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Creating a Spa Gift Basket


Creating a spa gift basket is fun and easy. Spa gift baskets make an exquisite gift to give to celebrate a special birthday, a special thank you or for just about any reason. It can be filled with any selection of relaxing products and scents to promote relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body.

This Hub will give you step by step directions for creating your own Spa Gift Basket. You will need the following items to create your spa gift basket.

A bath towel

A mini plastic crate 12x9x6

Poster Board

Tissue Paper

Ribbon or Tulle

Safety Pins

Kraft Paper

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Spa Products of your choice

Lay your bath towel on a flat surface. Fold both ends in till they meet in the center to create a triangle. Then take the extra below the triangle and neatly fold it under the edge so that all is left is a triangle. Cut poster into a triangle about the same size as one half of the towel triangle. Slip the poster board triangle in between the layers of the towel to give the towel support. Fold the triangle in half along the center where the two edges meet.

Place the basket on the bottom edge of the towel so that the center of the basket is lined up with the top point of the towel's triangle. Take the bottom corners one at a time and wrap them around the the basket. Using a safety pin secure the corner to keep the corners wrapped tightly around the basket. Wrap a piece of tulle or ribbon around the towel and basket about half way up the basket.

Stand basket up and fill the basket with the Kraft paper to give a base for the products to sit on. Level out the top of the Kraft paper, add extra Kraft paper along the back to allow the products in the back to sit higher that the products in the front, Cover all with tissue paper or matching washcloth.

Add products of your choice, putting the taller products in the back and the shorter in the front. To hold the products in place use invisible tape to secure the products to each other. Decorate to taste.

Place in a cellophane bag. Neatly fold back the corners of the bag and tape in place to tighten the bag and get rid of the excess cellophane, top with a coordinating bow and you have just created a wonderful spa gift to give as a gift.

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