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My Blonde Hair Color Keeps Coming Out too Brassy: How Do I Get the Gold Tones Out?


A common problem that happens when you are trying to lighten your hair color is that the hair comes out looking brassy or too much gold in it. There are many reasons that this could happen, but there are always ways to correct problem.

Reasons your hair color came out too brassy.....

♦ You did not use high enough volume of peroxide. The peroxide works with the color to lighten your hair and if you do not use high enough volume you can't break through the red and gold tones to get to your desired result.

♦ The color you chose had to much gold in the base. Whenever you are choosing your hair color, the the base of color is pretty important. If your natural hair color has a lot of red in it or you are naturally pretty dark you should to choose a color with an ash base. The ash in the color will counteract the unwanted red and gold tones.

♦ Your natural hair is too dark to get it as light as you want it with one process. If you are lightening your hair up too many shades you lose control of the end result. Sometimes more then one process is needed to get a good outcome.

♦ You tried to color your hair lighter over another color you had previously done. It will not work if you try lift color with color, because the results are too unpredictable. If you want to lighten your hair after it has been previously colored, you have to use bleach or a color stripper first.

♦ You have well water. Well water has been known to ruin your hair color, because of all the minerals in it. There are shampoos especially for well water. Getting a water softener installed is a also great investment for your hair.

How to Get the Brassy Tones Out of Your Hair: By Tammy Favata

Here are some ways to correct the problem.....

♦ Highlights can compliment golden blonde hair. If blonde highlights are weaved into your golden hair you can achieve a strawberry blonde look.

♦ Lowlights can also compliment your golden hair as well. If a neutral brown color is weaved into your golden hair, the brown will make the gold look more natural. For best results lowlights and highlights should be used.

♦ You could just need a toner. A toner is a deposit only semi permanent hair color that can be used to decrease unwanted shades in your color. If you use a violet based toner the violet in the toner will counteract the unwanted gold tones.

♦ Bleach the whole head up to a platinum blonde and then tone it down to a more desirable blonde shade. Do this with caution, because of the long term damage that may occur.

♦ Color the whole head darker. You could take it down a few shades to a medium brown or even a pretty auburn red.

If your hair comes out too brassy when you are trying to color your hair it may seem like nightmare, but maybe with just a little tweaking you could have your most favorite color ever!


Tammy Favata (author) on March 30, 2012:

You probably just need a toner after you lighten it with a violet base:)

Marjorie Carberry on October 17, 2011:

I have dark blonde hair. When I try to lighten it with a color treatment I always get a red looking light blonde - I don't like the red. How do I get a natural looking ash blonde?

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