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Coolest Embellished T-Shirts and Tops

My favorite fashion trend of the moment are embellished t-shirts and tops. Why do I love them so much? They're the perfect thing to wear for a night out. You can still look amazingly dressy even with jeans! (My dresses are completely out for the season, it was -2 degrees today!) With all these parties and events to attend, how else can I look fab without freezing to death?

There are so many varieties of embellished t-shirts out there, that it's fairly easy to build quite a collection. My favorite way to wear an embellished t-shirt? With a gorgeous cardigan. It's amazing how classy but interesting you can make an outfit with these. I love how versatile embellished t-shirts are, since they can be worn for the workplace as well. These tops can look fabulous under a blazer and with dress pants.

The embellished Adam top to the right is the perfect example. The floral applique embellishments are perfect for a night out, but could look gorgeous under a cardi for a dinner or for work on Monday morning.

Embellished T-Shirts: Sequins

One of my favorite embellished t-shirts are shirts with sequins! Sequins are the perfect sentiment that scream "night-time" and you don't even have to wear eveningwear. Sequin t-shirts are perfect for every season. Wear it with a suede A-line skirt in the spring, and with jeans in the winter.

If you're not into the dramatics of sequins, keep it toned down by choosing an embellished t-shirt that uses them conservatively.

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Embellished T-Shirt Trend: Feathers

What's not to love about Embellished T-Shirts that use feathers! Once again, you get that dressy feel without having to dress up. The best part? (And I speak from experience) While your friends are shivering in their minis and constantly adjusting their cocktail dresses, you look completely fabulous and feel like you're wearing a comfy t-shirt, because you are! You can enjoy your night out, without worrying about what you're wearing.

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You can take the "casual" look even farther by choosing some neutral colors. Like this dark grey top at the right -- This t-shirt can be worn even for a casual lunch with your girlfriends.

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Studded Embellished T-Shirts

This is a gorgeous top! I absolutely love that this girly colored top is embellished by some "hard-looking" studs. Studded tops popped up on the fashion scene two years ago, but it's worn differently now. I love wearing studs with feminine detailed clothing. Think studded boots with a floaty pink skirt.

One of my favorite reasons for wearing an embellished t-shirts? The t-shirt aspect of your outfit allows you to wear a lot of accessories and jewelry! It's so fun to freely throw on the big jewels!

Love the Issa embellished top to the right?

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Embellished T-Shirt Alert!

This is one of my favorite embellished t-shirt trends: lace, lace and more lace! Call me Miss Havisham, because I love me some lace! You can go as little or as much as you'd like on the embellishing. With something very delicate like lace, I like to go a lot!

The t-shirt at the right is a fabulous example. The back of the t-shirt is entirely paneled in lace. It shows just enough, but not too much. It's so sexy! What I wear it with? Vintage pearls and gothic inspired jewelry!

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