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Brown Hair to Blonde Hair for Warm Skin Tones

Brown hair to blonde hair for warm skin tones. Whitney Port's Caramel Blonde Hair

Brown hair to blonde hair for warm skin tones. Whitney Port's Caramel Blonde Hair

If you want to go blonde and have brown hair and brown eyes with a warm skin tone, you might be a little scared about changing your hair color so drastically and also wonder what the right blonde hair for warm skin tones actually is.

This hub will help you go from brown hair to blonde hair using celebrity photos for inspiration. Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, and Whitney Port all have warm skin tones and made the transition from naturally brown hair to blonde hair.

They use caramel and honey shades to customize their hair color to their warm skin.

Instant Spray-in Blonde

Whitney Port in Caramel Blonde (above)

Whitney Port is first in this list simply because the blonde hair color she chose is the most attractive shade for a natural brunette with warm skin tones. Whitney's hair color is a caramel blonde.

There are products on the market that will allow you to go instantly blonder, and get a caramel effect, such as Jerome Russell B Blonde Highlights in Honey. It's a fun and effective spray because you can temporarily go blonde without actual commitment or grueling time at the salon.

Caramel blonde is the absolute best color you can choose simply because caramel naturally has brown blended into it. These hints of brown are exactly what you need to match your hair to your skin tone. You can also try a strawberry blonde color, which is a little redder and very sexy.

Julia Roberts with Mixed Caramel Blonde Hair

Julia Roberts with Mixed Caramel Blonde Hair

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Julia Roberts in Blended Honey, Caramel, and Wheat Blonde (above)

One technique for getting blonde hair looking good against warm skin is to blend lighter and darker shades of blonde together. Julia's hair has the lightest blonde color directly around her face -- wheat blonde. Blending colors together produces beautiful results and is sometimes less damaging to your hair.

This makes her hair look all over lighter because of how close this color is to her face. She then adds the honey and caramel into her locks for a warm look that matches with her skin tone. Because warm skin has yellow undertones, like Julia, you should choose shades that have the words "honey" or "caramel" in them.

Jessica Alba with Blonde Hair

Jessica Alba with Blonde Hair


Jessica Alba in Light Honey Blonde (above)

Jessica looks lovely in her light honey blonde hair color. While this color might not suit all brown-haired women, it works for Jessica here because of her features and specific beauty techniques she uses on her face:

  • Her skin is very white and flawless here and the blonde complements the light coming off of her face.
  • The honey tones in the blonde hair match the subtle yellow undertones in her skin.
  • Her eyebrows are dyed to a color close to the one on her head.
  • She is wearing a light peach blush that has a color very close to the one that is being reflected off of her hair.
  • She has brown makeup around her eyes that match the subtle brown hints in her blonde hair.

While light honey blonde is a beautiful color and might work for you, you might have to wear a lot of makeup to make this color look best on you. You most likely would need double processing and it could also be more drying than caramel or regular honey shades. Decide how much maintenance you would be willing to put into your hair each day before you take the plunge.

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