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The Beauty Essentials to Always Carry in your Bag.

Engelta loves sharing knowledge and the latest information on beauty issues like as hair growth and skin nourishment.

The way you hold yourself, the way you dress yourself, the way you spray perfume on, or how you take care of your makeup during the day, are all indicators on what you think of yourself and how you want to represent yourself.

No matter how much people cry out for freedom and not judging each-other, still, you can't change the human nature, so we will forever judge each-other by the cover, then if we like it, we may choose to read the book.

That is why I wrote this hub, taking into account on what beauty products, some of the world's most admired persons, the SuperModels, carry around with them at all times, so they will always look admirable, they will always look like they take excellent care of themselves and they are always on top of their game, even when they are having a bad day.


The list of things Supermodels always carry in their beauty bags are:

  • Wet wipes – these one are a must, whether you want to clean your hands of something sticky, clean your face, remove any stains, or just use them as a refresher in those hot summer days.
  • Dry wipes – are also a must. Don’t make me list what do you need them for!
  • Hand creams – you need to moisturize your skin, especially if you have dry skin like mine, which in these cold months that are coming, will break and hurt. You can use hand cream for your face too, but only if you feel like you need to. Hand cream is too strong for face skin that needs something more delicate. You can use it but rarely, only if your face skin needs it, or when it feels like the cold will scratch it. Otherwise, if you like to put more moisturizer on your skin, have some face cream with you.
  • Lip balm – well girls and boys too, I cannot stress this enough but lip balm is a MUST MUST MUST. You can always calm a broken skin on your hands by the cold, but those lips hurt like hell, and look too bad, not to mention you cannot eat sometimes because they will break more. If you are not allowed to color your lips girls, you should use no colored lip balm or some in light pink or nude.
  • Nail file – a broken nail hurts psychologically and physically as well. You will never know when you may need a file so be sure to always have one with you wherever you are.
  • Hand sanitizer – you may think of the wet wipes and ask why you should have a hand sanitizer too? Because the wet wipes are to wipe things off. For example if you eat fries, they will leave your fingers oily. Hand sanitizer does not help, you will need wet wipes. And you need the sanitizer for every other time when you feel your hands sticky, smelly, or you just like the sanitizer’s aroma. Do not forget that the most bacteria is found in the school desks [even more than in the bathroom!].
  • Face powder – you may carry a foundation too, maybe a light one, which will not seem like you wear a foundation at all, but you always need a powder to keep it all in place. So as long as a foundation it is not a must for you, I suggest to only have in hands a loose powder. It will hide most imperfections, it will give you a more cared-for look, and will set you oily skin in place. It works well for me, and sometimes it really helps banishing the breakouts or acne.
  • Dry shampoo – let’s not forget about the hair. Why do you need a dry shampoo? You need for that time when you stepped out of the house with perfectly fine hair, but during the day it became oily because you kept touching it too much, or just because it is about time to wash it. Or for those moments after gym/sports hour.
  • Deodorants and a tiny perfume bottle – no one wants to smell funny right? Do not choose a perfume that will be smelled miles away. You are at school, not out with friends. Choose a light one, maybe a flower scent one.

Minimal makeup look


Simplifying the beauty essentials list:

In simple words, except the deodorants, perfumes and hand sanitizers, you should basically carry in your bag, those beauty products that you use daily, or at least those you used that day. It is always best to have a brow gel, a face powder and a lipstick, always with you, so whenever you feel like your face is getting oily and you are shining a little more than you would like to, you can always take care of it with your face powder. Also, a ruined lip color on your lips, or lip-liner that has spread beyond your lip's lines, it is not the best view for anybody, plus it shows that you are a messy person.

However, I do not recommend to keep all your makeup with you, or even eyeshadows or eyeliners. You should take care of those things at home, and only have the essentials with you.

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The Beauty Essentials you should carry with you depending on your makeup.

You should adjust your makeup and your dressing code to your school or work place. You would not like to feel out of place, or to represent yourself other than someone who knows his or her job, and knows how to be classy, or to fit in. It is not about breaking the rules, it is about respecting the rules and that's how you will earn respect from your school mates or your colleagues.


Regarding makeup: if it is OK for your school or work environment, you can carry an eyeliner with you. I suggest you opt for a dark blue or a dark green eyeliner, so you will not look like you tried too hard for school, and you can always save the black eyeliner wing look for a night out.

I would say that using mascara, still if you can, would even prevent the use of eyeliner. If you have mascara on, you do not necessarily need to have an eyeliner on. Wearing mascara is like wearing a full face of makeup. It is more sophisticated, and does not lead into the mess that eyeliner does.

If you are not allowed to wear mascara or eyeliner, but you still want a little definition, you can always use a clear mascara. You can keep your eyebrows in place, and you lift your eyelids with that. Win Win!


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Ensorcelie (author) from Albania on October 30, 2014:

Thank you :)

Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on October 29, 2014:

I like our minimalist approach to makeuo which is important for school aged girls. Thank you!

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