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Beautiful Braiding and New Hairstyles of 2022

Cornrow braids


The Perfect Hairstyle

It is quit difficult to find a awesome braiding hairstyle. We are all self conscious sometimes. Braiding styles are often so typical. Who wouldn't want a unique style that makes a statement that, I am not like everyone else? This article was designed to help bring out that diva in you.

The best braiding hairstyles that are highly popular at the moment are design braids, kinky twists, stitch braids, goddess locks and crochets using curly hair. Many women find these hairstyles extremely fashionable and unique.

Some women skip a salon visit to create these awesome looks on their own with a little help from YouTube. If you're on a tight budget. Try to do it yourself. Crochets braids are the most simple of all the hairstyles featured in this article. The best part is you don't have to even know how to braid. Just tie you hair up in a ponytail and purchase a crochet tool to help with easier installation. Curly hair is best to use here. Many online and local beauty supply stores sale pre-package hair. For example you can buy curly hair, pre-braided kinky twists and lock hair that is also already braided by bulk. Just attach it to your head using the crochet tool. You must start from the back and work your way up to the front of your head.

If you are installing braids, it is best to part and twist your hair in small sections neatly as if you were to cornrow your hair. After you have twisted your hair you can use bobby pins to hold the twists in place and everything down before attaching the braiding hair to your head. Always start with each braid or twist. Add hair until all your real hair is completely covered and you're all done

Curly hair usually take about one to two hours to install but for braiding hair such as locks and twists the installation process can take a bit longer. It shouldn't take no more than three hours regardless of the type of hair you choose to use.

I hoped you found this article helpful in picking a hairstyle that best suits you. Now, check out these creative looks of 2022.

Stitch Braids

The best way to add a little spice to this traditional beautiful braiding look is to try stitch braids. Stitch braids are an awesome go to protective black woman hairstyle. Not only will you look beautiful but you will give your hair a healthy opportunity for tremendous growth.

This wonderful hairstyle has been worn by women in Africa for decades now. Even non black women have tried this cool hairstyle. Models and celebrities alike are always trying to look different and stand out from the crowd. You can never go wrong with stitch braids. To create this look you must know how to braid. If you're not a braid-er. It's best to visit a salon instead of doing it yourself.


Beautiful Natural Hairstyles

Natural hair is so cool. It is simple and easy to create a new look. No stress is involved in looking beautiful. There are numerous ways to wear your hair natural. You can do a pin up or a super awesome hair cut. Ponytails are also gorgeous. It probably won't ever go out of style. Don't second guess yourself. Be your own believer. Nothing beats a woman who can flaunt her own natural hair.

Why Are Braiding and Natural Hairstyles so Awesome?

The genius of braids are easily understood. For centuries women have found creativity in the way they style their hair. Looking great is a goal all people want to achieve. Your natural hair is your playground. Why not let loose in the wonder of making a fashion statement? Everyone will love you for it.

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Be Free and beautiful. Flaunting your natural hair will show you're a true diva at heart. Confidence is found in a woman wearing her natural hair. Whatever makes you feel great about yourself lean towards that goal. Braided or natural will enhance what you were naturally born with. Be daring, be bold, show everyone that hair can have its own variations and school to teach others how to be as unique as you are.

Hairstyling Tips

A great way to look fantastic while flaunting a new look is to add accessories to give yourself that extra glamorous flair. Accessories can be anything from earring's to make up or a head-wrap. Always try something new. You never know whether you will like it or not.

Clothing can also help you stand out from the crowd. Be creative with your hair as well as your clothing. Check magazines to see what's trending or even come up with your own unique style. Hair clips are also great ideas in enhancing your new hairstyle or look.

Doing your hair can be less of an task and more of a way to look your very best. If you're not into doing your hair yourself here are a few great salon options listed in the chart below. Check for your city reference. Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section as well. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Makeup and Earrings


Best Hair Braiding Salons

LocationName and Phone NumberAddress


Razor dolls hair Salon Melbourne Australia

Suite 2 level 1/175 High St, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia


Braidz by Blue (773) 804-8833

905 E 75th St., Chicago, Illinois


Sunshine Unisex braiding Salon

1549 East Sample Road Pompano, Beach, Florida 33064


Decator African Hairbraiding and Weaving (404) 988-8217

2554 Wesley Chapel Rd Suite #2, Decator, Georgia

Washington, DC area

Professional Sisters Hair Braiding. (301) 423-0707

3609 Saint Barnabas Rd, Suitland, Maryland 20746


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