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Most Beautiful Australian Women - Delta Goodrem & Sarah Murdoch are from Australia

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A passionate lover of his native Australia, Peter loves to share with the world the wonders of this beautiful Country called Australia.

Wide variety of choice!

I get asked frequently who I think are Australia's most beautiful and fashionable women.

I have at last decided to succumb to the pressure of listing who I feel are Australia's most beautiful women. Of course I realize the fashion and style changes with time and cultures.

I've admired female beauty all of my life and I don't really think I have seen a women yet that has not some beauty to project be it external or radiating from within. I don't care whether they are clothed or wearing a bikini swimsuit.

Update: 04-08-2011 - Megan Gale -

It has just been announced that one of my most beautiful Australian women - Megan Gale - has been named the new 'face of L'Oreal Paris'

Not bad for an Aussie girl?

Update:12-05-2011 Delta Goodrem

I see that Delta has wowed the American viewing audience of Dancing With the Stars when she performed live as a last minute replacement. She also sang a duet with Michael Bolton.

My list is not definitive and I have no idea how many women will be on the list .

My list will include women that have faded from public memory and indeed may not have been famous because of their beauty.

Sarah Murdoch

Sarah Murdoch

Lucky to be Australian

Being an Australian I must be one of the luckiest guys to draw breath. I say this because without a shadow of doubt I could walk through the streets of Melbourne, not to mention Sydney or the lovely beaches we have here , and pick out women that would match the women on my list for beauty.

For my own safety I will not rate my ladies from 1-7. I have listed them purely randomly.

However I will start my list with a woman who I have admired not only for her beauty but for the manner in which she has conducted herself as she has grown to being the woman she has become today! That woman is now known as Sarah Murdoch.

Sarah Murdoch

Sarah Murdoch (Sports Illustrated)

Sarah Murdoch (Sports Illustrated)

Sarah Murdoch

Sarah Murdoch was raised in Sydney, Australia. Sarah originally wished to be a ballerina but after being told that she was too tall she set her sights on modelling.

Sarah became very successful as a fashion model and she appeared in campaigns for L'Oréal, Revlon, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent and Estée Lauder.

Sarah Murdoch appeared in the 1999 and 2003 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues.

She also appeared on magazine covers including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, GQ and Harper's Bazaar which published in countries like Australia, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

In 1999 Sarah O'Hare (as she was known ) married Lachlan Murdoch, son of Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch. The couple are now living in Sydney, Australia.

Sarah Murdoch is very busy these days assisting not-for-profit art bodies and charities,some of which were established by Lachlan's grandmother Dame Elizabeth Murdoch a long time supporter and benefactor of worthy charities, in Australia.

Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins with the brains and body to match her beauty

Jennifer Hawkins with the brains and body to match her beauty

Jennifer Hawkins with enough looks to be our own Miss Universe

Jennifer Hawkins with enough looks to be our own Miss Universe

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Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins was born on the 22nd December 1983 in Holmesville, New South Wales, Australia.

Hawkins was a former cheerleader for the Newcastle Knights rugby league team, and the Hunter Pirates basketball team and also worked as a model.

Jennifer won the Miss Australia contest and in 2004 went on to win the Miss Universe competition.

Pageant co-owner Donald Trump described Jennifer Hawkins as "the most beautiful Miss Universe I have seen in many, many years".

In one of her many sponsorship deals in January 2007, it was announced that Hawkins had signed a deal with Australian Department Store "Myer" worth A$4 million, and just recently kicked off the Myer Spring / Summer range of clothing.

Jennifer has on her list of sponsors companies like intimate manufacturer 'Lovable'.

Jennifer has among other things a line of swimwear with the trademark 'Cozi'.

Kevin Stapley, the owner of Caussie, another brand of swimwear is suing to have Jennifer's 'Cozi' brand removed because it sounds too similar to his brand. The case is still pending.

