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Buy Classic Angelina Jolie tourist style Clothes that never go out of style

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You can be a classic like Angelina Jolie

Have you seen the movie the tourist?

If you have seen the movie, I am sure you would have to agree, that Angelina Jolie looked simply stunning in all the different styles of clothing, as well as the jewels, that she wore. In the scene where she is walking down the street she is wearing a classic white sheath, pretty much, just plain by itself, but it is accessorized beautifully with a camel/taupe colored cashmere wrap, and with clutch and pumps in complementary colors. How classy!

Her outfit is typical classic clothing, reminisce of the styles worn by leading ladies seen in movies from the 50s, so soft, so glamorous and feminine. There just seems to be something so glamorous about the starlets of that time. I also could not help but think, how lucky she is, to get to dress in all the gorgeous clothing, without having to actually purchase the items. Angelina gets to live out many grown fashion divas’ fantasy.


Fur Stoles

Angelina Jolie Inspired Outfit

Most women would love to have an outfit like the one she wears in the movie, to wear for a romantic date with their guy on some fashionable occasion or to an event. The best thing about this outfit is it’s a classic and will remain fashionable for years to come. The white sheath is so versatile and could be the foundation for many outfits to come depending on your desired finished look.

You could achieve this same look with any color combination you would like.

Or depending on what you already have in your own closet you may only have to purchase one or two articles of clothing to have created your own stunning ensemble.For instance if you have a little black dress in your closet, all you would need is a shoulder wrap, some opera gloves and pumps of contrasting color.

So with a special night on the horizon, my search began for the pieces to create a romantic outfit, inspired by Miss Jolie. But I will do it while keeping it somewhat budget friendly. I have found that when buying classic fashion it is worth it to spend a little more on the foundation piece, like a dress, because if it is a classic look, it will remain in style for years and years to come.

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Dressing in classic clothing is sure to grab the attention of your guy, just don't let him droll on the dress.

If you are looking for other colors stoles to go with a black dress you already have:

Various beautiful wraps and shawls

Please be sure to let me know what you found and all about the wonderful outfits you create!!


Pieces of clothing inspired by Angelina Jolie

I purchased this Red Stole to go with my little black dress, I already have. I plan to wear it on for date night, with my husband, out to dinner. Red knit stole with knitted rose accent, black gloves, black shoes, and a sparkling rhinestone purse.


 An attitude of confidence, love, gratitude, and self worth, are not seen by what you wear, but by your attitude towards the woman in the clothes

An attitude of confidence, love, gratitude, and self worth, are not seen by what you wear, but by your attitude towards the woman in the clothes


Jean Bakula from New Jersey on January 24, 2011:

I love the red stole. I really like shawls and shrugs, all those pretty accessories, they can really make a difference even if the dress or skirt is pretty on its own. I think they are timeless.

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