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Collagen- Elixir Of Youth?

What is Collagen? — Collagen is a protein that is said to help maintain healthy joints and skin elasticity. It comprises 75% of the dry mass of our connective tissue and a third of the protein in our body.

If our body already produces Collagen on its own, why would we pay tens of dollars to buy more, you ask?

That is because as our body ages, the existing Collagen stored in it begins to disintegrate, and it gets harder to produce more. As a result, many people look to alternative ways to boost their collagen levels.

Most of us have heard the word Collagen. More often than not, from an influencer or in an ad. We have all heard the promises of reduced wrinkles, better skin, and a more youthful look resulting from procedures used to boost Collagen levels.

So, is there any merit to these claims, or is it all a bunch of hogwash?

As it turns out, Collagen has been around for quite a long time. The first references of Collagen and the results of its use can be found in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Donkey-Hide Gelatine or Ejiao(as the locals call it) is believed to be effective in enhancing one's beauty as well as treating many ailments like the common cold or insomnia

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Yang YuHuan was considered to be one of the four most beautiful women in ancient China. Yang was as said to have had skin fairer than any woman around her. It was told by Xiao Xingzao, a poet, that Yang ate Ejiao soup for one of her meals every day.

We could, however, entirely dismiss their theory and countless others of the Collagen in Ejiao having anything to do with preserving youthfulness in a person….unless…we have research to back up said claims. But do we?

The answer to that is yes. New research has found that Collagen is favored as a suitable alternative to face fillers. Unlike fillers that use hyaluronic acid, whose results only last a short while(up to 3-4 months), collagen injections are long-lasting(up to 5 years).

These injections improve skin contours and fill out depressions, providing the recipient with a radiance they felt they lacked before the procedure. Collagen injections also reduce wrinkles and help improve the appearance of hollow scars.

According to a study, of 123 participants who received collagen injections in folds between their brows for a year, 90.2% were satisfied with the results.

Though Collagen is a suitable alternative to other face fillers, it has been found to come with its own set of side effects, such as rashes on the skin, lumps, and possible scarring after the procedure.

Collagen has not yet scientifically been proven to be the ‘elixir of youth’ it is marketed as, but its claims have also not been disproven, so don’t lose all hope yet!

Have you tried/ Would you consider trying to find out the effects of Collagen?

Let us know your thoughts.

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