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2020 Black Friday at ADRIANNA LABEL


Black Friday Week for ADRIANNA LABEL


Thanksgiving week creeped up on us & so did Black Friday Week, well at least its a week for our shop. We can't speak on other shops strategies, but since this is our first year in the realm of online boutiques we figured we'd want to stand out from the crowd. This is ADRIANNA LABEL's first major sale and we're very excited to share with you what to expect not only in our store, but trends to look out for.

The sale on our site includes price points cut by an automatic 30% and a spin the wheel which can get you a percentage up to 25% off the price point!

Savings combined could get you a steal of 55% on our collections.

What can We Expect for Black Friday 2020?

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  • People aren't getting together as much, it's either a way to learn to save on gifts or know how to safely ship gifts.
  • Black Friday Codes will be everywhere for a competitive approach to earning your business.
  • Look out for longer durations of sales. Like us! All week!
  • Coupon generators such as Honey & Retail Me Not will be your best friend.
  • Black Friday deals may result to being the highest percentage off over the years!

It's not a surprise that COVID has managed to keep us in our homes to avoid the spread. During the holiday season it should be interesting how we are going to utilize technology, grocery shopping delivery, and venues for keeping a safe distance. Many could use parks as a safe haven to see big families, others could spend the holidays on a virtual approach to see family. This is a great way to utilize online shopping to directly ship packaged gifts to family and not worry about the leg work at the stores.

No matter how you are spending this Black Friday keep an eye out for our special deals and possibly some new drops in the mix for ADRIANNA LABEL

SHOP HERE! up to 55% OFF till November 30th

    ADRIANNA LABEL is a new online fashion shop for women. We offer an affordable price on trendy and cute fashion clothing and Instagram popular outfits for the modern day classy women. Our style covers all seasons, trends to follow as well as to make o

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