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Beautiful Skin With Apple Cider Vinegar


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From ancient sailors to Hollywood, everyone loves ACV

For centuries, apple cider vinegar is being used in the kitchen. It was used essentially as a drink. It was discovered accidentally when wine stored in a cask went bad. So, apple cider vinegar is a sore wine.

It was used as a drink to stay healthy. It was originally used as a cure for many diseases. It was used as a face mask by sailors.

Hollywood actor Scarlett Johansson uses apple cider vinegar face wash for glowing skin.
In an interview to the Elle UK, Scarlett said, "A while back, I started researching natural skincare. It's a nice way to treat your skin if you don't want to use all those harsh chemicals that a dermatologist would recommend."

Imagine, someone who could afford to spend thousands of dollars on buying expensive skincare products would simply spend $10 on buying apple cider vinegar. For good reason.

Scarlett Johanson uses ACV for glowing skin


Why apple cider vinegar is good for skincare

Apple cider vinegar is extremely good for skin for many reasons.

Our skin plays a vital role in keeping us healthy. How? First, it protects us from external, physical dangers. Second, it protects us from harmful bacteria, free radicals, strong ultra-violet rays.

Third, it regulates our body temperature, which is at the core of our well-being. Finally, it acts to communicate the external conditions to our brain, thus helping us adjust our body to maintain optimum internal conditions.

However, our skin, which is the largest organ in our body, is constantly under attack. It is exposed to harsh conditions. To top it all, we are constantly using harsh soaps, face washes and even hard water.

All this exposure damaged the protective layer on our skin.

Our body is capable of replenishing the protective layer. But it takes time, and with the constant exposure, our skin doesn't get enough time to repair itself.

This is where apple cider vinegar comes handy.

Apple cider vinegar is acidic - its acidic level is 5%. Our skin's protective layer is acidic too. By apply apple cider vinegar on skin, we help our body to bring back acidic levels on our skin. This is called balancing the pH factor.

Apple cider vinegar is good for skin because of its anti-bacterial properties too.

Our skin responds to apple cider vinegar by opening the pores and throwing out the impurities captured in the skin.

Finally, apple cider vinegar helps in removing chemicals and dead cells from the skin.

How to use apple cider vinegar for skin

Apple cider vinegar needs to be diluted before it is used on skin. You need to make ACV toner - recipe given below.

Once you make the ACV toner, store it in your toilet.

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Shake bottle well before applying ACV toner on skin.

You can apply it either once a day or twice a day.

Take a cotton ball and sprinkle ACV toner on it. Apply gently on skin. It is advisable to wash your face as usual before applying ACV toner.

Apply it on a small part of your skin first to see how your skin reacts. A few people may find that their skin is a bit sensitive. It is advisable to start gradually. If you have a big function coming up in a few days, like wedding or job interview, don't apply apple cider vinegar in case it causes your skin to break up.

Let the toner sit on skin for a few minutes, and then wash off your face. If you are applying it after dinner then you could leave it overnight.

Choosing the right apple cider vinegar for skin

Always buy apple cider vinegar with 'mother' in it. Mother of vinegar is the muddy substance that contains the enzymes we need for cleansing our skin.

Preferably buy organic apple cider vinegar, which is made from certified organic cider vinegar.

Don't buy white vinegar. Also don't buy apple cider vinegar which does not contain mother in it.

Always buy unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar from the market.

Making ACV Toner

Cook Time

Prep time: 5 min Cook time: 1 min Ready in: 6 min Yields: Lasts for up to a month


  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar, preferably organic
  • 3 cups water, preferably purified, distilled or spring
  • 1 one litre bottle, preferably with nozzle



  1. Take 1 litre plastic bottle with nozzle. Rinse it thoroughly.
  2. Add distilled water. Add apple cider vinegar. Close the bottle.
  3. Shake the bottle well and use it on skin.

Tips for beautiful skin with apple cider vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar is acidic. Some skin types may not be suitable for apple cider vinegar. Try it out on a small part of your skin first.
  • Start with ACV toner as per instructions given in this recipe - in the ratio of 1:3 where one part is cider vinegar and three parts water. Once your skin is comfortable, we can gradually increase the intensity of cider vinegar and raise the ratio to 1:1.
  • Start by applying it once a day, and rinse off after five minutes. Gradually you can test it by leaving it overnight.
  • Because apple cider vinegar has a strong smell, try to apply it when you are indoors.

Cider Vinegar for age spots

Many people have reported positive experience of using cider vinegar for getting rid of age spots.

Getting rid of age spots with cider vinegar is a bit intensive treatment. As such, don't try this until you have tried using ACV toner as described above.

Once you know that your skin can tolerate diluted cider vinegar, you can move on to using ACV for age spots.

For removing age spots, don't dilute ACV. Apply ACV directly on the spots. Be careful to limit the application to the spot only. You may feel the sting. Wash it off after five minutes. Repeat many times during the day.

For better results you can mix 2 tsp of ACV with 1 tsp of orange juice or onion juice and apply directly on the age spots.

Read before applying cider vinegar on skin

If you have impurities, acne, warts or pimples on your skin, read this before using apple cider vinegar on skin.

What cider vinegar does is open the pores of the skin, and with this, the skin throws out accumulated impurities. This is called breaking out. It is one of those things where "it gets worse before it gets better".

So you may find that your warts and pimples are getting worse initially.

However, if there are no signs of improvement, please discontinue the use.

Never use ACV without diluting it, unless you are trying to treat age spots.

Drink ACV for better skin

Yes, you read that right. You will get glowing skin by DRINKING apple cider vinegar.

Put 2 to 3 tsp of cider vinegar in a cup of water and drink it. You can add some honey to it for better taste and better health benefits too.

Drink it before meals - ideally an hour prior.

Apple cider vinegar drink helps in detoxing our body. It removes toxins. When our body is feeling healthier, it reflects in our skin which shows signs of a healthy body. Our skin looks youthful.

Make sure you are using unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar for making your ACV drink.

Your skin will be thankful for the positive onslaught of the cleansing agent that apple cider vinegar is.

Drinking apple cider vinegar also provides other health benefits including:

  • Weight loss
  • Healthy hair
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Better digestion system
  • Stronger immune system

Read my other articles for understanding how to use apple cider vinegar for these magical benefits of apple cider vinegar.

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