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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry - Why Choose Ankh Jewelry

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Ankh Mirror from the tomb of Tutankhamun

Ankh Mirror from the tomb of Tutankhamun

So What Is An Ankh?

If you are a lover of Egyptian jewelry, then you will really adore ankh jewelry. The ankh is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph meaning eternal life. Egyptian gods of the afterlife are often depicted carrying this symbol in their hands by its loop or having two ankhs crossed over their chest.

The Ancient Egyptians themselves often had this symbol carved onto amulet and ankhs were also placed in the wrappings of mummies.

The ankh was often shown with two other hieroglyphs, Djed and Was meaning strength and health, to form the phrase ‘life, health and strength’. Mirrors of burnished metal were also often made in the form of an ankh hieroglyph in Ancient Egypt.

There are several theories on where the hieroglyph was derived from, one of which is that the ankh represents the river Nile with the loop being the Nile Delta. As the river Nile truly was the lifeblood of Ancient Egypt, it would be easy to see why they might have incorporated it into the hieroglyph for eternal life and that the ankh became known as the key of life.

Finding Great Ankh Jewelry

Even today it is still widely regarded as a symbol of life and health, and you can find them depicted on everything from tattoos, to scarves and especially on Egyptian jewelry. If you are looking for ankh jewelry, why not consider looking online where there is a huge selection?

The variety of different types of ankh jewelry that you can choose from is huge, with a wide range of designs and styles being available. You will have to ask yourself if you like your Egyptian jewelry to be made from platinum, gold, or silver? Do you prefer white gold or yellow gold? You will find that you can pick out ankh jewelry in every type of precious metal, and even set with precious gemstones.

You can also find the perfect piece of Egyptian jewelry to suit every budget. So whether you are just selecting a small gift for a friend’s birthday or a more lavish jewelry gift for a loved one, you will easily be able to find a wonderful piece within your price range. Or why not treat yourself to a piece of ankh jewelry, and protect yourself with the Ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life?

Ankh Jewelry

Ankh Rings

If you are looking for a great ankh ring online, you will find a huge variety of designs and styles. If you want to get one as a gift for a friend, it is a good idea to try to surreptitiously find out what their ring size is.

Also do they prefer gold or silver, and do they like chunky jewelry or more dainty jewelry? There is an ankh ring that will delight everyone out there! These delightful rings come in a range of prices to suit all budgets, so would make a great birthday or Christmas gift.

Ankh Bracelets

There are many styles of ankh bracelets to choose from. A very popular one is the bangle with the ankh symbol forming the latch that closes the band. Or a chain bracelet made from little ankhs? Of course you could just choose an ankh charm to add to your charm bracelet or simple chain bracelet?

These charms can also be added to your mobile phone or key ring. Again, the choices come in gold or silver - platinum if you really want to push the boat out - and for a bit of extra glitter these unique charms can also be set with your favourite gemstone.

Ankh Pendants and Ankh Necklaces

A simple silver ankh pendant makes a perfect gift. It can be worn with almost any outfit and can be very inexpensive to buy. Trade up to gold for that extra special gift. Again you can choose to have your pendant set with your favourite gemstone, and if choosing a birthday gift why not pick out a pendant set with the birthstone for that month?

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Ankh necklaces come in many different styles from chunky collars through to pearl or bead necklets with the Egyptian symbol of life interspersed with the beads. Choose one that frames your favourite neckline or matches the colours of your favourite dress.

Ankh Earrings

You can find ankh earrings online for both pierced ears and non-pierced ears, and as stud earrings or dangly earrings. Again the styles vary tremendously and you can have simple, dainty silver ankhs through to chunky gold earrings studded with gems. Earrings make a beautiful gift, and by choosing this design you are adding the precious gift of the symbol of eternal life.

So if you are looking for ankh jewelry, then why not browse online for as there is a huge range to choose from. You will find ankh jewelry to suit every taste and every budget online, and you will certainly be able to find that perfect gift of Egyptian jewelry or very special treat for yourself.

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CMHypno (author) from Other Side of the Sun on March 05, 2010:

Hey hypnodude, glad you enjoyed reading about ankhs. Its fascinating the way that the same symbols turn up in many different cultures. Thanks for the comment.

Andrew from Italy on March 04, 2010:

I love ankhs, as much as other Egyptian stuff.:) Interesting to notice that the Catholic cross has been derived mainly from the ankh as a religious symbol. Don't the ankhs seems just perfect? Thumbs up.

CMHypno (author) from Other Side of the Sun on February 27, 2010:

Thanks for the great comment on the ankh jewelry a2z50

a2z50 on February 27, 2010:

Beautiful jewelry! I think jewelry is all about presentation. You did "A + " Great Hub ! Thank you for your work. We'll stay in touch.


CMHypno (author) from Other Side of the Sun on February 27, 2010:

Hi Hello, hello. Glad you liked the ankh jewellery. The coptic cross is very similar to the ankh and the symbol for the female and the planet Venus in astrology. Symbols are very important in human history.

Hello, hello, from London, UK on February 26, 2010:

They are lovely. I was thinking they look like our cross. It really makes you think what really is going on.

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