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Big Woman - Plus Size Clothes

Being large size myself, I feel qualified to choose appropriate clothes,not always easy to find, for other generously proportioned people

A Big Person Searching for Large Size Clothes That Look Good and Fit Well

Here is a humorous and somewhat sad overview of a large lady's clothes-shopping experience.

You will also find a comprehensive list of stockists of both quality expensive plus-sized clothes and cheaper plus-sized clothes, and also plus-sized clothes being sold on eBay and Amazon.

Me on a bad day - I'm actually better looking than that

What follows comes from the horse's mouth

I shall tell you about what it's like being fat, and in particular how difficult it is shopping for clothes - It seems to be the story of my life - looking for decent plus-size clothes.

I was a chubby child passing through various stages as a tubby teenager, a large lady, a magnificent mum, fat and forty and lately an overweight oldie.

Even my brain is big, and as for my ego........well!

This is Me, Aged 6, With my Father - On holiday in Ostende, Belgium, just after the War - This Was My First Holiday Abroad

You can see I inherited his genes, and I was chubby, even as a small child.

Fortunately I inherited his intelligence and humor too.

All I can say is that I was destined for great things!


"Mafuta!" That's What admiring Africans called out when they saw me

When I lived in Zambia as a child

There's even a font style called Mafuta - here it is -

Mafuta Font

"Mafuta is a round, happy font, named for the Zulu word for "fat".

Quote by Anton Scholtz:

"In tribal societies in Africa, where food was often scarce and almost never easily come by, it was considered desirable to appear "well fed". Roundness was a symbol of high status in the tribe, and a sign of wealth.

The up-beat, bold outline of the font celebrates the confidence of people who feel comfortable being who they are. The font manages to be both contemporary and African."

Below is a Wide Hem DesignTop Shirt - amazingly, it comes in 26 different colors

This Top Shirt is an Amazon Bestseller, currently No. 39 in clothing, with over 1,500 reviews

(See Top 100 in Clothing)

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Buy one for all the women in your family - they'll love it - just vary the colors.

3 Things You Should Know About Big

  • Firstly, It's time to ditch Fatism - a Fatwa on Fatism! - that's what I say!
  • Secondly, contrary to what you see in magazines, statistics indicate that there are a lot of us about
  • And lastly, we're very cuddly

Have your Say - What do You Think About Clothes Shopping? - I think it's boring at best, depressing at worst -

I'm fed up with misleading adverts for large clothes on standard sized models - what I want to see before I buy something is what someone like me would look like in the advertised clothes. And I'm not talking about a size 16 - I would like to see a model size 24 or more. And on different shapes, from big breasts to wide waists and huge hips, short as well as tall. And fat clothes designed by fat designers..........Yeah, that's what I'd like.

At the Dressmakers

At the Dressmakers

"fashion" with a Small 'f' -

Why do plus-size clothes always get shown on small models?

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra #4693

Manufacturers seem to have forgotten we exist

Give us a Break!

It has taken me years to find Online Stores which sell really nice clothes in larger sizes. I can't understand why we are so poorly catered for - when you go into a big department store, if you are lucky you'll find a tiny section labelled 'Plus Sizes' stuck away in a corner and many don't cater for large sizes at all. Why don't all the big fashion houses cater for bigger clothes - Is it some kind of misguided back-to-front sensitivity that their clothes won't be flattered enough if they are adorned by large bodies? Why don't Tescos, Marks and Spencers, and Aldi's, to name but a few, cater for size 24 and above? Don't they realize that if the clothes were there, we'd buy them?

It's so hard to find nice clothes that shopping becomes boring and even downright unpleasant. Who wants to go shopping and end up disappointed? So we don't bother until we really need to, because it isn't fun.


Obviously there are many styles which wouldn't suit people who have large busts, waists or bottoms, but surely it is not beyond the realms of possibility for de

And why do we have to have different and inferior fabrics from that which thin people have? Things which make you feel a pleb, or make you look unfashionable, boring patterns on skirts, mainly in dull colours. I have been looking for a full year to find a pretty summer skirt in an appropriate size and cut and a pattern which I really like in a bright summery colour. I still haven't found anything I feel is worth buying.

As for nightwear, who buys these things?

Stupid baby pictures and silly writing on nightclothes - I for one have never, ever wanted a nightdress with a teddy bear on it saying 'sweet dreams' or some other inane statement. Why can't they be sexy or sophisticated - Janet Reger rather than Walt Disney, grown-up rather than retarded.

Most of the attractive lingerie that you find in the shops for small people would be equally snapped up in the right size by large people

Why do bras for big girls come mainly in black, white or beige and severe heavy duty fabric rather than pretty lace?

