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11 Brazilian Waxing Tips For Your Best Home Brazilian Wax Ever

You know what they say: Once you go Brazilian, you'll never go back. And it's true because once you've experienced that super clean smooth feel down there, nothing quite compares - certainly not trimming and certainly not shaving.

Maybe you've had a Brazilian wax at a salon and are thinking you want to try your own at home. Let's face it, one can expect to pay around $60 for this service in a spa and for most people, shelling out that kind of money every 3-5 weeks is just not reasonable. Or maybe you've never had a Brazilian wax and want to do your own to avoid the discomfort of having to bare all to a complete stranger. This is understandable!

But before you get started on your home waxing, consider these 11 Brazilian wax tips to help get your best home Brazilian wax ever.

Brazilian vs Bikini Waxing

Before we begin, let's get our definitions straight.

Bikini Wax: Involves removing all hair that can be seen when wearing your bathing suit.

Brazilian Wax: Involves removing ALL hair in the genital area. Some women will opt to leave a small strip of hair, sometimes called a landing strip or it can be made into any shape she wants such as a heart. A Brazilian wax usually means that all anal hair is removed too but this is of course up to you.

The following tips are for a Brazilian Wax but many could apply to a Bikini Wax, too - just not as much hair is removed.


Brazilian Wax Tip #1

Make sure your hair is the right length:

  • Before you start waxing, make sure your pubic hair is around 1/4" in length. Any shorter than this and you should let it grow, otherwise it will be too short to stick to the wax. Any longer and you should trim it with a small pair of scissors otherwise it will tend to get stuck in the wax and it will hurt more (as if it doesn't hurt enough already!). 
  • Make sure the entire area is clean and dry, too!

Brazilian Wax Tip #2

Take a painkiller such as Tylenol an hour before you begin waxing

  • You know it's going to hurt but this will help cut down on some of the pain. Try not to take a painkiller like Aspirin that will thin your blood because if you do happen to start bleeding, you don't want to exacerbate the situation. Just something to keep in mind!

Brazilian Wax Tip #3

Do not wax the week before and during your period

  • Well, you can if you want to but it's going to hurt more during this time and I'm sure you don't want that! As women, we are more sensitive to pain a week before and during our periods.

Brazilian Wax Tip #4

Use hard/hot wax instead of pre-packaged cold wax strips

  • This kind of wax usually comes in a small pot with wooden or plastic stick applicators and there are two kinds: one that you heat in the microwave and one that you heat in a wax warmer. Both work really well, but the problem with microwaveable wax is that you will have to keep heating it up several times throughout your Brazilian wax unless you are extremely fast (I doubt anyone could be that fast). If you don't mind this, it's usually cheaper!
  • Make sure the wax is hot, but not too hot because you don't want it to burn your skin. You might want to test a little on the back of your hand first.
  • A really good brand to use that I like is Gigi and they have many different packages available. But take a look around and you might have to do some experimenting because some brands truly are better than others.

Brazilian Wax Tip #5

Decide whether you want to go bald or leave a landing strip or other shape

  • Many women like to leave a little hair and you will have to decide before you get started what you want to do. It can be a little tricky leaving a pattern but if you really want to make sure it looks even, you can draw a shape on with a pen and wax around that. There are also stencils that you can buy specifically for shaping your Brazilian area.

The Full Monty

  • If you're not sure what this is, it means taking the hair off between your butt cheeks - "the full monty" and this is usually offered as an add-on option in most salons. Of course, you can do it yourself as part of your at home Brazilian wax. Or not! Surprisingly though, it is often one of the least painful parts of a Brazilian wax.

Brazilian Wax Tip #6

Pay attention to how you apply the wax, pull your skin, and rip the wax off

  • When you're ready to really begin waxing, the idea is to pull your skin as tightly as possible and apply a small amount of hot wax with your applicator. Wait around 10 seconds or more for the wax to harden and cool and gently with your fingernail, pull up a piece of the wax, enough that you can hold onto. Then, make sure you're really pulling your skin tight, and pull the wax off against the direction of your hair growth (do the best you can on this because we all know that hair grows in every which way in this area).
  • The smaller sections you work with, generally the better results you will achieve and especially at first as you are still learning and perfecting your technique.
  • The best advice I can give you here is to really make sure you pull your skin tight, otherwise you may find that the wax does not rip off very well and gets stuck in the folds of your skin. Not pleasant!

