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Why Choose Snowsuits for Babies and Toddlers?

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Infant Snowsuit

Infant Snowsuit

Why Choose a Snowsuit for a Baby?

Have you got a snowsuit for your baby yet? Here in the Northern hemisphere the nights are beginning to draw in and we are starting to think of getting out winter clothes and looking at what we may need to get for the coming season.

So before the first snow begins to fall, have a think about how you are going to keep your baby or toddler toasty and warm this winter. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter or you are planning on taking your little ones on a winter sports holiday, why not look at getting your infant a snowsuit or separate snow pants and ski jacket?

Small babies need to be kept warm in wintry conditions and active toddlers like to play in the snow and often fall over, and can get cold and wet if not properly protected from the elements. So what are the important things to look for when you are choosing snowsuits or snow pants and jackets for your baby or toddler?

Benefits of a Baby Snowsuit

A great benefit of a one piece snowsuit for babies or toddlers is that they retain body heat, but stop the snow, ice and cold getting in. One of the important things to remember when you are shopping is that they need to be warm but not too thick.

The best type of material for them to be made from is thin, breathable and flexible. For playing in the snow, ensure that baby snowsuits are made from waterproof or water resistant fabrics, and that they are down filled or fleece lined for warmth. If it is too thick, your infant will not be able to move around freely, and constricted limbs will make your child feel uncomfortable and makes it easier for those little legs to get cold.

It also needs to be remembered that while you want to keep your child warm in wintry conditions, it is also potentially dangerous to let your baby overheat. It is easier for infants to keep warm and regulate their body temperatures if they are dressed in thin layers under their snowsuits, as the layers will trap the warm air.

Keeping Baby Warm in a Snowsuit

It is also important to pay special attention to a baby’s head, hands and feet in the cold weather as they can get particularly cold if not dressed properly.

Choose snowsuits with hoods to ensure that your child’s head stays warm, with good neck fastenings so that hood will not fall off when your toddler is busy playing in the snow. For younger babies fold over hand and foot flaps to keep their tiny hands and feet cosy and warm, and if there are feet on their snowsuit make sure that there is enough room for your baby to be able to move their feet and to allow their feet to grow.

If you are getting one for a more active toddler who will be out playing in the snow, look for internal gaiters in a snowsuit as they stop the legs from riding up and exposing bare skin or the clothes worn underneath to the wet and cold.

Snowsuits for Newborns

For very young, newborn babies it is a good idea to consider getting a snowsuit that does not have separate legs, but is more like the end of a sleeping bag.

This is because if you get one with legs for a newborn made of fairly stiff material it is quite difficult, and uncomfortable for your infant to try to uncurl their legs to get them into the snowsuit legs.

Also, because the baby's legs are kept together in this kind of snowsuit rather than being separated, they can keep each other warm. Your newborn baby will also be able to move into a comfortable position more easily, and there is plenty of room in them for your baby to grow.

Any Disadvantages of Infant Snowsuits?

So are there any disadvantages of putting babies and toddlers in snowsuits in the winter? One disadvantage is that they can make it very awkward for nappy changes.

Look for one that has a full frontal zip that extends down one of the legs, so that you can unzip the snowsuit to change the nappy without taking the whole thing off first.

You also need to be careful when strapping your baby or toddler into a car seat if they have a snowsuit on, as the thickness of the material can make it difficult to strap the child in securely.

How Much to Pay for a Baby Snowsuit?

So how much do you need to spend on buying a snowsuit for a baby or a toddler? While you always get what you pay for quality wise, you also need to bear in mind that babies grow very quickly.

A baby snowsuit will only last for the first year at most, but if you buy a toddler snowsuit one size too big you may be able to stretch it out for two seasons. But make allowances for the fact that your baby or toddler will be wearing thicker clothes in the winter when you are working out what size to buy.

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Also consider how much use you are going to get out of it. If you are getting one only for a week’s holiday in the snow, but otherwise you live in a milder climate, is it worth spending a lot of money? However, if you live somewhere where the winters are always very cold and snowy,

It might be a good investment to buy the best snowsuit that you can to keep your child warm and dry, as they will be getting a lot of wear out of it. If you can find one with a removable liner it could be very useful, as the snowsuit could then be used when the weather was a bit warmer as well.

Baby Snowsuit Fastenings

The fastenings are also very important to consider. Do you go for zips, Velcro or snaps?

You have to look at the fastenings and think about how easy it will be to get your baby in and out of the snowsuit, especially if you have gloves on in the cold weather.

If the snowsuit is for a toddler consider how easy it will be for their small fingers to manage any zips or fastenings. Also consider how frequently you will need to wash the garment.

Look at the instructions before you buy, but most infant snowsuits need careful washing at low temperatures, and avoid bleaching, drying at high temperatures and check whether or not it can be ironed.

Toddler Snow Pants and Ski Jackets

If you do not want to get a one piece, then you could choose to get separate snow pants and ski jackets for your baby or toddler.

The snow pants generally have bibs and straps over the shoulders, which help to keep them from slipping down.

If having matching colours is important to you, you can get the snow pants and ski jackets as a set, and for even more versatility you can find reversible sets that give your child a choice of which side out to wear.

If you are looking for a snowsuit for a baby or toddler, one of the best places to look is online. Amazon has a great selection, so why not look online today to find the perfect one for your child. There is a huge choice of colours and styles, which vary for boys and girls, so whether you want a cute pink snowsuit for a little girl or a navy or dark one to withstand a boy’s rough and tumble in the snow you are sure to find it.


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Great reminder, it's the perfect time to stock up on snow suits, gloves, boots and all the things we need to prepared for the fun snow days of winter. Thanks for the great product review of snowsuits for toddlers and infants online. Online shopping is so great for us Mom's with little tots. :)

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