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Clothing Choices to Flatter Your Natural Figure.

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Body shapes!


Change your figure naturally.

Much like an optical illusion, clothing can drastically alter our appearance. Wise choices that complement our figures vs undesirable ones affect not only how we see ourselves, but how the world sees us too.

Making clothing and accessory choices to flatter your natural figure doesn't have to be difficult. Don't be afraid to mix things up and try something new! It may feel strange at first if you're set in your ways about clothing, but give it a chance.

The following are suggestions to get you started!

What makes you insecure about your body?

Marilyn Monroe-a famous hourglass figure



  • Focus on your waist
  • Solid colors
  • Belts, beads, wrap dresses, v-necks, pencil skirts
  • Form fitting clothing
  • No overwhelming patterns


The hourglass is a curvy, extremely feminine shape. If you're lucky enough to have a build like this you really need to show it off. The hourglass shape is defined by a small waist, full hips and buttocks, and a full bust. Many women would die to have an hourglass figure.

Clothing that flatters the hourglass would be belts, straight pencil skirts, v-neck shirts, wrap dresses, and form-fitting clothing. Anything that draws attention to the waist is what you'll want to strive for. Avoid extremely busy patterns, sack-shaped dresses, baby-doll dresses, and bulky clothing that hides your beautiful curvy shape.

Jeans that look best on this body shape are straight leg or boot-cut, avoid pencil pants that are too tight at the ankles.

With shoes, choose medium to chunky heels, wedges, and don't be shy to wear color and patterns on your shoes.



Petite/Small frame

  • No layers
  • Solid colors
  • V-necks
  • Vertical stripe patterns
  • High waist pants
  • Heels

Petite/small frame

Many petite women want to appear taller. Petite in the fashion biz is described as being 5'4" or shorter. Hey, good things come in small packages! The goal is not to always make yourself look taller, but rather show off that great little body you have! And sometimes you need to be above the crowd to do it!

Don't layer, you don't need to get bulked up. Well-fitted clothing is good, skin-tight is bad. V-necks look great on lil'ladies, they elongate your neck. Don't go crazy with colors or patterns. A few solid-colored clothing pieces look great and don't visually confuse people. If you do choose a pattern, go for vertical stripes. Like the v-neck, they help visually elongate. Although it may be a blast from the past, high waist pants are another great way to accentuate a small frame.

And finally, as long as you can walk well, wear high heels! Chunky wedges, even stilettos for that height boost!

Busty Inverted Triangle

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Busty Inverted Triangle

  • Dark colored clothing especially black
  • Short tops, jackets, sweaters
  • V-necks, low necklines
  • Empire waistlines
  • Belts
  • Get a tailor

Busty Inverted triangle

A lot of women would like to have a big bust (I myself am one of them, I'm a petite rectangle), for others having a big bust can seem like a curse. Having a large "set" comes with its own fashion challenges. You want to appear classy without letting the girls roam free! Cleavage can be super sexy, but no one wants to see it all hanging out. And sometimes you just want to downplay the whole upper half.

When it comes to a big bust, or areas you're generally trying to conceal, dark colors and black is always a wise choice. Although the little black dress works for everyone, it does wonders for a big bust. If black just isn't for you, dark blue, brown, even red can look lovely!

Layers are a great choice. Especially shorter jackets, short tops, and sweaters that end above the waist. They keep attention off the top!

Empire waistlines achieve the same effect as short jackets, but have the added bonus of hiding lower body features, essentially a two for one! Empire waists also give the impression of balance over the whole body.

Although you may think this contradictory, v-necks and plunging necklines flatter a bigger chest. For one, they elongate, drawing attention vertical. High collars or t-shirts draw attention to the bust directly, which is not where you want to focus. You want your bust to appear proportional to the rest of your body, and longer necklines can achieve this. Just be sure to wear a camisole, the goal is to draw eyes up and down without putting cleavage out there all over the place! Unless you want it out there.

Like the hourglass figure, belts are a blessing for big busts. Focus on the waist! They are a fun accessory and can dress up another wise bland outfit!

If possible, find a tailor. The biggest issue for big-busted women, especially those that are small everywhere else is having to buy clothing that is just too big. A tailor can fix this!


Boyish Rectangle

  • Belts to create a waistline
  • Slim or "skinny" fitted pants
  • High heels to show off your long legs
  • Peplum tops or dresses
  • Horizontal lines
  • Clothing that creates volume at the bust and waist

Boyish Rectangle

The boyish build is long and straight, slim and narrow. The key to this figure is creating the illusion of curves. Not that you don't have any, just that they are minimal so accentuating them really makes your physique pop. You'll also want to draw more attention to the features that naturally flatter you, such as your long legs!

Accentuate your shoulders, bust, hips, and waist. No need to do them all at once. Even up playing one will create a more curvey-looking body. Enhance your chest, hips, and waist.

Round neck tops are great, avoid square shape necklines. Relaxed long fitted tops are nice. They draw fitted attention to the waist.

Quick Tips

Body shapeDo'sDon'tFocus

Curvy/ Hourglass

Form fitting dresses, belts, wrap dresses, pencil skirts, v-necks

baby-doll dresses, boxy or sack shapes, no loud patterns

draw attention to the natural waistline

Petite/Small frame

V-necks, form fitting clothing

Heavy layers, busy patterns

create visual length with vertical stripes

Busty/Upside down triangle

Widen your hips, minimize your shoulders, and hide your tummy. Define your waist line.

Go to tight with the fit of your clothing. Avoid wide necklines. Don't go nuts with patterns. Keep things simple.

Create balance between your upper and lower half.

Boyish figure

Pants or skirts that fit in the waist and flare toward the legs. Bootcut pants, fitted jackets, ruffled tops, flared skirts

Wear empire waist outfits, don't wear anything tight from head to toe.

Create the illusion of curves

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