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How to Choose a Great Dressing Gown

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The Fine Cotton Company - Verona Organic Towelling Robe

The Fine Cotton Company - Verona Organic Towelling Robe

Are you looking for a great new dressing gown? Now that the nights are drawing in and the temperature outside is falling you will definitely need a wonderful new bathrobe as you are probably going to be spending more evenings tucked up cosily in front of a nice warm fire, after having had that long, leisurely, aromatherapy scented bath.

So is your current battered garment up to it? Is it thick, fluffy, and warm? Made of really good fabric, like 100% organic cotton and well stitched and put together? Or is it a threadbare, thin, old dressing gown that has surely seen better days?

Come on! It is time to have a good long look at your old bathrobe! Cast a discerning eye over it, and if it is getting a little on the worn side, take pity on it and send it to the charity shop or put it in the recycling bin. I know that it can be a wrench to part from a beloved, comfy old piece of clothing, but you deserve to feel warm and cosy this winter and look stylish into the bargain!

Where To Find One

Bathrobes also make very good gifts for your family and loved ones. They come in prices to fit every pocket, from the cheap and cheerful to the ultra luxurious. Always try to find ones made in natural fabrics, rather than synthetic ones, as they will feel much nicer against your skin. Splash out on your beloved this Christmas or birthday, and treat them to a luxury cashmere robe or an ultra-soft fluffy towelling one in 100% organic cotton.

Or are you looking for something cute for your little ones? If so you will find that there are many different novelty children’s dressing gowns on the market, themed on a favourite character, or just plain and warm, with maybe a hood with animal ears that they will look adorable in

So what do you look for when you are looking for a new one? There are many different types to choose from, in different styles and fabrics.

Cotton Terry Towelling – can you beat a really deep pile, fluffy cotton terry towelling dressing gown? It will keep you warm and absorb water easily, although they can be heavy to wear. They are available in a veritable rainbow of colours, although the traditional pristine white will probably always be the favourite. If you want to be kind to the environment as well, choose one made from organic cotton.

Cotton Waffle – produced in waffle weaved cotton that gives the garment that characteristic chequered appearance. Waffle dressing gowns are usually white, and are comfortable, absorbent and let your skin breathe due to being made purely from cotton. They are however, a bit light for the winter months, but this makes them the choice to pack for your holiday or to take to the pool or spa. If you are looking for more warmth in your waffle cotton robe, find one that has been lined with cotton terry towelling.

Satin or Silk – again not one that will keep you warm in the winter, but one that will make you feel glamorous and pampered as you stretch out across your sofa. You will find silk and satin robes in a huge variety of colours, and they are very light weight and comfortable to wear. They are not particularly water absorbent, but are very sexy and romantic! Again, organic silk is kinder to our planet and our skin.

Velour – are ideal for that velvet-soft feeling against your skin. The 100% cotton velour will be kinder to your skin, than polyester, and will keep you toasty warm all winter. They are available in many different colours and styles, and you are bound to find the perfect one in your price range.

Chenille – these dressing gowns are an old favourite, as they are warm and cuddly and come in many different colours and styles. They are made of 100% polyester, so try to choose good-quality micro-chenille fabric, as this will make your bathrobe incredibly soft, cosy warm and very light weight.

Microfiber - they are made of a very fine, lightweight material that absorbs water really well and feels very soft to the touch. They are ideal for that holiday or packing in your swimming or spa bag.

Cashmere - the very pinnacle of luxury. Cashmere robes are warm and incredibly soft, very light weight, and come in many different colours. More for lounging than bathing, as the cashmere would probably be damaged by the water, and it will also probably require dry cleaning. Also be aware that quality of cashmere can vary tremendously, so check out the quality and feel before you buy.

Spa – a fairly new type are the dual layer, luxury spa robes that have a lightweight microfiber top layer and a deep pile cotton terry towelling inner layer. So the garment will feel cosy and soft, but will also be light and absorb water easily.

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Shlompers Zip Up Robes

Great dressing gowns can be bought in most major retailers on the High Street or from specialised online retailers, but here are a couple that you might like to check out.

Shlomper – Shlompers are the new unique zip up robes. If you are fed up with belted dressing gowns, that keep falling apart when you are lounging on the sofa, then the zip on your Shlomper will help to keep you warm and cosy, and stop you having to re-tie your belt all the time. Shlompers come in a wide range of designs and colours. There is the Kimono Zip Up style, which has a very flattering empire line shape and wide sleeves. It is made in 100% cotton towelling and comes in a variety of plain and striped colours. The Kaftan Zip Up style is a full length A-line zip up gown, complete with a hood and an inset sleeve. The Kaftan Zip Up is made in the softest velour and comes in lots of different, gorgeous colours.

Affordable Luxury From The Fine Cotton Company

The Fine Cotton Company – the Fine Cotton Company has a range of totally luxurious, 100% organic cotton dressing gowns. You can choose from the Verona, which is made from exceptionally fluffy and very soft organic cotton towelling, the Trento which is light weight, very fine organic cotton waffle, and the Palermo which is the ultimate luxury spa robe, with an organic waffle cotton top layer with a deep, organic cotton towelling lining to keep you warm.

All of great dressing gowns are crisp, pure white and the Trento waffle and the Verona organic cotton towelling have matching slippers. For the kids there is the Paris range of organic cotton bathrobes, again in sparkling white, and the smaller sizes for babies and children have very cute little ears on the hoods!

So when you are out shopping, there are a great many dressing gowns out there for you to choose from, in a variety of styles and fabrics. Always get the best quality fabric that you can afford, and follow the care and washing instructions, as this will make your gown last a long time and allow you to snuggle up warmly on a lot more winter nights!

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