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The Classic Woman's Pump Shoe


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Women's shoe styles change. However, the pump shoe style never go out of fashion.

The definition of pump shoe describes a style of footwear as a shoe that may have a high heel or a flat heel with a rounded toe, pointed toe or a squared off toe. A classic pump is made of leather with the toes, sides, and back covering the foot. The toe is styled to be rounded, and come up high enough to cover the cleavage.

Let's have a look at how the pump has evolved over the past decades. The pump of today can be a very high heeled spiky stilettos, a flat ballerina slippers or an even a two-inch kitten heel, and just about everything in between. So, where did the pump shoe originate, how long have they been around, and what makes them the style of footwear that defies time?

Through the years, the pump shoe has evolved greatly, and the materials used now vary from the most typically used leather of yesterday. Today's pump shoe is produced in many different materials, such as canvas, silk, and a wide variety of synthetic materials. The original pump shoe was most often a solid colour, but as years have passed the pump morphed in many directions. It went from being a plain coloured leather shoe to you name it. Pumps now can be found in multi colours, metallic, prints, and decorated with straps and bows, and much other hardware's.


The Evolution OF Pump Design

Although you'll find countless styles of pumps shoes today, in 1960's it had a very classic design with a medium or high heel, comfortable toe area cut fairly low at both the sides and front. It was higher on top to reveal a bit of toe cleavage. To confuse matters further, some styles in the mid 60's were designed with an open heel and ankle strap. The ankle strap made the shoe more flexible and comfortable, due to its adjustable strap. The marketplace has always offers many styles of the pump shoe. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the style has stayed around for so long, and still remains the most popular style in women's footwear.

The Versatile Of The Pump Shoe

Pumps have such a classic style and are designed to be worn with almost anything. They look wonderful when worn with a skirt or dress, but also look great with pants. What can liven up a pair of jean more than a great pair of sexy pumps? They look wonderful in the evening with a little black dress or with that tailored business suit for work. The fact is the best feature of a pump is its versatility. A classic pump can see you through from day to night without a hitch. Check out the three photos that show off a simple leopard pump shoe, and how well it can be paired with not only a great day look paired with jeans but a wonderful casual look with a cute skirt and top. Plus all dressed up for a dressier occasion.



The Trendy Pump Shoe Styles Of Today

The pump has come a long way since the first styles of the 1500's. The classic simple 1960 style actually continues to be the number one seller in women's footwear. The simple spiky heel without any form of embellishment has made a big comeback in the past couple of years. Designers such as "Christian Louboutin" have put the classic simple pump back into women's wardrobes.

Many shoe designers have added trendy style changes to the classic pump. Designer "Manolo Blahnik" is well known for his creative footwear. Blahnik's trendy styles are well sought after due to their fabulous embellishments, form shiny gem to spiky studs and grommets. He also has become popular for mixing vivid colors that in the end are a very interesting one of a pair of shoe. He has shown the fashion world that the classic Pump can be made more interesting, and even perhaps reflect the wearer's individuality, and personality.

The Pump All Pumped Up !

The trendy pump of today has certainly taken on many changes. Let's consider the several design changes. Such as the "Bootee pump." The Booties style is basically a pump design that has been designed to come up over the instep to finish off at the ankle or above.

Designers have not stopped there, you can find Bootie shoes that have laces, cutout designs, and styles with fabulous embellishments. Such as buckles, gems, ribbon, and bows, you imagine it you may find it. The cutout Bootie pump is a best seller on the shoe market today, especially with young women.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin


The Classic Business Pump Shoe

We have looked at the pump style that will get you "through the night. " Let's look at what will get you through the day. The classic pump shoe of the businesswoman. The classic business shoe must be not only stylish but comfortable for a long work day. The businesswoman of today puts in a long work day, and really needs comfort as well as style. There are several shoe companies that strive to give women a comfortable stylish business shoe. One such company Naturalizer." Naturalizer produces a very classic style of business pump that has stayed true to the classic pump of the 1960s. The very upscale designers such as "Manolo Blahnik" and others also offer their customers many wonderful businesses styled pumps. Naturally, expect to will pay more for the "Manolo Blahnik" Pump than the Naturalizer.

Can you spot a Manolo Blahnik Shoe?

Melania's Shoe Of Choice Seems To Always Be A Classic Pump


The Style Icon's That Kept The Pump Shoe On Trend

Style icon's such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe were big fans of the pump, and they frequently wore them to complete their own special fashion look. Mrs. Kennedy was known to order twelve new pairs at a time. Audrey Hepburn loved pumps, perhaps for their understated elegance. The pump's sensible yet sophisticated style has also been a favourite of many other first ladies as well as celebrities.

Today's pumps are similar to the styles of the past. The well-known designers' today have added their own individual twists. Making sure to design pump shoes that come in a wide range of different materials', and a good selection of heel heights.


A Bit Of Pump Shoe Trivia

The pump shoe style is a true fashion classic and has has been around for centuries. The name itself was first used in the early 1500's. The very first pumps were when strapless shoes without heels that were worn by men. By the mid-1500s, the woman's pump was born and worn first on the feet of the servant class. Why did servants prefer the pump shoe over any other style of footwear? First of all, the pump shoe was very inexpensive and easy to put on the foot, as well as comfortable. Servants didn't have the time or money for the fussy button or lace-up shoes of the upper class. It wasn't until the twentieth century that things turned around for the classic pump shoe. Time brought about dramatic changes in footwear, and the classic style pump shoe took its rightful place in fashion and quickly became the shoe style that was associated with style and glamour.

How Many Pairs Of Pumps Do You Have In Your Closet ?


How Many Pairs Of Pumps Do You Own?


Chermae on May 24, 2020:

If you truly love wearing heels...& dont have discomfort associated with them all that much...then...why not enjoy them more...for work or social events ...all my heels are 4 & 5" tall....mostly all are me pumps are much classier Im noticing more girls at even the supermarket in either jeans or matching outfit in 4 or 5" heels...I think this is really nice to see women are dressing better now than flipflops are so unattractive...just an opinion on my part...but being a classy dressed cd/tv...i take great pride in dressing I would like to see women dress...I totally enjoy dressing as a woman...& its not about a guy in a dress either.

Priya Barua on April 17, 2020:

You've covered all the bases related to the shoes, well done with the article. I love the ones with the rounded toe.

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