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Make your own Brooch Bouquet

Laura likes retro, vintage, old things. Choosing to preserve or repurpose is her dilemma - can't change your mind once started.


Brooch bouquets began as a wedding thing. I've seen them used in for other occasions since then, including a memorial. They are gorgeous, they can be vintage or a great way to repurpose brooches and jewellery you have stashed at the bottom of your jewellery box (or picked out at the local thrift store).

Add your own uniqueness to your own bouquet. Make it yourself, it's a bit time consuming but not difficult. Pick the colours you want, or work with rhinestone, pearl or metallic brooches only. Use other jewellery, broken or out dated necklaces can be wrapped around or clip off the chain and wire them up like another flower in the bouquet.

Some bouquets are made with plastic flowers, or buttons or beads instead of brooches. You can also add silk or other artificial flowers to your bouquet, mix it up.

Finish it off by wrapped florist tape around all the wires to hide them and keep them from poking holes or rips into anything.

Then get ribbon, fabric or whatever you like to wrap around the stems of your bouquet. Add a lace doily or crocheted lace to the top of your bouquet, just as they would have it wrapped up in something extra pretty at the florist shop. I've seen people add tiny brooches to the wrapped up stems too. A little extra pretty touch.

Picking Brooches

Not everyone has a stash of brooches on hand. I have some from my Grandmother and her sisters. They're in my jewellery box, a small collection.

I've seen great brooches in the thrift store. But you should be a little picky, to keep it special. Pick brooches which have some meaning to you. Brooches with a design you especially like. Brooches that aren't just cheap made either. You're going to be handing the brooches you add to your bouquet so they should be able to stand up to being used, poked and prodded around.

If you are using vintage brooches check the settings, see if there are loose stones, beads, etc. Don't use a brooch that is already in need of some repair or too fragile.

How to DIY Brooch Bouquet

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Laura Brown (author) from Barrie, Ontario, Canada on March 11, 2013:

Thank you. I like finding different ideas for making use of things I already have. Seems there should be better options than just leaving them sitting on a shelf.

torrilynn on March 10, 2013:

I find this to be a really great idea. the bouquets are really nice and

I love the information that you have included inside of your hub.

thanks and voted up.

Stephanie Bradberry from New Jersey on March 10, 2013:

What a cute idea. These broach bouquets are super pretty. This would be a great idea for those allergic to flowers.

Laura Brown (author) from Barrie, Ontario, Canada on August 20, 2012:

I have a little collection of brooches too. When I first noticed this idea I loved it because it would be a great way to bring all my brooches out of hiding and have them displayed so I can see them all again.

Lady Summerset from Willingboro, New Jersey on August 20, 2012:

Greetings That grrrl,

What an awesome idea! The bouquets are absolutely out of this world! I have been an advid brooch collector for years and this idea is too good to pass up! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea.

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