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Best Bangladeshi Wedding Hairstyles

I love researching bridal fashion trends from around the world.

Big hair bun with clipped curl rings and braid.

Big hair bun with clipped curl rings and braid.

The most important part of a wedding in Bangladesh is how the bride looks on her special day. Along with her attire and jewelry, she must get the perfect Bangladeshi wedding hairstyle for the wedding ceremony. This article will help all you soon-to-be brides decide what type of bridal hairdo you want. Beyond the wedding ceremony, brides in Bangladesh also need a special hairdo for the engagement ceremony and the holud ceremony.

There are so many varieties of hairstyles to choose from. This gallery includes traditional buns, chic and modern loose buns, cascading curls with coiffure, and the hair-down hairstyles with straight and curled hair. Without the right hairstyle, the bride's look doesn't come together. Think of the hairstyle as a crown for that beautiful bridal face.

Why Do Hair Updos Look So Good on Bangladeshi Brides?

Bangladeshi brides wear very lavish bridal attire and get their faces dolled up by expert beauticians. What makes this girl look like a bride is a three-yards-long piece of cloth called a dupatta, with which she covers her head. The right hairstyle will not only complement the bridal saree or lehenga but will also be the perfect cushion for the wedding dupatta to rest on the crown of her head.

When choosing the best hairstyle for your wedding, keep in mind that a flat hairdo will not look good when the dupatta is draped on your head. The bridal look is most exquisite when the dupatta is draped on a hairstyle which makes the back of the head look elevated from the front. Unless you are concerned about becoming taller than the groom, go for a hair-do that is voluminous.

Different Hairstyles for a Bangladeshi Wedding

A more serious and neat hair bun pairs well with traditional gold jewelry and a traditional bridal saree like a katan or benarasi saree. Alternatively, a bride can go for a more trendy and chic hair updo which is not so tight and severe, but rather a loose hair bun at the back with a lot of curls.

Loose Hairstyles for a Bangladeshi Wedding

It is not always necessary to wear a bun or updo for a wedding ceremony. There are many gorgeous looks with the hair worn down and loose to choose from. Nowadays, brides are getting artfully messy styles, which can be quite fetching. You can either let your hair down on both sides or just one side. Most brides use extensions or false hair to add volume.

Tips for Bangladeshi Wedding Hairstyles

  • Brides should avoid flat-front hair setting as they do not properly match the whole bridal look. While teased hair is hard to comb out after the wedding is over, it really does magic for the whole bridal look.
  • If you want a flat, ironed-out setting without any teasing then make sure that the bun is styled high in the back of your head instead of hanging low. If you have a high bun then the beautician can better hang the bridal dupatta on the bun.
  • Remember that a high hairdo makes the face look smaller and slimmer.
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