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Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash Review

Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash

Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash

Pimples, Spots, Blackheads, Acne, Reviews!

Almost everybody suffers from acne and wants to find a way to get rid of it for good! Unfortunately, there are so many products to choose from on the market, that it is hard to find a product that works for you and will continue to work for the months or even years to come! Here is a helpful Clearasil review, a cleanser review, that will help you find an acne treatment that works best for your skin type, and acne and pimple type.

Clearasil Review

The Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash promises to do the following for your skin, as according to the back of the product: "The oil-free Daily Face Was has been developed to gently clean and keep your skin visibly clear."

It claims to work by removing dirt, oil, and bacteria with conditioners to soften the skin and prevent over drying. It is gentle on skin, and recommended for use every day, once in the morning and once at night.

Cons about Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash

  • Not very effective at clearing acne fast

Pros about Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash

  • Easy to use
  • Hydrates skin
  • Smells great
  • Soothes red skin
  • Loosens blackheads (with frequent use)
  • Minimizes pores (with frequent use)
  • Good price
  • One bottle goes a long way

Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash

Clearasil Product Information Review

The consistency of the product is like that of a liquid hand soap. It is very creamy, and it feels soothing when it goes on the skin. Once on the skin, the Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash, lathers very well and feels smooth.

It is recommended that Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash be used every day, morning and night, by wetting your face and squeezing out a small amount into the palm of your hand. Work the product on the face with the water into a rich lather and massage the face. Rinse well with warm water. Pat the face dry with a towel. Do not rub your face because this can faciliatate the spread of Propionibacteria, which is the bacteria that is responsible for causing acne breakouts.

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes, and do not use on infants or children under 6 months of age.

Clearasil logo

Clearasil logo

Ingredients in Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash

In this acne treatment there are several ingredients that are used to fight against acne and spots, pimples, and blackheads. The ingredients are not harsh however and used in light concentrations, so Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash does not clear up acne immediately, but is very gentle on the skin, especially if you have dry skin or sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Myrstic Acid, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Lauric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Poluquatemium-10, Triclosan, Fragrance, Pentasodium Pentetate, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Menthol, Dipropuleme Glycol, Sodium Acetate, Sodium Chloride, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Trisodium NTA, Maltodextrin, Sodium Hydroxide, Isopropyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.

Glycerin can be found at any drugstore usually in the skincare isle.

Glycerin can be found at any drugstore usually in the skincare isle.

About the Ingredients in Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash

The main ingredient in Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash is Glycerin. Glycerin is a thick liquid that has no color and tastes sweet. It is most commonly used in soap and other beauty and acne treatment products.

Glycerin helps trap moisture in the skin, and it is one of the reasons why Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash does not dry out skin. It is also why it is a good option for anybody that does have dry skin. Glycerin absorbes water from its surrounding environment, and this helps basically when there is little moisture outside and your skin becomes dry due to the lack of moisture. This acne product helps to extract every bit of water from the air, and trap it in your skin in order to hydrate.

Another ingredient that seems to work, but is not included in Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash, is Salicylic Acid. Click here to see the products and benefits of Salicylic Acid!

Effective Glycerin Products

Side Effects of Glycerin (Face Wash)

Glycerin has no negative side effects and is purely non-toxic. It is very safe in face washes such as this, and it is perfectly fine to use it in a face wash. The pure form of Glycerin should not be used on skin because of its incredible water-attracting properties.

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Consumer Reviews for Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash

Most consumers agree that this acne tratment, clears pimples, spots, and treats blackheads, if used continuously as directed. One consumer said, "It's a good facial cleanser that does what it claims to do...But I would not use it as my only means of fighting acne. After cleansing with this I usually use medicated acne cream." Another claimed, "This product is great and I would recommend it to anybody with light acne!"


Bottom Line Review

Collectively, this product earns 3 stars, for being a good cleanser, but for not getting rid of acne very quickly and effectively.

I would recommended this face wash to anybody who has light acne, and is looking for a gentle cleanser that does not dry skin if used as directed. If you do experience any dryness, reduce the times you use the face wash cleanser to just once a day in the morning. I have used a whole bottle of this acne treatment, and it really feels like it cleans and reduces the appearance of blackheads and small acne spots.

I do not use this product as the only acne treatment alone. I often use a light acne cleanser after using Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash, and then use a light moisturizer over that, such as Aloe Vera.

Another Opinion on the Product


magnifique100 on November 28, 2012:

I have found products that worked for me. :) I use birth control and products from Institut Esthederm. :)

Deya Writes (author) on November 27, 2012:

I'm sorry to hear that :( there really are so many things out there. Some products from their line work for me and others don't, I feel like my skin is so picky/choosy! Good luck on finding a good product

magnifique100 on November 27, 2012:

I've tried several Clearasil products and none of them worked on me, at all. :(

Adesua on January 15, 2012:

I have used almost everytin for years but clearasil face wash for sensitive skin is good for me.most peoples problem is impatient,dey want to use everytin.use dis wit a good moisturizer like fair and white whitenizer,d blue pack,not d vitamin c,d body cream,u will know what i mean.don't use too many tins,just dis two.if ur pimple is severe,get clean n clear blackhead remover cleanser and avoid usin bar soap for ur face,he who has ear let him soap re criminal in disguise,waste of money.use a good face wash.

Arron on February 02, 2011:

I liked this wash

AskAshlie3433 from WEST VIRGINIA on December 31, 2010:

Very useful hub! Great job.

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