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7 Best YouTuber Makeup Palettes (From Beauty Gurus)

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1. Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette

If you keep up with YouTube beauty guru Carli Bybel, then you most likely know about the first makeup palette that she released back in September of 2015 with BHCosmetics. It is one of my favorites still to this day. Her original palette included 10 different eyeshadow shades with four highlighters. Bybel's newest deluxe palette that was released this year includes 15 different eyeshadow shades and six highlighters. Her palettes are both vegan and cruelty-free.

Her new deluxe palette is available at BHCosmetics, Pranava Beauty, and Ulta for only $22.50.


3. Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Beauty Guru Nicole Guerriero stands at 2,833,285 million subscribers on her channel to date. Guerriero has teamed up with every girl's favorite makeup company Anastasia Beverly Hills to release her very own glow kit in March of this year. The glow kit includes 4 fabulous highlighters.

Sadly this palette was only limited edition and is no longer available at Sephora or Anastasia Beverly Hills. It was priced at $40. No fear though with the beauty of the internet you can still search and find these palettes for sale around the web.


4. Jeffree Star Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette

Jeffree Star, who holds 5,142,773 subscribers on his channel, just released his newest palette on his website in March of this year. This eyeshadow palette is named Androgyny. It includes 10 different eyeshadow colors. This palette is also vegan and cruelty free!

If you want your hands on this palette head, over to Jeffree Star Cosmetics and buy one. It is priced at $45 and is still currently in stock.


5. ShaaanXo Eyeshadow and Lipstick Palette

YouTube beauty guru Shannon Harris, mostly known as ShaaanXo, has 3,038,687 subscribers on YouTube. Last year in April of 2016, she released her own eyeshadow and lipstick palette with BHCosmetics. This palette has 9 eyeshadow colors and 9 lipsticks shades. The palette is vegan and cruelty free.

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If you are looking for a palette that is inexpensive but still bomb head on over to BHCosmetics or Ulta to get your hands on it for only $14.50.


6. Swamp Queen Eye and Cheek Palette

Rachel Meyer, mostly known as grav3yardgirl or Bunny on YouTube, has 8,080,544 subscribers on her channel. Back in June of 2016, she released her iconic Swamp Queen eye and cheek palette when she teamed up with Tarte Cosmetics. This palette includes 9 eyeshadow shades with a highlighter, bronzer, and blush. It also includes a brush in the inside of the palette.

Although it says limited edition it is still up for purchase. You can buy your own at Tarte Cosmetics or Macy's for $45.


7. The Power of Makeup Palette

Nikkie De Jager, known by her YouTube name Nikkietutorials, has 7,354,057 subscribers on her channel to date. She released her Power of Makeup Palette with Too Faced back in August of 2016. This palette has nine different eyeshadow shades, two shades of blush, and a highlighter.

This palette was limited edition and is no longer available for purchase on Too Faced but you can still search online for this palette. On the website Fragrances Paradise you can purchase it for $45.


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Sam on December 07, 2018:

I really enjoy watching beauty gurus and when they come out with a new palette or I want to purchase one I will for sure look at one of these palettes

Marisa Arriaga on August 17, 2017:

My daughter is 20 and recieved her certificate for make up but does have any

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