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Reading Glasses - Charming Frames For Your Shape of Face

Taking care of your eyes is one component of overall health and beauty. A MUST do.

When large glasses can go cute!

When large glasses can go cute!

Looking for the ideal pair of glasses that complement your face shape? There's a pair out there designed to match the width of your face, whether you have a round, oval, or square-shaped face. From now on, there's no more too narrow nor too wide eyeglasses.

What Type of Frames Do You Need?

If you spend a great time concentrating on material close-ups, you may opt for a full-frame, in which the entire lens is made in the full reading prescription.

Full frames are generally designed as magnifying eyeglasses. This explains why your reading lenses appear blurry if you try to look up and across the room.

On the other hand, half-eye reading glasses allow you to look down and through the lenses for near work. This type is designed to be worn down the nose so that you can look up and over them to see in the distance, and then look "down your nose" through the lens when reading.

How to Choose a Charming Frame for Your Shape

To make the best decision, you must first determine your facial traits. Face forms are divided into five categories:

1) The Square Face

If your face resembles a square, you have a wide forehead and a broad jawline. Soften your lines by decreasing the perception of a broad jaw. Go with curved, oval, or rounded style frames. You may also want to try butterfly-shaped glasses. These structures will add a softer feminine curve to a square face.

The square- faced Angelina Jolie

The square- faced Angelina Jolie

2) The Round Face

For full cheeks, scant angles, and roughly equal length and width shape of face, angular or geometric frames are perfect. They create a beautiful contrast that thins and lengthens the face. Since the goal is to create a longer profile on the face, frames with brow bars pull the eye upward making the face appear longer.

People with round faces are often mistaken to be younger than they really are. So why not add charmingly framed spectacles for a more sophisticated appeal?

Round-faced Kara Tointon looked great in her eyewear.

Round-faced Kara Tointon looked great in her eyewear.

3) The Triangular Face

  • Base-Up Triangle or the Heart-Shaped

This shape has a very wide forehead and tapers down to a narrow chin or jaw. Take a closer close and the shape is mostly considered the "heart" face. To minimize the width of the top part, rimless or frames which are wider at the bottom will add width below the eye-line to offset the narrow chin. Oval, or frames with a straight top-line or rimless are excellent. Cat-eyes shape also angles outward at the top corner that balances the jawline.

  • Base-Down Triangle Face

This is the opposite of the base-up triangle where the face has a wide chin or heavy jaw that tapers to a narrow forehead upwards. Frames with wide temple edges will emphasize the eye-line and balance the jaw. Square, straight-top, slightly heavy tops, semi-rimless designs, or supra are perfect. Cat-eye shapes will also work, but not the low-temple styles.


4) The Diamond Face

This shape has wide or high cheekbones along with a narrow forehead and chin. The best frame styles will accent the forehead and jawline while minimizing the temples.

Perfect suggestions are top-decorated or heavy on top frames, rimless or supra types, and thick-rimmed rectangular glasses. Although oval and softly-curved squares would soften the contour of the face, make sure the style is not wider than the top of the cheekbones.

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Heavy & Thick Rectangular Acetate Frames

Heavy & Thick Rectangular Acetate Frames

5) The Oblong Face

An oval face is known to be the most well-balanced of all that can wear just about any eyeglass frame type. But since fashion always pushes on compliments, the best style it suggests for the oblong face is one that is round or deep to help shorten and widen the face.

Square or rectangular-shaped frames also look good on an oval face. However, try to avoid eyeglass frames with low temples design, they tend to detract from the face's natural features.

Oval-faced Matt Damon can look good in anything

Oval-faced Matt Damon can look good in anything

Glasses for All Types of Shapes

Despite the types of facial shapes, there are some who do not have perfectly rounded, squared, or heart figures. Most people's faces are a mix of various shapes, such as rounded chins and lofty foreheads, angular features and tapering jaws, and so on.

You want the best shape that looks great on your face, but it can be difficult to choose the perfect eyeglasses if you have a blend of shapes.

The Trick

Choose the closest that best fits your shape of the face. Let's say your chin is a bit more pointed than the "average" oval, or you have a mix of the oval and square shape. The closest resemblance will serve as your guideline on how to balance and complement your features.

Big or Small Frames?

If you're buying the big frame, make sure you look good with it. You might be too obsessed with oversized-framed eyeglasses that it has taken over your pretty face. Some people experience serious sliding of the frames down to the end of their nose, so pick one with a cute narrow pair to make it comfortable to wear.