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia as usual, a sight for sore eyes

Natalie Imbruglia as usual, a sight for sore eyes

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia was born on February 4 in 1975.

Natalie's father is Sicilian and her mother is Australian and was raised on the Coastal area between Newcastle and Sydney.

Natalia is another beautiful Australian singer-songwriter, model and actress.

During 1990s, Natalie Imbruglia was known to audiences as Beth Brennan Willis in the popular Australian soap "Neighbors".

After leaving "Neighbours", Natalie launched her recording career with the international acclaimed hit "Torn". She has continued on her singing and writing paths since.

Natalie Imbruglia co-starred in the 2003 film "Johnny English" and made her leading actress debut in the 2009 film "Closed for Winter."

Natalie is a strong campaigner - she recently addressed a UN forum in Geneva, encouraging heads of government to return to their countries to make a fight on behalf of women's health care concerns.

Elle Macpherson 'the body'

Elle Macpherson, it's obvious why she was named simply "the body"

Elle Macpherson, it's obvious why she was named simply "the body"

Elle Macpherson our very own Super Model

Elle Macpherson our very own Super Model

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson affectionately know as 'The Body' is well know in Australia and around the world .

Elle Macpherson was born near Cronulla which is close to Sydney, Australia.

Elle Macpherson reportedly was planning to follow in her stepfather's footsteps of becoming an attorney.
Fortunately for most red blooded men Elle visited the United States with the intent of spending one year doing modeling work in order to earn money to pay for her college education.

Whilst in New York Elle Macpherson, initially signed up with the Click Model Management company. This became the beginning of a 25-year stay in modeling work.

Elle Macpherson's modeling career got a great boost in 1982 with a television commercial for the "Tab" brand soda which established her as a something of a "girl next door" figure in Australia.

Elle also appeared on the cover of the prestigious "Time" Magazine. She's also adorned the covers of "Elle", "GQ", "Harper's Bazaar", "Vogue" magazines.

Elle Macpherson had a long association with "Sports Illustrated Magazine" Swimsuit Issue. Elle appeared on the cover a record five times, in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1994, and 2006.

Elle Macpherson played in a number of movies including "Sirens" which co-starred Hugh Grant and Sam Neill.

She also appeared in Woody Allen's "Alice", "Batman and Robin" with George Clooney and "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins.

Elle has also appeared in a number of episodes of "Friends" as Joey's roommate and girl friend.

Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem bound to capture fans with her voice and looks.

Delta Goodrem bound to capture fans with her voice and looks.

Delta Goodrem has the looks and the voice to match !

Delta Goodrem has the looks and the voice to match !

Delta Goodrem

Delta Lea Goodrem was born on the 9th November 1984 and is an Australian singer-songwriter, pianist, and actress.

Delta rose in popularity appearing as Nina Tucker in the highly popular Aussie soap called "Neighbors".

Delta is a highly acclaimed singer in Australia having achieved eight number one ARIA single and numerous UK Top Ten singles.

In 2003 her debut Album titled "Innocent Eyes" spent 29 weeks at Number 1 and sold over a million copies just in Australia . Internationally there was another 3.5 million sold , starting out at Number 2 in the UK.

Her 'girl next door' looks and unique piano playing style makes her very popular with her fans.
Her style is 'pop' and 'adult contemporary', and usually features her playing the piano, in a lot of cases barefooted.

She also has a career as a model and is currently promoting 'Sunsilk' and 'So Good'.

Delta has also made commercials for 'Wii Sports', 'Nintendo DS' and 'Proactiv'.

Delta when 18 was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma a cancer that affects the immune system. Fortunately, she is in remission and she now spends a lot of time working on behalf of charities.

Megan Gale

Megan Gale is a beautiful Aussie girl

Megan Gale is a beautiful Aussie girl

Megan Gale : our next Wonder Woman

Megan Gale : our next Wonder Woman

Megan Gale

Megan Gale was born on the 7th of August in 1976

Megan was born in Perth the capital of Western Australia, a state of Australia.
Her father is English and her mother is Maori-Polynisian.

