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Best Homemade Remedy for Acne

Nazmun Nahar is a beauty enthusiastic who has experience in beauty and fashion.

Acne….acne….acne…. This is maybe one of the most hateful things in the world. Not only women, men also face this problem. I remember the first time I got acne. I woke up early in the morning for school and saw myself in the mirror. I screamed,there was huge acne on the tip of my nose which looked ugly. I couldn't even touch it due to it's painful sensation. After a few days, the acne wasn't there anymore, it left a ugly blemish. My child-like face wasn't looking cute as it used to be. Just after two days, there's acne in my whole face. Each day there's a new one. This made my spotless face ugly within a few days. I was very angry with myself. Whenever we face and problem with Google it. I also Googled my acne problem. Within a few seconds there were millions of articles. There were thousands of pages. I don't know how many of them I checked and read them with a keen eye. After that I took a few notes of them and I understood what would be the best and simple ways to get rid of acne and blemishes permanently. It will not just prevent acne, it will also clear up all the blemishes and give out a glowing vibe all day. How will it feel if you really have a face with no spot and sparkling?

I will guide you step by step. Read this article.

  • Lemon:

One of the most powerful ingredients is lemon. Lemon has acid which will go into the skin deeply, to the skin's root, from there it will fight with the acne bacteria which causes acne. Your acne problem will be gone within one week or it may take a few weeks, it depends on how much acne you have. My acne was gone within a week after I applied lemon essence daily. It will not leave any blemishes which is another advantage of using lemon extract. You will just squeeze a half cut lemon. Before applying the lemon extract, clean your face with normal water. Don't use any kind of face wash products. Wipe your face, make sure there's no water drops left on your face. Don't apply lemon directly onto the face. If you do so, your face will burn a lot. It will cause irritation. Try to apply lemon with other ingredients such as honey, glycerin, or aloe vera gel. These ingredients are perfect for lemon extract. Don't apply lemon extract with wheat flour or any kind of ingredients which have similarities to wheat flour. Lemon extract won't work fast if you mix it with wheat flour. Be cautious. Don't mix lemon and turmeric. I stay away from putting turmeric and lemon extract together. Another thing you should be careful about is don't apply lemon extract in the daytime. Otherwise if you apply it don't go outside directly to the sunlight. This will harm your skin. Lemon will not just demolish acne from the root, it will also remove all the blemishes from the skin. Any type of blemishes will be gone and your face will have a glowing vibe. You will love the lemon the way I love.


  • Turmeric

Another strong ingredient is turmeric. I value turmeric after lemon. This has healing power. While lemon can't be together with wheat flour and other ingredients which have similarities to wheat flour, turmeric plays well together with them. You have turmeric and wheat flour in your kitchen? Then don't worry about your skin's blemishes and acne. Those will be gone if you apply turmeric and wheat flour in a proper way. To be honest, this gives out a more glowing vibe than lemon.

Take an amount of wheat flour and two spoons of turmeric. Mix them well together. Before applying you need to wash your face with normal water. Clean your face with a towel and apply the face pack you just made. Keep it for 10-15 minutes. Wash it away with normal water. Just like lemon, turmeric will create a chemical reaction on your face if you go directly to the sunlight. It's better if both of the face packs are applied at night. Do this three times a week. Though I applied this pack daily. I love this pack because it leaves a beautiful glow on my face. You should definitely try it. It doesn't contain too many ingredients. Two of this pack's ingredients can be easily found in anyone's kitchen.

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  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of those powerful ingredients which has the power to beautify your face. Not only is it good for skin, it is also good for hair. I had aloe vera plants in my garden. A few months ago, all of them died without water. I wasn't at home to water them. I was outside the city for some reason. I thought there would be rain after I left. Sadly, all of my aloe vera plants were dead. Still I ordered aloe vera gel from Amazon. I have been using the aloe vera gel ordered from Amazon. I can say this works fine on my skin. I don't apply it only on my hair, I also apply it on my scalp. In your case, if you don't have any aloe vera plants, you can order from online or buy from your nearby market. Apply aloe vera gel two times daily. It will increase the glow of your face. Aloe vera doesn't need any associated ingredients as lemon and turmeric. It can fight with the blemishes and acne alone.


  • Cucumber

Cucumber can't fight with your blemishes or acne alone. But it can fasten the process. Wherever pack you choose, try to put cucumber slices on your face. It will take out the toxic element from the skin and will help the face pack to go more deeply inside the skin. Your skin cells will have some time of relaxation ( ╹▽╹ ). Don't neglect the power of cucumber slices (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.).


  • Here's carrots which aren't as powerful as lemon and turmeric yet they can beautify your face hugely. I apply a carrot pack once or twice a week. All you need to do is smash a carrot with the help of a blender machine. You can add honey with the smashed carrots, it's optional. Apply it onto the face. Keep it for 15-20 minutes. It needs time to go to the root of the cells. Rinse with normal water. You will see the best results within a few weeks.

Conclusion: Now you know simple ways to prevent acne and blemishes. You can try all of them. Or choose one and apply consistently. Remember it's natural ingredients, so it can take some time. All of them are tried by me. I can ensure that your acne problem will be gone. Have a nice days buddies ^_^.

© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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