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Best Shoes for Nurses - Nursing Shoes

nurses' shoes

My middle daughter is a nurse, and we recently had a discussion about the best nurse shoes on the market. Many nurses have jobs that can be physically demanding, so good nursing shoes are a must. For example, nurses might be on their feet all day, and they often have to help turn or move their patients. I’m not a nurse, but I understand a lot about the career because there are several nurses in my family. I already mentioned my daughter, and my mom, my sister-in-law, and my first cousin were/are all registered nurses. In addition, one of my best friends was also a nurse, so I “get it.” I also know how important it is for anyone who has to be on her feet all day to wear the right shoes. As a retired teacher, I qualify for this category. Like nursing, teaching requires long hours on your feet. Nurses’ shoes would be a great type of shoe for teachers, too, as well as for practically anyone whose work requires a lot of standing and walking.

The shoes you wear impact more than just your feet. They can also affect your calves, your knees, your thighs, your hips, and your back. In essence, shoes can serve as “shock absorbers.” Imagine walking a couple of miles in shoes with hard wooden soles, compared to taking the same walk in shoes with rubber soles. Every time you take a step, soft, springy soles can absorb some of the impact that would otherwise stress your joints and muscles. I remember some of the best advice my mentor teacher gave me when I first began teaching. She told me to dress as nice as I wanted for work, but to always wear comfortable shoes. I would think that this same advice would be appropriate for nurses and nurses shoes, too.

My daughter thinks the best nurse shoes are nursing clogs.

My daughter thinks the best nurse shoes are nursing clogs.

Say no to high heels

High heels are beautiful, sexy shoes, but let’s face it – they make lousy work shoes. This is especially true if the shoes have narrow heels, like stilettos. There’s just not much support there. Also, experts say that wearing heels that are more than two inches in height can actually shorten the muscles and ligaments in the back of your calves, creating an unnatural situation. Save your high heels for going out to clubs, soirees, and other dressy occasions. For work, wear comfortable shoes that are friendlier to your body. Put your sexy heels back on the shelf and choose nursing shoes for women, instead!


Nursing clogs

Nursing clogs became popular several years ago, probably about the same time that the latest clog rage emerged on the fashion scene. According to my daughter, nursing clogs are the best shoes for nurses. In fact, she wears them every day now. She prefers the nursing clogs that have a lip at the back of the heel, providing her with a secure fit, along with a rubber sole for supreme flexibility and support. A non-skid rubber sole is also important because nurses sometimes have to navigate spilled liquids and fluids. Clogs are super easy to slide on and off, and they’re very comfortable. Many are also impervious to moisture and easy to clean. You’ll never have to worry about the laces coming untied, either, and at the end of the day, you can just kick out of your shoes. The next morning, all you’ll have to do is to slide your tootsies into the clogs.

Nursing clogs:

Among the best shoes for nurses are Dansko nurse shoes.

Among the best shoes for nurses are Dansko nurse shoes.

Dansko shoes – Dansko nursing shoes

Dansko shoes are extremely popular, and Dansko nursing shoes are no exception. Dansko nurse shoes provide comfort and arch support. In fact, they’re designed to promote and maintain the health of your feet, legs, and back. The original Dansko shoes were clogs, but now they make several different styles of shoes. One of the most popular for nurses is their Volley Clog. While these clogs aren’t specifically categorized as nurse shoes, they do, in fact, make great nursing shoes because of their design.

What makes these wonderful nursing clogs? One reason is the rubber sole, which is easy to clean and very shock absorbing. The shoes are closed at the back of the heel, too, so they provide a secure fit. These shoes are also stylish and come in a variety of solid colors and prints, from white nursing shoes to bright floral prints. Colors and patterns include black, black and white, purple, red, orange, navy, sand, patchwork, rose floral, blue floral, and palm frond. There’s also a whimsical frog pattern available, which would be good nurses’ shoes for pediatrics.

To view more colors and patterns of Dansko nursing shoes, just click on the product pictured below!

Dansko nursing shoes:

White nursing shoes are always popular.

White nursing shoes are always popular.

White nursing shoes

White nursing shoes are classics. Nurses used to wear all white uniforms, so white nursing shoes were pretty much a given. Today, many nurses wear colorful scrubs, but the white nurse shoes have remained popular. White shoes have a reputation for being hard to keep clean, but this isn’t a problem with plastic or rubber shoes like nursing clogs. White leather nursing shoes can also be cleaned fairly easily, and they can always be touched up with shoe polish. Even white canvas nurse shoes ca be cleaned with soap and water, in most cases, and tough stains can usually be erased with a bleach pen. The white shoes go well with most any outfit. You can find white nursing shoes just about anywhere that sells uniforms, but for a wider variety, shop online. Doing so makes it easy to compare prices, fit, style, and other features.

Nursing shoes for women - white nursing shoes

Obviously, high heels aren't the best shoes for nurses.

Obviously, high heels aren't the best shoes for nurses.

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Choose nursing shoes wisely

Don’t buy the first pair of nurses’ shoes you find. Also, don’t let price be your only guide when assessing the right nurse shoes for you and your work situation. If you already have issues with your feet, joints, or muscles, selecting the right work shoes is even more important. How many hours a day do you stand? Is heavy lifting required as part of your nursing job? How far do you have to walk each day at work? Do you have to brave the elements, like splashing through rain puddles or snow? Don’t worry – you can find nursing shoes that address all these issues. In fact, the best nurse shoes often do. Also, make sure you get the right fit. The shoes should be comfortable, but they also need to provide a secure fit. Shoes that are too loose are just as bad as shoes that are too tight, as they can cause missteps and tripping. The right nursing shoes can make your demanding job a heck of a lot easier, saving your back, feet, and legs at the same time.


Candice on August 14, 2017:

Where can I find those all white Nursing shoes?

jane on October 02, 2013:

what's the brand of the nursing shoes above? it looks nice :)

Eiddwen from Wales on March 30, 2012:

Thank you so much habee; I always need to wear the most comfortable low heeled footwear ever since my two back operations.

I found this hub so interesting and thank you also for sharing.

Take care habee and enjoy your day.


drbj and sherry from south Florida on March 29, 2012:

Thanks for the update, Holle. Those nursing clogs look like winners. I have an R.N., you know. It stands for Radically Nonconformist!

Carolee Samuda from Jamaica on March 28, 2012:

Those nursing shoes look so comfortable. I have started wearing mostly flats again. After I pulled my Achilles tendon on both legs (not at the same, it was difficult to start wearing heals again, so I shop around for the most comfortable flats I can find. I think I'll try the nursing shoes next.

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