She was studying at University when she was spotted by talent scouts and offered a part in an advertising campaign.

Virtually unknown in Australia at the time, in 1999 Megan was cast to appear in a series of ads in Italy for the company that is now 'Vodaphone Italy' and has worked for many Italian brands including 'Gian Franco Ferre', 'Genny and Gai Mattiolo'.

Megan has also been reported as working on Italian Radio. Megan is so popular in Italy she has been described in an article as "Italy's hottest star since Sophia Loren".

In 2003 Australian Tourist Commission retained Megan as 'their face of Australia in Italy'.

Megan also likes many Australian designers, such as 'Colette Dinnigan', 'Sass & Bide', and 'Alex Perry'.

Megan Gale has been the face of the trendy Australian department store 'David Jones' since August 2001.

Megan announced her retirement from modelling in January 2008, it is believed she has a desire to be an actress and there are rumours that she was on the short list to be the new Wonder Woman.

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne : Now come on guys who could not fall for this face ?

Rose Byrne : Now come on guys who could not fall for this face ?

Rose Bryne Australian actress

Rose Bryne Australian actress

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne (born Mary Rose) was born on the 24th of July 1979 in Balmain a suburb of Sydney Australia. She is of Irish and Scottish ancestry.

Rose, in 1999 to further her career, studied acting at the Atlantic Theatre Company developed by David Mamet and William H. Macy.

Rose Byrne has appeared in quite a few feature movies including: "28 Weeks Later","Troy","Sunshine", "Star Wars Episode II" and more.

She is becoming better known for her part opposite Glenn Close in the TV series "Damages". Rose plays the part of Ellen Parsons, a clever, beautiful but seemingly vulnerable attorney.

Rose Byrne was nominated for a Golden Globe award for this role but was unsuccessful.However she has won awards from the Australian Film Institute for her role in Damages.
Rose has also won an award at the Venice Film Festival.


Peter (author) from Australia on January 13, 2015:

@Jodah yep I will do some more 'digging' and I am familiar with Jessica Mauboy , what a smile :) Not a bad idea about the indigenous Aussie ! I will put some serious thought into it :)

Cheers mate :)

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 10, 2015:

Not sure about that one agvlpes, may need to check her on Facebook or Twitter to find out that info. From all these suggestions though I think you need to compile another hub of beautiful Australians...someone said Jessica Mauboy...she is a lovely person, always smiling and a wonderful voice, and I do think you need to include an indigenous Aussie to cover all bases :)

Peter (author) from Australia on January 10, 2015:

@Jodah Hmm... a Gospel album, she certainly has the voice for that.

So who she has signed up with? I wonder if she is going 'independent' ?

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 09, 2015:

I checked Vanessa out on Wikipedia. It said the following: "In August 2012, Amorosi announced she was no longer with Universal Music, and would be looking to rebuild her career as an album artist.

In a June 2014 interview with APN, she said she is currently working on a gospel album and her fifth studio album, which she revealed will be "completely different" to her previous releases.

Peter (author) from Australia on January 09, 2015:

@Jodah I too have a soft spot for Dannii , I always thought that she was the prettier sister and I believe that she has handled having a famous sister tremendously well !

I also remember when Vanessa Amorosi burst onto the scene but did not realise that she has developed into such a beautiful young woman.

BTW what is she doing these days ?

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 08, 2015:

I wouldn't replace any of them.. :) I have always had a soft spot for Dannii Minogue and Vanessa Amorosi if you feel they could be added without replacing anyone.

Peter (author) from Australia on January 08, 2015:

@Jodah for someone who does not have 'model' attached to her name Delta sure is a beautiful woman :)

I would also like to add that I have yet to see another Australian woman that I would move up to replace any of these ladies :)

Do you have any other suggestions ?

