chemical perm in a child's hair will not be cheap, you have to buy certain; shampoos, conditioners, hair lotions, gels, etc., to keep the hair from eventually falling out.

There are many natural hairstyles for children to wear that are cute. Natural hairstyles will motivate a child to want to wear their hair in its natural state. It just takes practice and creativity to make different and cute natural hairstyles for Black children.

African American Natural Hairstyles for Children - Twist Out Style

African American Natural Hairstyles for Children - Twist Out Style

Cute Kid Hairstyles - Kinky Twists

Cute Kid Hairstyles - Kinky Twists

Cute Kid Hairstyles  - Cornrows

Cute Kid Hairstyles - Cornrows

African American Natural Hairstyles for Children - Braid Out Cornrows

African American Natural Hairstyles for Children - Braid Out Cornrows

Individual Extension Braids

Individual Extension Braids

Flat Twist Cornrows

Flat Twist Cornrows

African American Natural Hairstyles for Children

With natural hairstyles you may want to put leave-in conditioners in your child's hair, to keep the hair strong and manageable. There are essential oils that can also be added to the child's hair to keep the hair healthy, and not weight it down. For African American boys and girls, braid-out hairstyles are popular and easy to wear.

Natural hairstyles will keep your child's hair long in length and stronger; and you will never have to worry about serious breakage unlike with perm relaxers. When doing Black girls hair, make sure the edges are not tight because it can eventually lead to hair loss on both sides of their temple line.

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Cute Kid Hairstyles List

  • Braid outs
  • Flat twists cornrows
  • Rubber band styles
  • Cornrow styles
  • Single ponytail styles
  • Multiple ponytail styles
  • Braid out ponytails
  • Two strand twists
  • Kinky twists
  • Afro-puff pony tails

Some 'braid out hairstyles' can be blown out with a hair-dryer, or warm combed with a pressing comb, before actually doing the braid out style. Blow drying or warm combing the hair can assist the braid out style to be more manageable. When doing a warm comb braid out with a pressing comb, use a heat protectant before applying heat to the hair.

Also using a scarf made of a silky fabric for your child's hair at bedtime will help with making their hairstyles last longer. Wearing a scarf with silky material at bedtime will assist the hair not to have breakage as well.

For braiding hairstyles there are braiding sprays to use to help the hair stay conditioned while in braids. One of the best sprays to use for braids is 'Sta Sof Fro' spray,' but only use this spray on the braid style once a week. This spray is great for many natural hairstyles: braids, braid outs, afro styles, ponytails, two strand twist, kinky twist, etc. But Sta Sof Fro spray is not for blow drying or hot combing.

The benefits of African American children wearing their natural hair:

  • Gain self-esteem for wearing their natural hair
  • Embrace self-love for their authentic self
  • Better chances of longer hair than with a perm
  • Will have stronger and healthier hair
  • Can go swimming in chlorine water without any worries of permed hair breakage

Remember good hair is healthy hair, not just by the texture. Black people have to love their own natural hair, because who else will? When you see a Black person with a natural hairstyle, compliment them, this is a good way to build each others confidence.

African American Natural Hairstyles for Children Poll

Watch this video - Cornrow Hairstyle for Children (Tree Braiding)

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