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Body Shaming

Khushi has been writing for long but it's high time she discovered her writing can produce an impact on people and she now loves to do that

Body Shaming and Teenagers

Do people tease you because you don’t look a certain way? Are you insecure about the way you look or dress up and you feel there is no way out? Don’t worry, I got your back!

Let us discuss in brief about what are the reasons we feel insecure about our looks as individuals.

First and foremost, the reason behind the insecurity can be our friends, it is said that friends can either make us or break us and it seems quite true as they can either make us feel good about ourselves or make us feel like we should not even exist! Hence, it’s really important to choose the kind of people you surround yourself with, friends are supposed to support you, cheer you up, and be there for you no matter what, and if they are doing otherwise; you know you don’t need them.

The people teasing you can be strangers on the internet or your relatives too. Here, you need to acknowledge that you have the power to choose your reaction. You can’t change their mindset or how they feel about a particular thing but you can always choose how you will react to it and that will become your superpower. They might think you are too fat, too dull, too fair, too slim, too short, etc. but here is the fact: You don’t need to fit into their so-called “beauty standards”. Respect yourself enough to not get bothered about what they think of you, you were not born to impress them, were you?

Unfortunately, people are going to judge you anyway, no matter what and so at least don’t judge yourself and try not to judge others too. The world needs more acceptance and less judgment.

Another reason people (especially teenagers) feel insecure about themselves is social media, the way social media can influence a person, nobody else can! It has the power to make people hate themselves. Everything thing comes with pros and cons and so does social media, you can either look at people doing wonders and get inspired or sit back and hate yourself for not being where they are today. Again, the choice is yours. The fact is that social media is a big lie, nobody there is showing off their natural skin, the influencers there will tell you that it’s a #nomakeupday with foundation, eyeliner, a gloss, and two filters on. Do you want to compare yourself now? Everybody seems happy, beautiful, and relaxed on the media but that is not the truth! The truth is everybody has bad days, mood swings, bad skin texture, and problems in their life. You might be craving what they have and similarly, somebody might be craving what you have.

So, start being grateful today for everything you have, right from this moment! I don’t know about other people, but I know that your parents love you for who you are and how you look and they want you to be nothing but happy.

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Hence, start treating yourself with love and care, respect yourself enough to walk away from a place where you are not treated right, do not give people the control to make you feel guilty about how you look. The best revenge is working on yourself, the glow you get after that is unbeatable.

Remember, the people who try to bring you down are already below you!

The people who body shame you or judge you or are unable to accept you for the way you are; Clearly aren’t grown up, because mature people don’t do that and you don’t want to get affected by the opinion of such people, do you?

Today, choose yourself, celebrate yourself because you deserve this! I get it people are unable to mind their own business nowadays, but you my friend you can! So do it. Trust me everything becomes peaceful when you are not bothered by what other people are doing or saying.

LIVE YOUR LIFE through your own standards, own yourself, take pride in the way you are. Have fun, enjoy, life is short to be with people who have opinions on everything. You don’t need that energy, be your happy vibe as it is said that “Be your own sunshine on days you can’t find any”


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