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 08, 2015:

Oh, so glad I found this hub...some of my very favourite ladies. I cannot fault your choice of beauties here at all agvulpes. We must have similar taste....I voted for Delta, but as someone else said it is like choosing between fine chocolates...Megan Gale, Jen Hawkins, Elle, Natalie, Sarah, Rose....ooh ooh ooh.... Voted up.

Peter (author) from Australia on January 09, 2014:

@NateB11 You sure have a great 'eye' for beauty.

oh yeah ONJ is a beautiful woman in the non-classical sense.

I remember seeing her on TV giving her first appearance on some long-forgotten talent show she was probably about 10 and even then she stood out as a future star.

I also agree with you about Natalie and as she matures she is even more stunning.

Thanks for the visit I'm glad you enjoyed my choices :)

Nathan Bernardo from California, United States of America on January 09, 2014:

I have been noticing gorgeous Australian women since I was rather young, way back in the days of Olivia Newton John. Natalie Imbruglia to me is just stunningly beautiful. This is definitely a great list of beautiful women from Australia.

Peter (author) from Australia on April 27, 2013:

Naeem thank you so much for your kind comment. Although the list above was made some time ago I believe that the list contains women the are indeed Australias most beautiful women!

eg Delta Goodrem is now a judge on 'The Voice' and is wowing viewers and performers with both her talent and her beauty:)

Naeem Khan on April 27, 2013:

I love Australi & This Beautiful People

Peter (author) from Australia on March 02, 2013:

G'day alliesdaddy and being just slightly biased I would say that your description could fit many beautiful Australian women :)

Also remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

However lets try and track down this elusive beautiful Australian woman.

Having done a little bit of research :) ( What man does not mind looking at beautiful women)

The only women that I have uncovered or should that be discovered do not fit your criteria.

I wonder if you could narrow the event down a bit for me? Could it have been a bit later than 1993 (say 1997) cos there is one lady who may just fit the bill, but I don't want to get your hopes up :)

alliesdaddy on March 02, 2013:

When in Australia in 92-93 I went to an ambassadorial ball. I saw a woman I was told was part aborigany, forgive my spelling. She was mind boggling beautiful with the most amazing green eyes. And has haunted my dreams ever since. 5-10 to 6 ft tall, prominent cheek bones, voluptuous and very firm and fit. Any ideas?

Peter (author) from Australia on November 23, 2012:

Well I certainly can't argue with your choice!

Natalie Imbruglia has certainly developed into a beautiful woman :)

John Greek on November 21, 2012:

Natalie is the most beautiful I think.

Peter (author) from Australia on August 19, 2012:

A and H Thanks for taking the time to visit :-)

Anil from Kerala on August 19, 2012:

wonderful work

david on August 09, 2012:

i like most beautiful girl age 17 years ago

Peter (author) from Australia on April 27, 2012:

G'day 'your stupid' thanks for the enlightened comment !!!

Perhaps you would like to share with us who you consider to be 'Australias most beautiful women'.

YOUR STUPID on April 26, 2012:


Peter (author) from Australia on August 14, 2011:

Good ? I would say my most beautiful Australian women are at least 'very good' ?

talebmaacho from essaouira on August 14, 2011:


Peter (author) from Australia on August 11, 2011:

Hmm... Now you have got me thinking. Just who should I include in my 'Australias most beautiful Women' 'Mark II'

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated? We would have to start with Miranda Kerr. No duplicates allowed!

Maybe some fresh new faces ready to burst on the international scene?

billyaustindillon on August 11, 2011:

Yes Cate is one of stately beauty (if that is the case), Nicole seems to get the I love or hate redheads voting. Not sure why I thought Blake Lively was an Aussie lol

I think a new list is in order particular in these days of global demise.

Peter (author) from Australia on August 09, 2011:

Hmm... b.a.d. the list can go on and on lol. So let's have a look at your adds? Cate Blanchett although a very fine actor does not do it for me in the beauty stakes! I have spoken about Nicole Kidman before, not my cup of tea!

