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Crazy Things People Do for Attention

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I am a mother of three wonderful adult children, and I'm also a born-again Christian. I love to share my personal experiences.


Or For Their Cultural & Ritual Practices

To many people this may even be considered art. I wrote another blog about never "judging a book by its cover", in other words we should not judge anyone by the outside appearance. But what do you do when someone comes along doing the unthinkable?

What is a person to think? We still should not judge anyone but it is only human to have your own personal thoughts when it comes to seeing something different on a human being. I am sure that they are used to being stared at, and who can help but look at someone who has gone through such extremes? It is only natural to look and apparently that is what they want anyway, otherwise they wouldn't feel the need to do this.

I am talking about those who do it out of art or expression, not that doing it for cultural reasons is any better, that is simply bizarre in my opinion. Being different is good but not when you start destroying your physical appearance to be different, then that is when it gets ugly.

I understand when they are going through a stage and it is a piercing here and there and perhaps tattoos, but to put huge holes in your face or to tear up your body that way, when does it stop? Worse yet putting sharp knifes through your nose. What is the purpose of that? That is something that you may believe seeing it at the circus, but not like this.

Why do people do this to themselves? It hurts me when I see a person go through such extreme measures to be noticed or different, that they inflict this kind of pain upon themselves.

You have to ask yourself why would a person want to hurt themselves, just to prove a point or to look different or perhaps to stand out from everyone else, can't there be another way. Don't they realize that they are beautiful just the way they are? I have too many questions and not really comprehending the extreme measures that some people take.

I can't help but to think that these are usually the kids who have a rough home life and will get the attention they want through any way necessary. This may only be one of the reasons why they would take such extreme measures.

What happens down the road when they are older and there is no repairing what they have done to their bodies or face. I have a son who wears a small gauge post in his ears, but nothing in comparison of these people who wear the earrings where the hole is huge.

I asked the same question to my son." What happens when you don't want to wear the piercings this size, and you have a hole left in your ear"? He said not a problem, it will close. It may be believable with his size of gauge, but I kinda doubt it, with the size that this young man is wearing in the picture above.

There is no turning back unless of course you have a lot of money to get plastic surgery and reverse the changes you have made. I am not sure how possible that is or if that is even an option after this kind of mutilation.

The most popular piercing is the ear lobe. Most people with pierced ears wear a small gauge post, but piercings can be stretched to accommodate larger jewelry. One's ear can be stretched, or ''gauged,'' to create a very large hole in the earlobe. I see this often enough that I am use to this but not like the pictures that I have posted.


Extreme body modification

Piercings are a popular way for a person to express themselves. I remember growing up I had to be a certain age to be able to even pierce my own ears. That was a big deal back then.

For decades guys have even been piercing both their ears. I thought it was cool when they had one ear pierced but now they are doing both and that is the norm.

I just don’t see why a person needs to cut up themselves for a way of expressing themselves, even if it is a culture thing or a belief for their faith. I really don’t believe that the good Lord wanted us to destroy what he created, that to me is self abuse.

The first documentation of the art of piercing goes back as far as 1500 BC. Diffrerent cultures linked body piercing to their religion found generally among the African people.

Nipple piercings came from Rome as genital piercings were from India. But today you don’t have to be from a certain culture it has been widespread of one expressing themselves with no limits to where a piercing is put.


Its Not Just The Younger Generation

I can appreciate art but why tattoo your body from head to toe? Especially at her age or any age for that matter. I can see a few but not all over, it just doesn’t make sense to me why people endure that kind of pain.

She seems to be happy about her makeover (more power to her), but I guess I just don’t understand the need to as why would someone want their whole body covered in this way?

It is obvious that this woman wants to stand out from the rest of us. She is making her own statement. Sometimes people choose to get tattooed as a way of remembering a period or transition in their lives.

Another reason is some tattooing is done for aesthetic alterations of the body. In North Africa, tribes tattooed their women with groups of dots on their arms, faces to ward off evil influences. But for the majority today many who choose to do this see it as a sign of beauty or gaining their power.

I see it has something must be missing in their lives to take this action. Grant it their are cultural difference and some for religion beliefs, whatever it may be, too much isn’t a good thing in my opinion.


Body piercing and Tattoo Transformation

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I Don't Know If He Is Happy Or It Hurts When He Smiles

Let’s face it some people just like to have pain. I know that this doesn’t compare to what we are talking about in this subject. But in this example I have a boyfriend who is athletic and was a rugby player, he had so many broken bones not only in playing rugby but other sports too. He finally had to quit rugby when it landed him in the hospital and put him in a coma.

Needless to say he had to learn how to walk and talk and do everything all over again. He still is an athletic type of guy but now he has balance in his life, and he knows when to stop.

Why don’t these people stop? Why go to the extreme like they do and keep adding more pain and more stuff to their face and body like they do.

I have looked deeply into this man's eyes, is he really happy? Somehow I see a sadness in them. They say the eyes are the windows into your soul. I don’t see that smile match with what I see in his eyes.

I think that some people do this as a way to cope for those who are depressed. They feel so much emotional pain within them, that they feel the need to endure the pain physically as well. I am not saying that holds to be true for everyone but I do believe that this is a possibility.


How Does He Eat

Now why would someone want to tear up their lip that way? But to many human beings, this is what they call art.


Vampire Woman She Prefers To Be Called Jaguar Woman

She is famous for her transformation throughout the world. Her first tattoo started when she was only 14 years old. After going through 10 years of domestic violence in her first marriage (I believe this is the turning point in her life), where she decided to physically transform herself.

Reading up on whom this vampire woman was, who prefers to be called Jaguar woman, she is of Mexican descent. Her name is Maria Jose Cristerna . She is a mother of four children, a very gifted artist, and a former lawyer.

She is very familiar with being in an abusive situation with a drug addict husband. After ten years this young lady finally got the courage to leave her abusive husband, taking her four children with her.

What is said of Marie is that she is a very kind and polite lady. In fact women in her neighborhood respect her dearly, always asking her for advice, due to her past experiences.

She is famous for all of her tattoos and piercings, even being seen on television shows. She travels a lot and is now with a new partner by the name of David, whom she has taught how to do tattoos to help her out when she is out on her travels.

What makes a beautiful woman go to the extreme of doing this to herself? What may be art to one isn’t art to someone else. Why not keep the art from your body and face and put it in a frame or sculptural but not all over your body. God made her beautiful the way she was before. I guess she just didn’t see it in herself.

What she made her famous. I guess doing all this to yourself can make you a famous person to the world. If that is what it takes to become famous I will pass.


Emotional Scars

Some people who have had a hard life for some reason or another have turned to drugs, drinking, sex, etc. Perhaps others who inflict pain by cutting themselves is another way of dealing with their emotional scars.

The extreme of art and piercings placed on all the parts of the physical body is another form of inflicting pain on one self. I am not saying that any one of these pictures that I have up are bad people I am just saying that in order for a person to go to such great lengths to make themselves different then one has to believe that there is an underlying problem within, especially to want to keep inflicting this pain for this type of art.

I posted a few books that speak about emotional scars. I do believe that some of us react to those scars in different ways. That by no means makes them a bad person only God knows who they are what we may not understand in the end is between them and God.

Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse

Your Opinion On Tattoos And Body Piercing!

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