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Benefits of Sunblock

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Whenever we go out in the sun, the first concern we have is our color so that our face and hands do not turn black due to the sun. But why does the sun change the color of your face? In this article we will talk about why the sun affects our complexion and how we can protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Allah has placed in the human body the best system of immunity. The human body has many problems which it solves without any cure through its immunity. Melanin is an ingredient in our skin that not only creates color in the skin but also protects the skin. When we are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, our skin naturally releases melanin so that the skin can fight against the strong rays of the sun and the skin becomes saline due to the production of more melanin.

How does sunblock protect our skin?
It is important to use sunblock to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays (ultraviolet rays). It not only protects the skin from damage but also improves the already affected skin.

1- Protects the color from being affected
If you apply sunblock before going out in the sun, it acts as a protective layer on the skin so that the harmful rays of the sun do not reach the skin and the skin does not form extra melanin.

2- Reduces the effects of aging
Sunburn causes wrinkles and lines to appear on the skin, so regular use of sunscreen lotion or cream does not allow these lines to become part of the face.

3- Protects against skin cancer
Ultraviolet rays are so dangerous that they increase the risk of skin cancer. The risk of skin cancer can be minimized by applying sunblock at an early age.

4- Healthy skin
Sunscreen protects essential skin proteins such as keratin, which in addition to protecting from the effects of the sun, also improves the overall skin.

5- Apply even in rainy season
It is generally thought that sunscreen should be used only in the sun, while experts say that sunscreen lotion should be applied in addition to sunshine in the rainy season, indoors or while swimming in the swimming pool because of water or clouds. The weather, surrounded by, fails to block the sun's harmful rays.

6-Sunscreen once a day is not enough
Most people think that using a lotion with maximum spf once a day is enough when it is not. No sunblock lasts more than two hours, so it is important to wash your face every two hours and apply sunblock.

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