Blake Lively according to my sources is not Australian so therefore does not fit the criteria lol

Now Miranda Kerr is definitely qualified and indeed just missed the cut in my list of Australias most beautiful women.

Oh my, it looks like I may just have to draw up another list. What a job :-)

billyaustindillon on August 09, 2011:

Impressive and also some not on the list Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr

Peter (author) from Australia on July 15, 2011:

Exactly what can you say except that they are Australias most beautiful women :-)

fashion on July 14, 2011:

what to say after seeing them????

Peter (author) from Australia on July 08, 2011:

I do not think you are on your own with that thought:-)

Thanks for dropping by and having a look :-)

RalphGreene on July 07, 2011:

How I wish I could take them for a date someday.:)Excellent hub and photos of them.

Peter (author) from Australia on June 30, 2011:

G'day JG great to have you pop in to one of my Hubs, I bet if it had been an Australian Handsome Men Hub you would have been here a lot quicker. right? :-D

Oh no... no way would I let Earnest be involved in choosing my list, his list would not get past the censorship here on HP. lol

Me... the Designated Namer of the most beautiful Australian Women? Hmm... I never actually looked at it that way but I'm sure most red-blooded Aussie guys would come up with a completely different list. Talking of spirits make mine Bundy and Coke !!!

Yep nothing wrong with a bit of 'leg pulling' and I know your 'leg pulling', to quote our great Dame Edna, is done in the 'nicest possible way'...

As a matter of fact we are having such great weather here that is would not surprise me to see some bikini clad ladies gracing our beaches today!

btw: We do have bikini clad meter maids up in Queensland (and I'm not pulling your leg on that one)

JG you comments are always appreciated thanks for dropping in :-0

Joanna McKenna from Central Oklahoma on June 28, 2011:

Hey, Ag! Don't know how I missed this one when it was new, but am not surprised you'd come up with a beautiful women hub...with Earnest not far behind waving the Aussie flag. What I want to know is how is it that YOU are the Designated Namer of Australia's most beautiful women? Is this a self-appointed position, or did a bunch of your mates elect you to it? (If the latter, I'm guessing spirits were involved in the voting process. If the former, spirits were also likely involved in the process...)

You know I'm just pulling your leg, Ag. It's a lovely collection. Something to keep the blood moving in the dead of winter since there aren't any bikini-clad babes on the beaches this time of year, right? ;D

Peter (author) from Australia on June 28, 2011:

G'day Richard, yes all beautiful women and they also have the brains to match the faces :-)

RichardCMckeown on June 28, 2011:

They are all beautiful faces.

Peter (author) from Australia on June 26, 2011:

@iburahimu thanks so much for taking the time to post a comment about our beautiful women.

It is great that apart from their beauty their other talents are also appreciated.

You highlight Natalie Imbruglia for her singing and I agree entirely! You should also check out the voice of Delta Goodrem she also has a great singing voice and writes a lot of her own material.

Awesome yes indeed :-)

Peter (author) from Australia on June 26, 2011:

@Fiddleman, I agree 100%, how could you possibly pick just one. They are all gorgeous.

Thanks for taking the time to have a read :-)

Peter (author) from Australia on June 26, 2011:

@Wesman, I see there is red blood flowing in them there veins after all. lol

Hey mate we are never too old to appreciate beauty! Especially when there is class and brains attached as well as evidenced by our very own Australias most beautiful women!

Thanks a heap for dropping by :-)

iburahimu on June 26, 2011:

They are all beautiful. Some of them even come with special talents such as Natalie Imbruglia.. I loves her songs..

Maybe sexy can only understand by those peoples who claimed it, but votes can tell which by the highest score they get. Anyway they are beautiful because they choose to.. what we choose to be!..


Fiddleman on June 26, 2011:

They are all gorgeous.

Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on June 26, 2011:

WOW!!! You certainly know how to get my attention! I may have to look this one over a dozen more times, heck, I could use some new "wallpaper" for my computer as well!

Peter (author) from Australia on June 14, 2011:

G'day Avtar and thanks for the comment about australias most beautiful women. As 'they' say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" :-)

Avtar Singh on June 14, 2011:

really awesome i have seen this beauty.....

Peter (author) from Australia on June 07, 2011:

Imran thanks for your kind comment.

imran on June 06, 2011:

they all are very beautiful ladies of all the time hope i can see one of them in my life lol

Peter (author) from Australia on May 22, 2011:

Oh Alexander to paraphrase another great reader " I thought you only read it for the articles" lol

You know something? I am inclined to agree with you! Delta Goodrem has developed into a nice 'package' hasn't she?

Now that she has dumped her old boyfriend, she is apparently taking the USA by 'storm' with her singing!

Thanks for the kind comment :-)

Alexander Silvius from Portland, Oregon on May 21, 2011:

I admit, I didn't do any reading. I wanted to vote for Sarah Murdoch's body but for the overall package and smile I picked Delta Goodrem. Interesting hub.

Peter (author) from Australia on April 25, 2011:

I'm not sure but do you mean: 'why is she not on my list'?

As fine an actress as Anna may be and I have seen her on our TV screens in a number of shows. I would not define her as 'beautiful'! and after all this is 'my' list!

maybe in a few years time when my tastes change she may qualify to go on a future list!

Thanks for taking the time to read and add to the list of Australias most beautiful women :-)

pinkpall on April 22, 2011:

Where the heck is Anna Torv?!

Peter (author) from Australia on March 26, 2011:

@izettl Thank you for your nice comment. Unfortunately for these ladies the opportunities in Australia for doing what most beautiful women do is to some degree limited. To advance in their chosen career invariably requires that they travel abroad and they become more well known, more for their beauty and not their origin!

L Izett from The Great Northwest on March 25, 2011:

Great eye for beauty. SOme of these women I knew of but never knew they were Australian.

Peter (author) from Australia on February 02, 2011:

Thanks goodeye I am sure that Delta Goodrem is going to be around for a long time into the future, both for her singing and her beauty :-)

goodeye on February 02, 2011:

The only thing I can say about Delta Goodrem is WOW! She is a very beautiful young lady with God given talents.

Peter (author) from Australia on January 12, 2011:

Now let me think about that comment for a minute... lol

Ingenira on January 12, 2011:

Wow, so hot and beautiful !! Better than eating ice-creams. lol...

Peter (author) from Australia on January 07, 2011:

R.O.T. nice to see you here! Oh yeah you got that right mate :-) I have heard that Megan Gale has ditched her long time radio jock boyfriend for a younger guy hmm These gossip magazines what would we do without em lol

Right On Time from Australia on January 07, 2011:

Megan Gale = class personified.

Peter (author) from Australia on January 06, 2011:

Hi kylie, Informed and so well structured as it is, I am sure that australias most beautiful women would be very impressed with your comment. Thanks for taking the time !

from finland on January 06, 2011:

kylie, duh.

Peter (author) from Australia on December 23, 2010:

Bruno Bruno Bruno !!! What can I say? Phoebe Tonkin hmmm, ok she is beautiful sure but there is probably another thousand (at least lol) women in Australia just as beautiful.

Now the women I choose in this list must have stood the test of time. Maybe I should make another list of the new kids who I think will be around in say 5 - 10 years time.

Bruno I sure appreciate that you took the time to have a look at my list of Australia's most beautiful women ;-)

Bruno - Brazil on December 23, 2010:

They are beautiful, but where´s Phoebe Tonkin??

Peter (author) from Australia on November 24, 2010:

Rod thanks for the comment, I do like your taste and I think you have hit the nail on the head about the variety of nationalities in our lovely ladies. They are not stereo-type and all have their own form of beauty.

