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Naptural Wigs: A Crochet Wig Company

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Naptural Wigs create glueless custom natural style crochet wigs and braided headwear

Naptural Wigs create glueless custom natural style crochet wigs and braided headwear

What Is Naptural Wigs?

Naptural Wigs was inspired from Asia's natural hair journey that was a big part of her self-love. The company creates custom natural style wigs in curly, afro, braided and loc styles in hopes that more African descent women would feel more comfortable embracing their natural hair. The wigs are glueless, lightweight and easy to adjust. Naptural Wigs creates head wraps with attached hair pieces that can be tied to your liking. Braided hats comes with a keychain pack that includes 90's bamboo style earrings, roll on lip gloss, a blow pop and other trinkets to compliement the hair style. Naptural Wigs is a fun hair company that promotes natural hair love.

The Downside of Glued Lace Wigs

Too much of a good thing can be bad after a while. I was inspired to start Naptural Wigs during the start of the pandemic in 2020. I've never worn a wig, but had a desire to create natural hair styles I could ship. I started with buying full lace wigs and braiding them, but I didn't like the idea of selling wigs that would have to be glued to your head. I'm a natural hair and healthy hair growth advocate, so this wasn't what I wanted to do. I'm not saying hair can't be healthy under glued wigs, but if it's not properly care for the effects can be detrimental.

Not only did wig glue bother me, but the fact that I didn't know how to install that kind of wig made me even more nervous. People can have allergic reactions to glue or if applied incorrectly, the uninstall could pull out the edges of their hair. I didn't like the idea of any of that, but still wanted to make hairstyles I could ship around the globe. The braided wigs weren't the natural or "nappy" look I'd envisioned until God gave me the "aha" moment to make crochet wigs. These kind of wigs gives the afro/curly texture look I had in mind while still allowing you to install it as if your were styling your natural hair. I wanted Naptural Wigs to be as nappy looking as possible apart from the eurocentric wig companies that saturates the hair industry. I feel like God wanted me to create an afrocentric company that isn't widely accepted at all because we were taught to hate our afro hair.

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Gluing Wigs

It's important that you read the labels on the glue adhesive you choose to use. This isn't an informative section about glue wigs because Naptural Wigs is a glueless company, but you should ensure that there are no corrosive or harsh ingredients in your glue being as though you're using it on the very edge of your hair line. You have to make sure your skin isn't sensitive to the glue's ingredients so that you can avoid an allergic reactions. There are different glue companies to choose from. It's up to you to research and choose the best one for you.

When applying lace front or full lace wigs, you have to remember that excessive heat on your delicate hairline is need. You will need a blow dryer that has to be within inches away front your forehead to dry whichever bonding agent you use. The glue has to become tacky in order for the wig to lay properly. Before doing all of this, ensure that your hair and scalp is treated thoroughly so that it can withstand being concealed for however long you intend to keep your wig attached to your head. Oiling your scalp and conditioning your hair is essential.

The manipulation one uses to lay a wig has a lot to do with differing textures. A kinky curl pattern has to be straightened if the leave-out method is being used, which can cause heat damage depending on how often a touch up for the hair that is left out. If you're wearing a full lace front wig, then your hair is braided down so you can apply your wig using the bald cap method or if you're simply putting it on using the combs and adjustable straps that comes on your wig. To avoid a lot of hair damage, you could alternate between choosing wigs whose hair texture closely resembles yours. If you're of African descent, then Naptural Wigs could work for you. Crochet wigs doesn't have to look like the quick beauty supply store wigs.

What Did That Hair Go Through Before Getting To You?

Synthetic Crochet Wigs vs. Human Hair Wigs

  • Crochet can be worn glueless, so you can easily and quickly apply them
  • Depending on where you human hair is sourced, hair can either be directly cut from a donor or can be straps of hair that have been scrounged up from drains, shedding and other unethical practices
  • Keep in mind, some human hair can be part of rituals where the hair is sacrificed to whatever deity or purpose of the donor
  • Crochet wigs can match just about any hair texture, especially kinky curly

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