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Benefits of Alum For Beauty And Health

I have always been interested in natural ways of skin care treatments at home. My experiment with some homecare treatments came out amazing.

Alum for skin problem


Benefits of Alum For Beauty And Health

Usually, alum is an ordinary and cheap product, and it gets found everywhere in the form of powder or pieces, but it has a lot of benefits.

Maybe alum seems to be not very chief, but there are much-hidden beauty and health treasures that can leave you surprised! And because the use of alum in Ayurvedic and Unani medicines helps cure many diseases.

What is an Alum?

Alum is used to clean the drinking water and protect it from bacteria. It also gets used to rub on the face after shaving. But you have must have no idea that it keeps magic effects inside it.

It gets used for good health and beauty. Alum also helps to save you from health problems from which you are affected for a long time.

Let’s go through the article and see the benefits of alum!

1. Alum for mouth and teeth diseases

Alum is very beneficial for the mouth and teeth. To get rid of toothache, burn the alum and mash it in your hands and then, take the ash of soap nut seed and an equal quantity of alum ash. Mix them well and rub them on the teeth. It will give relief to toothache.

To get rid of the bacteria responsible for the yellow teeth, you can make a mouthwash of it.

For mouthwash, boil one glass of water and then put in a pinch of salt. Mix it well, and add a little alum powder to it. Blend it well in a blender and sieve it. Then, let it cool down. Use this mouthwash morning and evening. This mouthwash removes all bacteria and hinders their growth.

For toothpaste, take alum and kikar charcoal. Then, make a powder by blending in a mixer jar. After that, sieve the powder. By rubbing this powder on your teeth, you can get rid of many mouth-related diseases.

If there is bleeding in your gums or teeth, prepare a powder of Jamun wood charcoal and alum. Then, rub on your teeth. It prevents bleeding in teeth or gums.

2. To get rid of body odor.

For sure, it’s a new thing for you, but it’s true that because of the antibacterial quality of alum, it gets taken into use for preventing body odor. When there is sweating, a smell comes from the body. The reason behind it is bacteria in the sweat. Sweat is food for bacteria. By eating it, bacteria increase themselves and creates body odor.

To get rid of body odor, rub alum pieces on the body and underarms. But remember, do it on alternate days.

People who sweat a lot can mix the alum powder in the water and take a bath of it.

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3. Alum benefits for preventing acne and pimples

Pimples are like a horrible nightmare for women, but with the help of an alum, you can get rid of this problem.

Make a powder of alum and mix it in little water. Apply on your face for 30 minutes. Then wash the face with a clean towel. Repeat this process daily. You will get surprising results. But remember, everyone has a different skin type, so if, after applying, you feel any irritation or scab, then wash your face and never use this again.

You can also prepare a face mask for pimples. Take one spoon of fullers earth, one teaspoon of alum powder, and two teaspoons of egg white. Mix them well.

Apply this mixture on your face and leave for 15 minutes. Later wash the face with cold water and repeat this process three times a week.

4. Alum for cracked skin and, ringworm and wounds

While working in the kitchen, if there is a cut on your skin and the wound is not so deep, apply alum powder to that area. The bleeding will stop soon, and it will prevent the increase of bacteria in the wound area. It also helps to heal the wound soon.

Blend the alum in a mixer jar and mix it in water or vinegar. Daily apply it on ringworm affected area in the morning and evening.

Alum can also do magic for cracked heel skin. In a vessel, burn the alum, and when it gets foam shape, cool it down and blend in a mixer grinder. Then add some coconut oil to it and apply it to the cracked skin. The result will be magical.

5. For face beauty and wrinkle-free skin

With getting older, wrinkles on the skin are a problem. But the problem can also get solved with alum because it has anti-aging qualities. It makes the skin soft and glowing.

Put some alum in water and then boil. Then, let it cool down and wash the face with this water. It makes the skin toned and glowing. It also removes all the wrinkles.

Prepare a paste of alum powder with water. Apply for 30 minutes on the face. It will not only bring tightness to the skin but also will make it glowing.

6. Alum benefits on hairs

On dryness in hairs, mix a pinch of alum with salt in shampoo and apply. Then wash your hair gently. It’s for removing dandruff too.

Lice in the hairs irritate. Alum gets considered beneficial to remove the lice.

For this, mix alum powder in water with little oil and massage for 10 minutes. Then wash your hair with shampoo. Repeat this process twice a week.

Final Words!

Besides going for expensive treatments, try this amazing natural product. It will heal all your skin problems and also other hair and oral problems.

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