And why do most cover-up full size pants (knickers to you Americans) come in boring patterns or plain material? If I want something pretty and lacy, I don't want it in short briefs that hang round my hips, exposing my belly button and all my fat bits - I want something to cover the stretch marks and flibby flobby bits, in some delirious mauve lace stretching right up to my waist, with a mauve matching lacy bra. Can I get it? Rarely. Do the manufacturers think that might make me look too flighty, mutton dressed as lamb and all that? If they had their way, would I be dressed in white bloomers, to distinguish me from flibberty gibbets? It is now possible to buy a few lacy things, but not necessarily the best quality from the most well known lingerie makers. And if you want a set, they all seem to go in for tiny briefs and high legs rather than cover-up briefs. I cannot be alone in wanting pretty but appropriate underwear.

I'm too old to care so deeply these days, but I hope the generation that follows me is going to be better treated.

I haven't bought things from all of them, but I have seen their catalogues or websites, or know them by reputation and feel comfortable recommending them.

Lower down the page you'll find stores selling comfortable shoes for wide feet. Their shoes are extra wide-fitting and and will save you having to wear shoes which hurt your feet.

  • Shapely Figures - Size 32-56 Lingerie
    Nice lingerie, swimsuits and other clothes
  • Plus Size Beachwear
    This is a HubPages webpage and has some lovely beachwear - I haven't tried it
  • Evans
    I get quite a lot of my clothes from them, reasonably priced, which is sometimes reflected in the quality of the fabric. Nonetheless, plenty of variety in styles, lots of low-cut briefs (one of my gripes!), and even wide fitting shoes.
  • Beige - Sizes 14 - 30
    These are upmarket, fairly pricy clothes. There are three stores in London, each specializing in a slightly different range of sizes. I have visited one of their stores and the plus size clothes are lovely.
  • Rushka Murganovic - Base
    55 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DG. Right in the centre of London. An appealing range of upmarket fashions - Designer clothes for larger sizes
  • Chums
    Some of the dress materials look dire - very old lady patterns - but there are some nice coats, pullovers and nightwear at the cheaper and cheerful end of the market. I haven't tried them
  • Home Shopping Direct
    I haven't shopped with them, but the clothes look attractive, at the cheaper end of the market

This cotton and polyester top comes in several colors in plus size up to 3X

Me too - I've been doing it for years, but not any more!

Wearing shoes which are too narrow causes a lot of pain and discomfort, and yet most of us do it. As well as actually causing problems by pushing toes out of alignment, squeezing wide feet into shoes which are too narrow also exacerbates pre-existing foot problems.

  • Wide Fit Shoes
    A shoe store online and in North West London which specializes in wide shoes for women and men, including large sizes as well as extra-wide fittings. They have a one-to-one in-store fitting service, and, on their website, they have a Measuring Page.
  • Hotter Shoes
    A good range of wide-fitting shoes, including E and EEE. Nice styles to suit a variety of fashion needs, and as I have bought several pairs from them, I can confirm that they are comfortable and of good quality.

BMS Womens 3/4 Sleeve Drape Top with Side Shirring Top Tee Shirt

But before we start getting serious, here is something irresistible - a slightly crunchy, sugary, warm jam doughnut - can't you just smell it and taste it?


Reach out and touch it. Run your tongue over that crunchy surface.

There, wasn't that good?

This Jam Doughnut Looks Rather Good, Doesn't it?


And I've just read an interesting tip:

Curb Your Appetite Painlessly -

Apparently, if you eat a peach before a meal, it can reduce your appetite for up to four hours, because it contains pectin, a type of fibre - fibre helps to slow digestion, thereby keeping food in your stomach for longer. I haven't tried this, but I would clutch at any straw!

I will add more as I come across them (news items, not doughnuts).

More plus-size things to wear - Large Clothes

You don't have to worry about whether the clothes will fit you - just worry about choosing the right outfit, and whether you'll have fun and draw compliments when you wear them

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Here's where you get to comment and leave your mark as you pass by - It's great to hear from people, even thin ones should have their say

Rhonda Albom from New Zealand on June 16, 2014:

Wonderful comprehensive list for big people. Sorry to read they called you mafuta when you were a kid. :(

Frischy from Kentucky, USA on June 16, 2014:

Trying to find nice plus-size clothes is quite a treasure hunt.

Avi Wolfson from Massachusetts on July 14, 2013:

Great lens! I like the photo of the cat with the beer bottle, lol. Looks identical to my cat who passed away several years ago.

anonymous on April 10, 2013:

Why can't a jean manufacturer invent blue jeans which have stretchy material in the stomach area similar to maternity jeans. The tight bands around the waist aren't good for you; but sometimes you want the look of a nice jean. Just sayin...

cmadden on March 08, 2013:

Too, too true!

khatha0808 on March 06, 2013:

Enjoy our big size :)

LynetteBell from Christchurch, New Zealand on September 19, 2012:

Hi Gorjis your curves!

orangegirl6020 on June 10, 2012:

loved your lens! I've always been bummed about us curvy girl's clothing selection...

MissionBoundCre on May 24, 2012:

I've been bothVery thin and Very Heavy. BOTH have their pros and cons.

