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20 Websites to Find Perfume Reviews Online

Before you buy any fragrance it is crucial that you first smell it through a sample or some friend’s bottle of perfume. You can also look for those testers and mini sample packing companies release to let you test. If, however, you are not able to access any of these, the best option is to read reviews by other customers.

Gone are the days when there were hardly any good perfumes and fragrances review sites. Now one can read reviews of almost any fragrance written by real people. These reviews can help you a lot in choosing which perfume to buy yourself next. These also come in handy when you are looking for a perfume to gift someone.

In this article I am going to list all such websites that provide meaning perfume reviews. Read on to know more.

1. Amazon

Though not a typical review site, Amazon is an online store where customers buy products and then leave their reviews after using those products. The products are then rated according to these reviews and hence you get to know which product is worth buying. You can browse to a specific fragrance and then read the reviews on its page.

2. Now Smell This

It is actually a blog about perfumes but the writer reviews perfumes occasionally. The reviews are on a personal tone, and you get all details about the fragrance along with the personal review. The blogger occasionally updates the previous reviews if a fragrance is reformulated.

3. Scentzilla

It is quite informative blog about perfumes and fragrances. The writer not only reviews each fragrance she comes by but also lists and recommends fragrances according to season, occasion and personality. You’ll find quite in-depth fragrance reviews here.

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Scentzilla Snapshot

Scentzilla Snapshot

4. Mimifroufrou

The site has quite a lot of perfume reviews from a single person’s perspective. Each review is full of information about type of fragrance and its notes. You can even find some reviews comparing a fragrance with another. So, you can read quite insightful reviews with detailed history of fragrances here.

5. Bois de Jasmin

This blog is full of amazing perfume reviews you can browse through. The perfume reviews archive lists all reviews alphabetically yet these are also categorized according to personality, notes, classics and vintages, and new releases. All reviews are quite personal, so you get a clear idea how the fragrance would smell like.


Just like Amazon it is also an online store, but with the exception that it only sells perfumes. You can read customer reviews here before buying a perfume. The perfumes are categorized in men, women, top 10, and brands categories. Browse through these categories to read reviews and ratings by customers.

Amazon's Editor Choice Perfume Snapshot Snapshot

7. Review Stream

This is a review site which accepts reviews by people for various product categories listed on the site. The site currently has over 2000 perfume reviews on various fragrances for men and women. All reviews are quite personal so they can help you out with your choice.

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8. Base Notes

It is an amazing site with over 72,000 daily updated perfume reviews by ordinary users. Each review contains personal narrative of experience with that fragrance along with its rating in thumbs up or down. You get a fair idea about how a fragrance is working.

9. Viewpoints

The site collects sincere reviews by various bloggers and other users who not only test and then review fragrances but also rate them. As a result, you would find fragrances listed according to their ratings. This would help you decide easily which fragrance to buy and which to leave out.

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Viewpoints Snapshot

Viewpoints Snapshot

10. Perfume Reviews

The site doesn’t promise a very personal review but yet all reviews are quite intuitive. Each review lists fragrance type, duration, expiration date, occasion of use, way of life, price, a brief history, perfume notes and recommendations about using the particular perfume. The site is rather new so you don’t find many reviews here, however, quite analytical reviews.

11. Epinions

Epinions is an online product review portal that lets you read reviews and ratings before you buy something. The site currently has a store of around 1000 fragrances many of which have been reviewed and rated by users.

12.Rate it all!


This is another reviews site which lets users rate and review various consumer goods. The rating scale ranges from 5 (great) to 1 (terrible) and users just rate things fearlessly. Each product listed has its rating, review and buying link attached to it.

And a men's best-seller!

Rate it all! Snapshot

Rate it all! Snapshot

13. Your Next Perfume and Cologne


The blog is dedicated to perfume and colognes reviews and claims ‘smelled for you so you don’t have to’. Providing very personal reviews the blogger aims at guiding you to the right fragrance.

14. Makeup Alley

If you’re a makeup and beauty addict you must have heard about Makeup Alley. It is a place where beauty nerds share their reviews about various beauty products and cosmetics. The site then lists all the products in various categories according to their average user rating. You would also know how many users would buy that perfume or fragrance again.

15. Ciao

It is actually a Bing service which makes your shopping experience easy. Each product is listed with its user rating, reviews, lowest price and place to buy online and distinctive qualities. Currently the site has over 7,000 perfumes in its database which you can browse through.

Ciao! Snapshot

Ciao! Snapshot

16. Review Centre

It is yet another review site which currently lists reviews of around 200+ perfumes. Each perfume gets its average customer rating, reviews and best price.

17. eBay

Like Amazon and some online perfume stores, eBay lets customers write reviews for the products they bought. The store currently has over 2000 perfumes which have been reviewed and rated by customers.

18. Perfume Emporium

It is another online fragrance store that lets people rate and review fragrances. You don’t get longer descriptive reviews here yet you can read what people like or dislike about a certain fragrance.

19. Fragrantica

The site currently has over 100,000 fragrance reviews. Though not sounding personal, these reviews can provide you with a basic idea of what the fragrance is like. The reviews here mostly focus on the perfume notes and inspiration.

20. Perfume


The site is pretty straightforward in its approach. It lists all reviews and lets you buy the particular perfume right away at the end of review through Amazon. Though the reviews don’t sound personal yet you get an idea about what type of fragrance it is.

Perfume Snapshot

Perfume Snapshot

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If you think any site or blog is missing in this best-of list, do leave me a comment and I would definitely add it to the list after reviewing the site personally.


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