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Cute Summer Nail Art Designs 2021

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Summer Nail Art Designs 2021

Are you looking for something different than usual this summer ?

Welcome summers 2021 with new ideas and creation. Flaunt your Nail art designs, which are unique and so full of colors

Pastel Flames Nail Art

A twist with some neon shades with pastel color. How about it? Matching the fierce heat of summers.

Rainbow Daisies Nail Art

Summer colors and flowers are the beautiful combination. Shall we give it a try?

Star Nail Art

Sky studded with stars is everyone favorite. How about stars on your nails, giving your dreams a real view?

Minty Ombre Nail Art

Green, yellow are some of the summer colors. Getting your nails with the summer colors in Ombre fashion is a trend.

Rainbow Bright Tips Nail Art

French tips are always in trend, but using rainbow colors with some geometric designs will make you stand out.

Plaid Nail Art

Summers is all about getting your best fashions. So, a twist of 90's plaids with some 21 century nail art designs will forecast your fashion sense.

Ice Cream Nail Art

Summers is all about Ice-creams. So, the favorite desert on your nails is something moving with the wind.

Sunset Inspired Nail Art

Sunsets are always beautiful with some fire flies. This nail art is depicting the sunset eve with fire flies.

Neon Negative Space Nail Art

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Neon bold colors reflect your personality standing out of the crowd.

Tie and Dye Nail Art

Tie and Dye most liked art by everyone. So, let's create some on nails this summer.

Rainbow Retro Nail Art

Using all colors to create rainbow this summer to catch others eye.

Fruity Nail Art

Fruits and colors for this summer is the best combination for 2021.

Abstract Nail Art

Some abstract nail art with pastel, silver and bold colors is the new trend in the trend.

Holographic Nail Art

Some holographic powders and some colors with unique art which draw attention to your trendy nails this summers.

Succulent Nail Art

Dry and summers with some green tint to make the summers refreshing.

Yellow French Nail Tips

Yellow and summer Sun, with yellow French tips for this summers.

Picnic Nail Art

Picnic Nail art with green and black highlighting the cotton flies in summer.

Paint Splatter Nail Art

Summers is all about new fashion trends, white base with all the colors available forecasting your mood.

Minimalist Nail Art

Pastel colors with minimal designs, highlighting the moods of the weather.

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Anu (author) from Greater Noida on March 07, 2021:

Something to spice up this summers

Mubarak from INDIA on March 07, 2021:

I love different nail art designs. I like it. Wonderful

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