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Best Men's Leather Chaps

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Johann Urb in leather chaps

Johann Urb in leather chaps

Men's Leather Chaps are a Must Have

Men's Leather Chaps are as must have for all the bikers and cowboys out there. They are almost a necessity for all bikers, since they offer great protection and also give comfort, whereas for all the cowboys they give greater feeling when riding a horse.

Leather chaps seem to have a certain stigma about them. Undeservingly, I would say, since they are a popular items mainly among bikers, and not so much homosexual men, as it is sometimes perceived. In my opinion, one should wear leather chaps if he wants to, being a biker, gay or just because one wants to wear them.

Why choose Men's Leather Chaps?

Men's leather chaps have always received odd looks when mentioned. Why is that, you ask? Well it probably has plenty to do with naughty minds of many people, since many see assless jeans, as chaps are sometimes called, as a prerequisite for some naughty games. This just could not be further from the truth.

Men's leather chaps are primarily worn by bikers, mainly Harley Davidson bikers, for whom they represent additional protection from skidding and road resistance as well as give them additional warmth (when they need it). Men's leather chaps are a perfect item for riding a motorcycle, since you can wear them over any kinds of trousers, whether they be jeans, leather pants or any other pants. Another great factor, which many people forget about, is the fact that leather chaps can be taken off really quickly. Which means that you could be riding in your full leather gear to work and then just remove your leather chaps at work and you can already be sitting at your desk in your business attire.

Men's leather chaps are also extremely popular among ranchers and cowboys, since they represent the perfect gear for horseback riding. Even though they get dirty or smudgy, you just clean the dirt off and they are as brand new.

Men's leather chaps are also a popular Halloween item, since many guys love dressing up as the Village people or as cowboys. Why wouldn't you go all the way, if you are planning to dress up as a cowboy on Halloween and get some black leather chaps along with your cowboy hat and boots.

Presentation of Men's Leather Chaps

What's all the drama about Men's Leather Chaps?

Men's Leather Chaps have always raised quite a few eyebrows. I guess it was (is) ok to wear leather chaps while riding your motorcycle, or hog if you like, but if you choose to put on black leather chaps while going out on the town, you are surely going to raise people's interest and in many cases even negative comments. Many people would say that those who choose to wear leather chaps are weird people, since they see the chaps only as assless jeans and not as overalls which give additional protection and warmth.

Many people associate leather chaps only with gay men, since they think that only gay men like wearing assless jeans. Let me not go into all the details how this is completely untrue, I would just say, yes, the gays sure love leather chaps, but that does not define them, the same as leather chaps are not "defined" by gays.

In my opinion if you like leather chaps, wear them and do not pay much attention to all those around you rolling their eyes and looking at you funny. We live in the 21st century and people should not be so judgmental when it comes to fashion and what type of clothes one decides to wear. Simply wear what you want and what makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Men in Leather Chaps


What kind of Men's Leather Chaps should I get?

Well, actually there are not thousands of choices you could make. I guess the first decision would be choosing the colour of leather chaps you would like to have. They come either in black or brown, while other colour are more rare than usual.

The second choice would be to go with smooth as silk, shiny leather chaps or leather chaps made out of rough leather with a rough look about them. Personally, I prefer black leather chaps made out of smooth soft and supple leather, but we are all different and all have different preferences.

How to fit Men's Leather Chaps?


Men's Leather Chaps are perfect for....

Leather chaps for men are perfect for those guys who enjoy wearing leather and are at the same time either bikers, rockers, ranchers or are into some kinky stuff, for which I won't get into the gory details.

Usually men's leather chaps are worn by bikers, specifically harley davidson bikers, who put their leather chaps either over their jeans or over their leather pants when going for a ride. The beauty of men's leather chaps is in the fact that they can be easily put on and off, which means that you can even ride your bike to work, protecting your business suit with leather chaps which you just take off when you come to work and you are all set to embark on the new workday.

Men's leather chaps are perfect for ranchers, just imagine you owning a ranch and dealing with horses and cattle throughout the entire day. What is more suitable than a pair of leather chaps, you simply put on whatever you are wearing and taking them off and simply cleaning them afterwards. Ranchers sure love their leather chaps. You can also see a lot of leather chaps if you go to a rodeo where all the cowboys riding bulls have leather chaps on, since they offer them great protection.

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