Small is suitable if you're the type who keeps the head "still" and only your eyes move from the stuff you're working on then to another direction. It's a common problem if you are an eye mover as it is your natural tendency to look from desk to screen (if working on a computer) and back again.

The Healthy Prescription

When ready-made readers became popular, people experimented with fashion by buying ready-made reading glasses in different styles, designs, and colors. For many, this allows them to own several pairs for use in the house, in the car, and office.

Ready-made is convenient, but the lens prescription in one-size-fits-all eyeglasses is the same in both eyes. Since not everyone has the same prescription in both eyes, the lenses may be too far off your actual prescription and can result in eye strain, headaches, and even nausea.

When this happens, it is your eyes telling you that the location of the optical center of the lenses is not appropriately customized for you. If you have entered into your 40's, getting the right prescription for your eyeglasses is one way to care for aging eyes.

Three Basic Things to Remember

Understanding experts' advice would help you choose the right frames that best complement your natural features. Here are the top things to remember:

  • The eyes should be set at the center of the frame. Of course!
  • Go for frames that are proportionate to the size of your face. Smaller frames are ideal for smaller faces, while larger frames are for larger faces.
  • Frames should always contrast the shape of your face.

As a rule of thumb with eyeglasses, choose a frame shape that offsets the shape of your face.

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Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on August 20, 2013:

Hello my little Johannie-bunchy! You are my model, go to my "Kids Playtime Just Like When We Were Small" and you'll see your picture there :=) See I got you all here. Thank you for leaving me a lovely comment! Keep it up I love you! God bless you always :=)-Mommy Net

johannie on August 20, 2013:

hi mommy net,

i like your hub. i hope you will use my picture as model someday.......

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on July 29, 2012:

Hi spy. Pick the frame you think offsets the shape of your face, you'll love the contrast:=).... Happy shopping... it's so nice you've made it by. Blessings and all!

Life Under Construction from Neverland on July 29, 2012:

Hello Tonipet. I always wanted to get glasses but i cant choose what will be perfect for my face..thanks for this hub.

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on May 03, 2012:

Hi Jean, greetings!

I can relate on how you feel about those small prints that begin to look like shadowy ants, haha, I was there. I hope those drugstore glasses were your actual prescription so just a good and healthy start.

Did you know that angular spectacles are considered a combination of classic and new day elegance? You got it right, in fact, I've been saving up for one. I lost my rectangular reading glasses a month ago so a good timing to get a new one with an angular frame, I'm excited.

Let's be careful with those extra huge-size frames as we might end up looking like baby boomer owls :=) just kidding. A pumpkin?... that is so funny Jean. Thanks for the laugh. Goodluck to your new reading glasses, let's wish each other to look our best! Thank you and cheers!

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on May 03, 2012:

Hello Tonipet,

I'm just getting to the age now where small print is hard for me to see. I have a round face, and have experimented with drugstore glasses for awhile now. You are accurate, I've decided that the angular or geometric shapes do look best. I just have to make sure they are not too big for my face. I always thought it was as hugely round as a pumpkin, but apparently my features are a tad smaller than I thought :). Nice job.

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on March 25, 2012:

Hello Aleena. Glad to know the hub has helped you decide which frame suits you best. With today's wide range of pretty eyeglasses to choose from, some of us tend to end up wearing the "wrong" one. I think it's most ideal to listen to experts' advice if we want that perfect look. I have a sort of round and square face which is also confusing, so I'd always go for something with contrast. A butterfly-shaped dark shaded sunglasses and a rectangular-framed reading glasses are perfect and uniquely fashionable... giving me a matrix look! :-)

Thanks for dropping by. I wish you that summery look in your new glasses! Keep up!

Aleenabroonee from California on March 24, 2012:

I am thinking to buy suitable frame of glasses for me but very confused for the suitable shape means what shape will suite to my face. But as i came to your hub my all confusion get away so thanks for sharing this useful information here.

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on October 14, 2011:

I'm glad you found the hub useful daisyjae. I'm sure you'll look more chic and trendy your friends will do the same. I too plans buying something new, something I learned from my own hub, really fun! Thanks for the vote and all the best. Cheers!

daisyjae from Canada on October 11, 2011:

I'm about to get somenew glasses so this hub is really useful to me. Voted up.

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