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Commmon Problems Faced by People with Big Bust


This is the first time I'm writing an article in the category of fashion and beauty cos I couldn't find any other categories or sub categories much more relevant to it. I don't want to categories it is a health issue, as it is much more deeper. The actual reason that prompted me to take this topic is that I was unsure wether there are any other big busted women facing similar kind of a problem as I am. I have seen my friends with small bust wearing padded bras and they always look upon me that I have been blessed with a curvy figure but I had a totally different set of problems which they could not even relate. I feel that tight clothes are a big no-no while the button keeps popping out. Even though big bust has it's own advantages, there are certain struggles which every women can relate to

Those sweaty boobs

It is something which a women with big boobs would face everyday especially summers are a big nightmare. The bottles of prickly heat talcs and candida dusting powder bags the first place in my monthly shopping list. Nothing is as blissful and than removing the bra after coming home.

Cute printed bras are out of question

Have u ever noticed these lingerie models wearing those backless, printed, strapless bras that comes in different colours shapes and sizes? Just forget about it, we need to settle with those for black and nude coloured ones with a thick strap

Cold shoulders, off shoulders, wide blouses are just a day dream

Are u looking forward to drape sarees like those Bollywood divas with a cup attached backless blouse with a perfectly fitted in bust or a an off shoulder cute dress? They are not even in your options list.The thought of going braless is a night mare. At last all we need to opt for normal tshirt, or a kurta or a blouse which can be worn with those strapped bras.

Those strap marks that are totally unavoidable

Those thick straps acts like a crane that lifts your heavy boobs that forms a tan line after using it for a long time. Heavy breast also causes back pain and shoulder pain due to those heavy staps.

Walking and Running is a complex process

I always see these models performing exercises in their youtube channels. Running and exercising with a heavy bust is quite tiring and embarrassing most times it leaves one gasping for breath and it hurts as well. Fitting into the correct size running bras is a miracle that happens once in a blue moon.

When breastfeeding makes it worse

Breastfeeding my child everytime is equivalent to watching a horror movie for me. It is so depressing to see the sag increasing by the day. And wearing those feeding bras adds more agony to it. Even the most graceful dress looks like a raincoat with those feeding bras. Sometimes when I eat while breastfeeding, they act as a portable food table and crumb magnets.

Even a simple tshirt looks sexy on you

Leave the bralettes, swimsuits and the button down shirts they are not even in our radar. Even the most humble kurta pyjama and tshirts makes us look sexy. We need not make any special efforts to nail that look( which is in a way a blessing in disguise).

Keep checking the online shopping sites for new bra types for big bust

I am not sure wether other ladies out there do these but I always used to browse for online shopping sites wether they have any new designs and models of bras in the market especially for women with big bust. My wardrobe is filled with bras of different kinds which I have tried and been tired of. However big is the cup size, you just need to squeeze the boobs inside your bra. It just does not stop there sometimes it extends till checking out new bust toning exercises on youtube. It also includes constantly browsing through the story picks that says '10 amazing dresses that are perfect for a curvy figure' which are usually a crap.

When people stare at your bust

It is not only the guys, be it on the road or in a lingerie shop, people ( even women!) never fail to stare at your bust. Sometimes the sales girl pick up a straight 38 F cup without even asking you ( such expertise!).

Sleeping on your stomach is an art

If you can sleep on your stomach without hurting your boobs it implies that u have become a pro in handling your extra large boobs

Wardrobe malfunction is an everyday affair

Everything about the dress would be perfect except the misfit bra that would make the dress look awkward and weight gain usually happens in the breast area. Lowcut dresses and plunging necklines makes you look like a bar dancer.

When pendants get lost between your big boobs

Those beautiful pendants require a GPS tracker as they get lost between your big boobs.

Turtle neck tshirts

Turtle neck tshirts and cross body bags accentuate your boobs and makes it look even more distracting.

Menstruation makes it even more worse

The tenderness of the breast and the uninvited muscle pain at the time of your periods makes it even more bigger and saggy.

These are just some of the problems that a big busted woman faces to which a lot more can be added. At the end of the day our breast sizes do not define us. Breast surgeries and implantation has got it's own disadvantage and side effects on our health and people keep suggesting you about changing the bra type, or exercise and diet routines and sometimes would even ask you to go for a breat implantation surgerie. As they say, advice is the only thing that you get it for free in today's world which is most of the times annoying.The most easiest way to get rid of the problems related to large breasts is to embrace our body and love the way we are.

According to a study conducted by Westmonster, men who fantasize and sexualized women prefer large boobs. It is quite painful when large boobs are correlated with our morals. There are men who assume that large breasted women are more vulnerable as large breast are conceptualized to be more feminine. Researchers in New Zealand used an eye tracking technology on how they see women with different breast sizes. It has been found that most men are attracted towards large breasted women.

Eventhough large breast can affect our personal and private lives as a women it is not our fault as its been stereotyped several centuries ago, where even the goddesses in the temple are being portrayed with a large bust and a small waist. Judging women on the basis of size is a social stigma which is dated back several centuries ago, but ladies take a bow, as I mentioned earlier, we look effortlessly sexy even in a humble cotton saree.

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