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Bobbi Brown Foundation Review


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Bobbi Brown is an American professional makeup artist, entrepreneur, author, an founder of Bobbi brown makeup series. She started her cosmetic range with just 10 lipsticks which later evolved into a global cosmetics empire. Now her brand is considered as one of the best cosmetic brands around the globe.

The Philosophy of Her Brand

She quotes 'BOBBI: The reason we wear foundation is really simple. Foundation is used to even out your skin tone. And for those women that are lucky enough to really have an even skin tone, you don't need foundation everywhere.

The other thing about foundation is, it has to be the right color for your skin. It has to be the right formula for your skin. And some women, if they have drier skin, will need the right moisturizer. Other women that have oilier skin will need a powder.It varies from woman to woman.

What works on one day might not work the next day. So I suggest that women that wear foundation have a few different variations and know what to do to make the foundation look like you're not wearing foundation. Skin should look like skin. And by the way, the only way to know if the foundation is the right color is to apply it on the side of your face. If it disappears, it's the right color.

The right foundation is like having the right undergarments. Your outfits won't look good if you don't have the right undergarments. Your makeup won't look good if you don't have the right foundation. The models that you see represent different skin color, different ages. There are so many variations, there is no way we could have gotten everybody.

But I think that we chose the models so it'll be easy to relate to and understand different skin colors. The techniques work for everybody. The colors, it really depends what's right for you. I'm hoping to give you all the rules to adapt things to your face. You have to adapt, because skin changes, our age changes, and just day-to-day changes.' (reference; masterclass.com, bobbi brown teaches makeup and beauty)

Her philosophy is that makeup should be natural which enhance your personality not just change your personality. Foundation should be one perfect for you which just look transparent when applied giving you a natural glow.

I shared a video below, a step by step guide, to find perfect foundation shade for your skin.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation

This bobbi brown long wear even finish foundation series provides a vast variety of foundations for different skin tones, from dark to medium to light skin tones.

The product itself is one of my favorite, giving you a medium to full coverage, even tone and long lasting with SPF 15. With its oil free formula It will provide you a good enough coverage hiding all the flaws of your skin and does not fade out for atleast 8 to 9 hours, or if you fix it with some make up setting spray, it can stay on its place for upto 12 hours, according to my own personal experience. it can also even out discolorized or hyperpigmented areas on your face, and for me it also work well as a concealer.

It comes in a glass bottle with a pump, so it easy to pump foundation out of bottle. With SPF 15 it also protects your skin from harmful UV rays, but still a sunscreen along with makeup is recommended.
It works very well with the Bobbi Brown compact powder, so when you buy this foundation its better to buy along with the compact. It is definitely worth buying and a must have product.


Foundation shades

The foundation comes in 20 different shades, suitable for different skin colors. For dark tones Espresso, chestnut, walnut, and warm walnut go well. For brown skin colors, almond, warm almond, golden, warm honey, honey and warm natural go well. For tan skin colors, natural tan, and natural shades are suitable. For warm fair skin colors, warm beige, cool beige, beige, and warm sand suit well, depending on the shade of your skin. For light skin tones, sand, warm ivory, porcelain and albaster go well.

Tips to Apply a Perfect Foundation

For a perfect flawless foundation, and to make it stay in place for a longer time

  • Apply a light moisturizer on your skin to hydrate it well. If your skin is dry it will make your foundation caky n flaky soon after aplication.
  • Apply a water based or hydrating primer evenly on your face right after the moisturizer. The more hyderate your skin will be, the more fine the foundation application will be.
  • Now apply foundation evenly with a foundation brush on your face and blend it in well. You can use a beauty blender for a perfect blending.
  • After foundation apply powder with a powder brush.
  • After applying the makeup, fix it up with a makeup setting spray or a setting powder. But in my opinion setting sprays work better.

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