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How To Prepare Your Skin For Spray Tanning.


Exfoliate, exfoliate, EXFOLIATE!

The most important step for getting a flawless and long lasting spray tan is exfoliation. It is this simple.

If you skip this step, chances are that your tan will wear off quickly and in patches. Who knows, perhaps you can even make it onto my "spray tan disasters" page....

Additionally, it will be nowhere the deep, flawless color that it could be if you did exfoliate.

Serious spray tanners, like myself are fanatical about scrubbing before spray tanning and are always on a hunt for a product which could make this process as thorough as possible.

For years, I have searched for a product which could not only be effective, but also reasonably cheap, as spray tanning can get a bit expensive :-)

Recently, the company released a glove made especially for fake tanning, which is great as this glove does not stain.

Recently, the company released a glove made especially for fake tanning, which is great as this glove does not stain.

Baiden Mitten to the Rescue.

I had been spray tanning for years with varying results when one day, while looking for something to help me stay young forever (haha) I came upon something that did not look all that impressive, but sort of made sense - a scrubbing glove called Baiden Mitten.

The write up was interesting enough to get me curious, and since there was a money back guarantee, I thought I would give it a try.

When it arrived, it looked even more insignificant, and I thought that as usual with most products, it would not really live up to my expectations. However, I was wrong. The glove did an exceptional job of getting A LOT of my dead skin off. It also took ALL of my spray tan removed. That was different, because I would usually go for my next appointment still quite brown on my knees and elbows.

I made an appointment for next day and went happily along to get another dose of brown awesomness.

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I used the same salon and technician but my spray tan looked quite different. Especially next day, after I had a shower.

It was deeper and sort of - glowing. Strange as it may seem, I did not connect it with Baiden Mitten. I thought that the technician did something different.

It took me few days to realize that not only did my spray tan look better but also it kept much more even than usual. No more white feet and no more white band around my waist and on top of my thighs where my jeans rub. The spray tan faded amazingly evenly.

That is when I had the light bulb moment. It was all due to the Baiden Mitten. After years of searching for spray tanning nirvana I found the magic formula and when I did, I did not recognise it LOL.

Baiden Tan Mitten will simply roll off your dead skin together with your tired old tan.

Baiden Tan Mitten will simply roll off your dead skin together with your tired old tan.

How to use Baiden Mitten for spray tanning.

Its very simple, really. A day or two before your spray tanning appointment run yourself a warm bath. Drop in a handful of Epsom Salts or Himalayan Bath Salts (make sure they are as natural as possible since your skin will be very bare when you finished scrubbing and you don't want to put any chemicals into it.

Soak for about 15 minutes and scrub away. If it is not easy to come off, after you scrubbed once, lie down in the water again and soak for another 10 minutes. Then it should work even better. Make sure you do especially great job on your knees and elbows. They always have too much dead skin on them.

Then rinse off, go to bed and have another shower (without scrubbing) just before you go for your appointment. Do not put any products on such as deodorant or moisturizer.

Then you are ready for your appointment.

If you spray tan regularly, you would be mad not to get Baiden Mitten. It will save you heaps of money.

Where to buy Baiden Mitten?

Baiden Mitten is at the moment available online. Possibly, as it gets more popular it might be available in stores, but right now, online is the place to purchase it. Below is the link.

  • Baiden Mitten Tan on Ebay
    Superior exfoliation before spray tanning. Vendor ships for free worldwide.
  • You can buy Baiden Mitten Tan on Amazon.
    Specially formulated for fake tanning this mitten will not discolor from spray tanning solution and is good for about 100 full body scrubbing sessions.
  • Baiden Mitten Website.
    The home of fabulous, miraculous, fantabulous Baiden Mitten. You can actually buy the whole set there for less, but at the moment it is only available in the basic color, which is white.

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