Meryl van der Merwe from USA on January 13, 2012:

Found you when you added me on Google+. Love love love this lens. You are obviously a 'real' fun person as we say in the US

Joan Haines on December 18, 2011:

You are hilarious. Thanks for saying it for those of us with some"flibby flobby bits." And what about those of us who are short? Plus size clothes seem to be for taller people only. Hhhmmmmph! (Thanks for the jelly doughnut. It was perfect.)

anonymous on July 27, 2011:

Another great lens. I love your style and your sense of humor!!!

Linda Pogue from Missouri on July 19, 2011:

Thank you for such a great lens! I, too, have trouble buying clothes, so I wind up making most of them. See my Plus Size Sewing lens for more information. Thanks again, and thumbs up!

iandrzej lm on July 11, 2011:

Good informative lens, good to know your interest about Plus-Size women... thanks for sharing.

Lisa Marie Gabriel from United Kingdom on May 16, 2011:

These days I work in jeans and t shirts and lounge in kaftans.... :D

clothingplussize on April 25, 2011:

It might be hard to find plus size apparel for women but with the help of the world wide net, online shopping is possible.

norma-holt on April 19, 2011:

Well, this fits my size as well. I have almost given up on shopping for clothes. Fashions that are more suited to a dummy than a live person, pants that hang so far down you can almost see your knee caps, bras that are wired like gates, and clothes that hardly last long enough to get them home before something goes on them. Having bought a new sewing machine I am having fun making my own and surprising myself with the quality, look and money saved as a result. I am back into the designing business for myself. Great lens

anonymous on March 30, 2011:

Another great lens Diana, big women are beautiful, I know I am not a small woman and I think I look "Marvelous". Thanks for writing this.

anonymous on March 29, 2011:

Wonderful lens! All the complaints are valid. Even though I was a skinny kid, as an adult, thanks to yo-yo dieting, I've been just about every size. Therefore, I know, having shopped for both, that the plus-size clothes are generally made of inferior materials or are just plain shoddy. Not true of regular sizes. There's a well-known brand of plus size clothing here in the U.S. that nearly all except the upscale stores seem to carry exclusively. They are inferior in every way. The fabric is cheap, the construction is poor, the styles--oh my!--unflattering and dowdy. And when you're ready to launder them the first time, you may as well save a step and just throw them away. That's what you'll do after they're washed anyway. Why do women need to be punished for being large? .Another thing that used to drive me crazy about plus size clothes--no matter what size or how many XXXs, they all seem to be made with size 8 sleeves! Thanks for expressing the feelings of so many women with this lens!

PrettyWorld on March 27, 2011:

Great lens - I especially like the delightful ranting parts! :) Totally appropriate.

maatgirl on March 27, 2011:

What a wonderful Lens! Entertaining,informative complete.There's a lot of time effort and research behind it.Good work!

I'm new and have yet to create a lens (I'm getting the feel of things and must learn the workings first).If mine turn out to be half as good as yours I'll be more than happy.Regards

poutine on March 23, 2011:

I think that designers must hate women with curves as their clothes would fit a skeleton.

WonderBright on March 08, 2011:

Many thanks for the Angel Blessing, and for promoting my page, Sexy, Retro Clothes for Curvy Grrls! I'm glad to find your page!

WonderBright on March 08, 2011:

Many thanks for the Angel Blessing, and for promoting my page, Sexy, Retro Clothes for Curvy Grrls! I'm glad to find your page!

nebby from USA on February 03, 2011:

One of my peeves lately is that the clothes sizes have gotten smaller. No, I'm not joking, the clothing industry that decreased each size so that many more people would now have to fit into plus size clothing. Why would they do this you ask? Because although they can't get away with charging more for a size 14 then they can for a 12, then can charge more when the 14 is now called "plus size". Now that really bothers me.

Yes, in general a plus size garment does have more material than a size 2, but shrinking sizes just so they can charge more should be illegal ( but it's not).

Maybe they should charge more for size 0 clothes since it's harder to get your hands inside the garment when you are making it and it takes the seamstress a few seconds longer!

Moe Wood from Eastern Ontario on January 26, 2011:

Thanks for featuring my BBW Poll lens. You rock!

irenemaria from Sweden on January 23, 2011:

A big problem is also that if you are a woman with xxxsize clothes there are shoes for just tiny feet. Not fair.

jgelien on January 06, 2011:

You say what I think. Loved your lens!

peteriannuzzi on January 04, 2011:


anonymous on July 07, 2010:

@Gloriousconfusion: I don't think you can be an affiliate for squidoo, but you can for some of the partners - see the bottom line of this page.

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on July 07, 2010:

@anonymous: I should be an affiliate, but don't know how!

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on July 07, 2010:

@anonymous: And good looking!

anonymous on July 05, 2010:

What a fantastic collection of information - like you said, some informative and some for entertainment. I too have trouble finding nice, big clothes, particularly since I also have very little money. I hate clothes shopping and prefer to buy online where possible. Keep up the good work!

anonymous on July 04, 2010:

Yeah I'm so glad I'm skinny...

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