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Black Jade & Dark Jade: Meaning & Buy Jewelry Online

Black Jade Bangle Bracelet

Black Jade Bangle Bracelet

Black Jade

When it comes to color black in jade, you know it is one of the only jades that carry both nephrite and Jadeite. Black jade is a jadeite jade that has a strange dirty black color, that can range from jet black to very dark green. It is usually very glossy and shiny, with multiple colors inside it. The color black is actually always a very dark green, but because of the iron oxide, it may appear to be black. Black jade is a semi-precious stone with a hardness that is relatively harder than others.

Black Jade Necklaces

Dark Jade Stone

Dark Jade Stone

Dark Jade (Not Black Jade)

The nephrite that is black as ink is called dark jade. Its main base color is 100% pure black that is like darkness at night without moon and light around. Dark jade is a precious and scarce natural stone, exists in only nephrite, can only be found in the mountains of northern Shaanxi Province and Hetian, in Xinjiang of China. The color feels thick and heavy, dark as ink; texture is so fine, bright, clean, lovely, and prestigious. The Mohs scale is around 4, perfect hardness to be ink stone and base material for other knife carving works. Ancient people called it, along with diamonds and other precious stones, the "beautiful stones".The stone from Hetian is of a very rare specie with excellent quality, smooth with elegance.

Dark Ink Jade Bangle Bracelet ()

Dark Ink Jade Bangle Bracelet ()

What Makes Dark Jade Highly Valuable

The reason dark jade is very rare is because it requires a long time and special conditions to form it due to its natural chemical structure. We need to know the color here is not black, nor is it charcoal or gray. Dark ink color is not a natural base color in the universe. It takes a long long time to grow from emerald green to deep black under the influence of cosmic rays. But it still carries the nature of dark green under strong lights. So technically speaking, a piece of truly authentic dark jade requires billions of years to form - from green to dark green, finally to dark ink color. It takes at least 3 times longer than all the other jade in the world, and it cannot be replicated by hand, time is the best evidence.

Dark Jade Sculpture ()

Dark Jade Sculpture ()

How to Evaluate Dark Jade

The highest grade of dark jade is 100% black, dark as paint and feels like mellow. There are few principles to evaluate dark jade:

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  1. Color - Has to be pure, either grayish or greenish is not good
  2. Color evenly distributed - Obviously total darkness is the best. Smart and reasonable use of colors adds vivid look to the piece
  3. Texture - Degree of the exquisiteness in jade texture is a very important principle. The finer and smoother the better

Black Jade Meaning & Believed Benefits

In Guatemalan, Australia, Wyoming, Burmese, and Canada, black is worn because of its purity and value. It was believed to have good, as well as dark power, but because Black jade is not usually found in china, the meaning is unclear. But ordinary Chinese people still want to believe black jade has certain usage and benefits, such as improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, beautify our skin, condition female hormones to help them in reproduction, treat hormonal imbalance during menopause, activate internal organs, prevent constipation, help body detoxification, relieve varicose veins, change a cold person a passionate one, enhance personal mobility, and more.


Sabrina Yuquan Chen (陈玉泉) (author) from Boston, MA, USA on March 19, 2011:

Thanks for visiting the hub, amylela. Good luck on finding a true piece of black jade

amylela from Malaysia on March 19, 2011:

good information..i like Jade Sculpture especially greenish one. But i rarely find the dark one. i hope can find nice one for my home decoration.

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