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Amazing Barbed Wire Tattoos

Barbed Wire Arm Band Tattoo

It is interesting when you're caught off guard by a particular tattoo theme, for example the one we're looking at in this article - barbed wire tattoos - which I would think of as something you may add to a theme, rather than a theme unto itself.

There are both in connection to barbed wire, but it's amazing how an artist can take something as straightforward as barbed wire and create so many different looks with it.

In this article we'll mostly look at barbed wire tattoos by themselves, although there will be a couple included which will have some other element to it as well.

One thing to consider with barbed wire tattoos, most of them are on thing places like the wrist, arm, or in some cases, the ankle. Be aware when thinking of putting them there the way your place of employment, or future place of employment, may look at you if you want in with a barbed wire tattoo in a place like the wrist where it, for the most part, can't be hidden, unless you wear long sleeved shirts or apparel to work every day. Just a thought. 

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Realistic Barbed Wire Tattoo

It's unclear if the term "traditional," as I listed this barbed wire tattoo below, is in fact that in the tattoo world, but in the real world it is, as I've worked a lot with barbed wire, and this is just how it looks.

Traditional Barbed Wire Tattoo

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Here's one of the many ways a tattoo designer took the barbed wire theme and turned it into his own. I like the simple lines, but also they way they harmonize together and flow. Nice job.

Barbed Wire Tattoo Theme

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Similar to the barbed wire tattoo above, here's one that is another broken-lined tattoo, but one that works nicely, as you can see on the young lady.

Young Woman with Barbed Wire Tattoo on Arm

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As mentioned at the beginning of the article, putting any tattoo on the wrist is definitely a real threat to getting hired in some types of jobs. But since it's already on this wrist, we'll comment on the quality, which I like, as it's different from the others in that it's thinner, as well as has what appears to be longer points. I like it as far as design, but not placement.

Of course in this case it looks like a temporary tattoo, but if it wasn't, it would be a potential job-killer.

Barbed Wire Tattoo on Wrist

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This is a nice and unique ankle tattoo. The hearts are a good touch for those who like them, and it goes with the barbed wire.

Barbed Wire Ankle Tattoo

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This is another one with the heart and barbed wire theme. This time with the barbed wire wrapped around the heart, instead of being entwined together.

Barbed Wire Wrapped Around Heart

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In this tattoo what obviously stands out is the elongated barbs, making it possible to even think of it as an armband tattoo, but it's more in line with barbed wire.

Barbed Wire Tattoo on Bicep

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As far as quality and detail go, this is probably my favorite of all the barbed wire tattoos in this article. It's tremendous design, and the detail is astounding. The use of shadow is particularly effective.

Quality Barbed Wire Tattoo on Arm

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As someone who has worked with barbed wire for years, I can definitely relate to the tattoo below of the barbed wire drawing some blood.

What impresses me more is the metallic look the color gives it. Nice.

Bleeding Barbed Wire Tattoo

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In this image I really like curly, red barbs floating on the wire, and the tribal look it gives.

Tribal Barbed Wire Tattoo

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These barbed wire tattoos wrapped around the arm are very cool. While I would have like it higher quality, as this has a very flat feel and nothing 3D about it, which adds to the feel and look, But from a distance the wrap is interesting.

Barbed Wire Tattoo Wrapped Around Arm

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This was a fun tattoo. The deer tracks inside the barbed wire look fun. Of course you have to know what deer tracks look like to appreciate it. But I'm sure it's a good conversation piece.

Deer Tracks and Barbed Wire Tattoo


As mentioned earlier, it's amazing to see the tremendous variety of design that can come from a simple item like barbed wire. The wrap effect of all of the images are the real strength of barbed wire as a theme, and it is an extremely versatile art tool to use, as you can see.


f on November 25, 2011:

Interesting hub. Like I mentioned on the other hub by shakeitup, the barbed wire design looks almost tribal in conception, as a design.

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