Brazilian Wax Tip #7

You may want to use a small mirror

  • It can be hard to see what you're really doing so if you can position a mirror in such a way that you can see those hard to see areas, it can really help you. If you don't want to use a mirror, you can tell just by felling around where you have missed spots.

Brazilian Wax Tip #8

Use tweezers for any remaining hairs

  • You will probably not be able to get all hairs out with the wax but should be able to do a pretty good job. If you're a perfectionist, remove any leftover hairs with a pair of tweezers.

Brazilian Wax Tip #9

Use an oil-based wax remover to remove the leftover wax when you're done

  • If you bought a kit, they usually come with some kind of wax remover for you to use as your final step. If not, you can try using baby oil and a cloth.

Brazilian Wax Tip #10

Decide if you want to dye your landing strip or shape that you created

  • Believe it or not, some women like to dye the little bit of hair that remains in the front if they choose to leave any remaining hair at all. You might be able to find a dye kit for pubic hair in your drug store or else you can buy one online in many different colors.
  • This is a great way to try something different. Do it for yourself but as a bonus, you might surprise your boyfriend or husband!
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Brazilian Wax Tip #11

Prevent Ingrown Hairs

  • Ingrown hairs are really unpleasant and they hurt! And you will almost for sure get them if you do not take measures to exfoliate your down there area.
  • I would suggest using a loofah every single day but be gentle with yourself - don't scrub all your skin off.
  • The other thing I would suggest is using a chemical exfoliant. You should be able to find these in your drug store but there are more options online. Chemical exfoliants are made out of a gentle acid (often fruit acid) and they gently "eat away" at the top layer of your skin, ensuring that when your hair starts to grow back, that it will not get trapped in a layer of dead skin.
  • If you do get an ingrown hair, don't panic because most of the time they will go away on their own with the coaxing of some gentle exfoliation. However, sometimes they get infected and they really hurt so try to avoid them in the first place!

Well, there you have it. I will not lie and say that this process is fun or pain free because it's not. However, I do feel that it's worth it and so do my friends who have tried it. The good thing is that it gets easier the more you do it - it hurts less and your hairs will actually get finer and easier to remove over time and they should start growing back more slowly.

At least in the beginning, you will probably find that you need to do this about every 3 weeks.

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clairewait from North Carolina on April 18, 2016:

I've been doing my own Brazilian waxes for about 6 months now, and I find it takes HALF the time of the salon. I can do everything in under an hour.

Sia from United Kingdom on February 25, 2015:

Approximately how long does it take? Great article by the way!

Samantha Cole from Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey on September 10, 2014:

Great post!! Thank you for the advice.

Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on September 05, 2014:

Useful hub :) Thank you for sharing. A lot of good tips.

Ana Maria Orantes from Miami Florida on June 13, 2014:

Thank you for your advice about the Brazilian wax. I am happy that I found your article. I am looking for a product that remove men's hair from their legs. A strong cream will do the job. Do you know any cream besides Nair cream hair remover. I like your hub.

Alma N. Velazquez on November 13, 2012:

Hair removal is not as bad as people make it seem. If you are using a professional salon that is the best way to go. Make sure you always go to the same place and get waxed with the same person it makes it more comfortable and you get a better service.

Claricefelicia on March 13, 2011:

I will be getting a Brazilian for the first time in May. My friends and I are going to Los Cabos, Mexico. I am soooooo scared. I have never been waxed in that area (I normally shave). I can barely take getting my eyebrows waxed. lol

Emma from Houston TX on March 10, 2011:

Nice tips with pics that really look hot.

Ellarose92 on January 25, 2011:

I'm deffintely going to try wazing at a salon before trying to do it myself because shaving doesn't last as long. haveyou ever tried the nair bikini removal? if you haven't dont!! worst thing ever haha

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