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5 Best Shoes For Zumba


All around the world today, the latest fitness craze known as Zumba has hit several gyms, fitness centers, and dance studios. Many individuals of different nationalities, have engaged in this Latin dance-inspired fitness program which is a great way to keep fit while having fun too. Along with this new fitness fad, it is no surprise that many manufacturers of sports and exercise apparel have come out with various clothes and shoes that people can use for their Zumba sessions. Most especially, there are a number of women today looking for the best shoes for Zumba which is very essential for aesthetic and functional purposes. I have already written about Ryka shoes for Zumba. Here are some other great options for you to consider when searching for the best shoes for Zumba.

1. Zumba Women’s Z1 Dance Shoe- $74.95

You can certainly get moving and grooving with this stylish black and white pair of shoes, made with a combination of fabrics and some synthetic leather. The rubber sole can keep your feet on the ground and help you avoid slipping and injuring yourself while you are exercising. Indeed these shoes are created for constant and rigorous movement, which is why they are lightweight and very comfortable on the feet. The outsole actually has two pivot points that allow you to slide easily and at the same time to have a good grip too. Truly one of the best Zumba shoes.

2. Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Dansneaker- $60

If you want to go for a simple but practical look during your Zumba workouts, you will surely enjoy this pair of dance shoes. The black color will enable you to easily match these shoes with any outfit. The flat and box-shaped toe will allow you to easily stand on your toes. The lightweight sensation that this pair provides is very helpful for giving you much freedom to move. Furthermore, you may consider these as the best shoes for Zumba too because they have padded lining, premium arch support, and two alternating laces as fashionable accent.

3. ASICS Women's Gel-Plexus Cross Trainer - $69.99

Looking for the best shoes for Zumba can be quite tricky. You have to really check out the manufacturer in order to be ensured of good quality and great comfort. At least with Asics, you will never go wrong. These particular shoes, for instance, are perfect for those who love the “rocker girl” look. Not only are these very light and easy to move in, they offer superior comfort because of the padded lining and also an easy ventilation design to allow your feet to breathe while you are dancing or working out. Built in flex points together with a boxed toe feature are wonderful additions too that make these shoes truly amazing and useful.

4. Zumba Women's Z-Top Dance Shoe - $94.95

These stylish sneakers are a favorite among many girls because of the fashionable design and because they are ideal for Zumba. This pair is really designed for foot articulation and better flexibility. What’s more, it features the low profile sole that makes it very comfortable.

5. Skechers Women's Danza Wild Fire Lace-Up Sneaker

One of the common choices for women who are into Zumba is this pair of great sneakers that provide fantastic freedom and lightness of movement. This pair is revolutionary because of its form-fitting shape and amazing lightweight feature. If you need to fold, roll, or slide your feet, you will encounter no problem with these shoes.

These top five choices for the best shoes for Zumba are all excellent in their own ways. It is now up to you to decide based on the comfort and style that you desire.


Shushanik (author) from San Francisco Bay Area on July 23, 2013:

Not necessarily. Depends on the activity. They might be okay for exercising or fitness classes, but definitely not very suitable for tennis, for example. Some activities require special shoes to provide different kind of support or protection.

Blanca Castro on April 16, 2013:

Hello I can tell for all my more han 20 years as a Dancer and now Zumba Certified Instructor than DANCE SNEAKERS ARE THE BEST!!!

They give to you many benefits:

a) Extra cushioning in heel with an air bubble and forefoot

b)Dance sole for easy glide and turn

c)Split sole design

d)Good for dance oriented workouts

e) flexible Arch support

Whit those you won't complain about any injuries!! all others with a flat sole don't do that much. I'm know them and soon i'll start my own company here in USA selling DANCE SNEAKERS WITH FUNKY COLORS AND DESIGN ;-). Go and find my NENE'S INC. Dance Sneakers at: Happy dancing lol!

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