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Betty Boop Handbags


Betty B is an iconic television cartoon character who was created by Mark Fisher. He worked for Fleischer studios. The cartoon character aired throughout the nineteen thirty's creating a mass following.

Betty, considered to be one of the most celebrated animated characters ever. Many adults and children loved the character known as Betty B. She is now commercialized in merchandise such as handbags and other clothing.

Today, we will look at handbags that featured the iconic cartoon character. Are you a fan of Betty B. merchandise?

Betty Boop bags

There are various types of the starlet handbags such as satchels, cross-body and casual tote bags. The bags are made quite unique. Betty B is seen striking several cute poses. Her handbags are the epitome of style.

In Japan, young women love sporting the iconic cartoon character handbags. It is part of Japanese style. Americans also love Betty. Many women find her bags to be stunning and awesome. The modern woman loves the various styles to choose from. Her bags are truly one of a kind.


Betty has become a popular figure. Her bags are as glamorous as the cartoon character. For more than five decades now, women have sported the icon handbags. Women and children have followed the popular star merchandise. Every year, new handbags are available to the buying public.

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Betty can be seen in movies, cartoons, and commercials. Her image is one of the most successful of all time. Her handbags are truly timeless. You will look fabulous with one of her stylish bags. Every women should own one. You're never to old to sport the iconic character purse.

Where to buy Betty Boop

Betty B. handbags are available online from various retailers. I will include the various sites below. These sites have a very cool collection of Betty B. handbags, much of which are tote bags. "If you love tote bags" check out their collection. You won't be disappointed.

The wholesale site such as also have a great collection of the iconic television character handbags. You can choose from a modern tote to classic satchel purse. It really depends on your budget.

Most of the television character bags are very cheap. However, there are some that can be expensive. If you're looking for a vintage purse, it might run you a few bucks.

eBay has a large selection of Betty B. handbags. Amazon also sell a few of her bags. You can buy various styles from these two online super stores.

Online Stores that Sell Betty Boop Handbags





What do you think of the cartoon character? Are you a fan of her merchandise? Do you own one of her beautiful handbags? Please let me know in the comment section below. As always, I appreciate your prompt response.

A Wonderful Betty Boop Handbag

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