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Best 10 Tips for Healthy Periods and Ways to Fall Pregnant Naturally

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What Are The Signs Of A Healthy Period ?

Tips for a Healthy period you can have :

Period it's believed that menstruation is the fifth vital sign and rightly so menstruation and you know your menstrual cycle can really say a lot about your health it can be really an interesting indicator of your health because of the various hormones at play and everything that's going on through your cycle so I will share with you my best nutrition and life cycle tips to support your body during your period concluding things like crumps, PMS, inflammation, irregular cycle and some of the best foods to eat healthy period food.

Healthy Period Flow

healthy period flow

healthy period flow

Tips for a Healthy period cycle

  • Up your iron: iron is such an important mineral to be getting enough of in childbearing years because it's one of the most common nutrient deficiencies especially when we consider depending on how heavy or how long your periods tend to be, it can put you at risk for developing some iron deficiency. Hence, it's essential for us to be compensating for the blood that we do lose monthly some of the best sources of easily absorbable iron include meat poultry, and fish and plant-based source include things like legumes and lentils, and tofu.
  • Vitamin C: it's vital to take vitamin C with iron because it helps to enhance the absorption of iron, including foods like citrus, strawberries, bell peppers, and tomatoes.
  • Cramps & PMS: during your period as many of us know your uterus actually contracts to expel its lining that is what a cramp is or it's basically a contractual and hormone-like substance known as prostaglandins that are involved in pain and inflammation in the body are what's responsible for the pain that's associated with a cramp and the higher the level of prostaglandin circulating around your body the more severe your menstrual cramps will be here are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to cramps so fatty foods, particularly like greasy processed fat food, fat foods will increase prostaglandin production putting an emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, cruciferous veggies like cauliflower and omega-3 fatty acids can particularly helpful around your period as well as magnesium

Normal Period Amount Of Blood ?

The Normal woman loses about 2 ounces of blood during her period, The heavier blood woman loses about 2.7 ounces during her period cycle.

Signs Of A Healthy Period

Every woman is different, Right ? so there is such a thing as a blueprint for what should be a healthy period, Signs of a healthy period to fall pregnant easily.

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We will talk about what a healthy period looks like, and it doesn't matter whether you are trying to conceive or not we want our period looks like what we will tell you but the important thing, is that you have this healthy period when you are trying to fall pregnant naturally.

Healthy Period Signs

Healthy Period Signs

Healthy Period Characteristics To Fall Pregnant Naturally

  • Your period starts right away, so if it is stuttering or spotting that actually doesn't belong to your new cycle, it belongs to the previous cycle, that means there's an issue with your progesterone levels, so we don't stuttering or no spotting before your period starts, we want a full flow right away.

How Long is a normal period?

  • Healthy Period cycle, Period flows about four days, if it's three days or shorter, that is an issue.
  • Healthy period length, Period flows about five days, it's okay if it's more as long as it's a decent flow, to start from medium to heavy we need to stay at home.
  • the flow is bright red, we don't prefer flow looks on brown stuff or black stuff or any clots but a little bit of those things, that's fine.

How to Pamper Yourself During Your Period

how to pamper yourself during your period

how to pamper yourself during your period

How To Choose Your Healthy Period Pads?

Always use the cotton one, with longer wings, that will protect you as much as it can, But you have to be considered that to change your pad after 4 hours of using it to save your skin from any inflections or bad smells.

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