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Best YouTube Channels for Those Seeking a Tattoo Apprenticeship

Self study

Doing research is an essential part of any endeavor. This means you need to read up on a whole bunch of different information to be fully equipped for what lies ahead. In this case, that is a tattoo apprenticeship.

While YouTube is an obvious choice as far as informative material goes, it does provide a plethora of options. The issue with this is knowing who to listen to and who to steer clear of. The last thing you want to do is learn from the wrong people and have that hinder your chances with bad advice and bad habits.

That's where this article comes in.


1. treacle tatts

While treacle tatts is not a tattooist, nor is she an artist, she is still a reliable and knowledgeable source of information regarding tattooing as a craft and an art-form.

Treacle tatts is a YouTuber with a channel dedicated to tattoo enthusiasm which is perfect for someone that wants to learn more than just how to hold a tattoo machine.

Some of the useful videos created by this channel include content on art theft and plagiarism, the various types of tattoo styles and loads more.

2. Seventh Trumpet Tattoos

This YouTube channel features the owner of a tattoo studio (with the same name). The wonderful thing about that is that you have information directly from someone who is part of the industry and thriving.

This ensures that you are getting advice that actually works.

Building good habits and continually learning something new are essential in becoming a good tattoo artist and landing that much-wanted apprenticeship. Seventh Trumpet Tattoos is just the channel to help you with that.

3. Tattoo Barbie

Who better to get advice from than someone who has went through the exact thing you aim to experience?

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Tattoo Barbie is a skilled tattoo artist that has been through a tattoo apprenticeship.

What's even harder than being taken seriously as someone new to tattooing? Being someone that started as the receptionist at that very studio.

Tattoo Barbie explains how she had a lot of "proving herself" to do due to being labelled the desk girl when she wanted to get into tattooing. Breaking through barriers, she is now a talented artist with numerous videos documenting her apprenticeship and specific experiences and tips that will be a huge help to a prospective tattooist like you.


4. The Eggventurer

Firstly, a warning, The Eggventurer features substantial vulgarity in his videos, but - the information you get from this channel is astronomical.

You will not find any other channel that is as brutally honest as The Eggventurer.

He tells it like it is and boy is that helpful.

Oh and there's the added benefit of a rather enjoyable accent.

You're welcome.


5. dqtattoos

Last, but certainly not least, dqtattoos.

This channel is literally like going to school for tattooing. There is everything from line-work, flash painting, shading and supplies to apprenticeship tips and tricks.

With art challenges to sharpen your skills and detailed examples to check your own work against, dqtattoos is an invaluable YouTube channel.

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