Rod on November 23, 2010:

Great work "agvulpes" Beautiful girls and not to mention natural looks. This country has produced some lovely ladies especially Megan Gale, I mean WOW, she's got a great mix of nationalities in her. Hands down Miranda Kerr.

Peter (author) from Australia on September 29, 2010:

Siren6 it has been said that self praise is no recommendation. LOL

But in this case I would find it hard to argue against you!

Aussie girls are the best in the world, but then again could I be biased? :-)

Siren6 on September 29, 2010:

Us Aussie birds are to die for!

Dont Look At it on September 23, 2010:

Hm pretty good collection

Peter (author) from Australia on September 23, 2010:

Come on Tom, now you have spilled the beans. The boys down in Nar Nar Goon will be upset with you. They were trying to keep Myrtle all to themselves ;-)

Can you send me the pictures of Myrtle and I will consider putting her in the next Hub?

Tom on September 23, 2010:

They left out Myrtle Fugg, who won the Miss Nar Nar Goon tiara in Victoria.

Peter (author) from Australia on September 13, 2010:

Well I am glad you approve lol

Mate if it is good enough for you it is good enough for me I will check out Amanda whats-her-name :-)

epigramman on September 12, 2010:

...especially when I visit your hubs - and see this!

You should check out Amanda Hinchcliffe - I do all the time - lol!

Peter (author) from Australia on September 12, 2010:

Mate, any day is a good day to be a man. Just that some days are better than others :-)

epigramman on September 12, 2010:

..well it's a good day to be a man part II!

Peter (author) from Australia on September 11, 2010:

LOL to be PC I think I will leave that one for Oliversmum to share with you ladies.

I would not know what a hawt man needs to have to be qualified as Hawt?

spryte from Arizona, USA on September 11, 2010:

I'm holding my comment for the hawt men of Australia hub. :)

Peter (author) from Australia on August 30, 2010:

Only if they want to be caught :)

crazy on August 30, 2010:

love that aussie babes! always catch one with ease )

Peter (author) from Australia on July 29, 2010:

@joshi thank you

@info Bucket thank you for your comment!

Info Bucket from Kerala, India on July 28, 2010:

sexy girls liked them all.

joshi on July 28, 2010: and spaicy

Peter (author) from Australia on July 24, 2010:

lovekv thanks for dropping by !

lovekv on July 24, 2010:

wow ..................face ....and all

Peter (author) from Australia on July 03, 2010:

lxxy, thanks for dropping by. I would not argue with your choice at all! She not only has the looks and does the work she has a very good singing voice.

All of these ladies have a quality about them that makes them Awesome Aussie Women!

lxxy from Beneath, Between, Beyond on July 02, 2010:

Awesome Aussie ladies!

I like Delta the best here--probably because of her charity work and cancer remission. Cool stuff!

Peter (author) from Australia on June 16, 2010:

It's nice to meet someone who appreciates beauty!~

Thanks for dropping by!

mythbuster from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on June 16, 2010:


Peter (author) from Australia on June 15, 2010:

inwest I appreciate your comment to take the pictures of Australias most beautiful women would indeed by a wonderful assignment!

inwest from Romania on June 15, 2010:

Nice picture! interesting! wonderful! gigi

Peter (author) from Australia on June 03, 2010:

gabriel, thank you for your nomination for yvonne, no doubt she is a beautiful woman but unfortunately she did not make my short list. It looks like I may have to make another list as Australias most beautiful woman seem to be popular all around the world.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a great comment, please stay tuned!

gabriel on June 02, 2010:

i would vote for yvonne strahovski, but you guys don't have any option with this name.

Peter (author) from Australia on May 29, 2010:

Mate with the beautiful women we have here in Australia, every day is a good day to be a man ;-)

btw: I am an avid reader myself, purely for the articles of course!

epigramman on May 29, 2010:

well it's a good day to be a man - and an avid reader of your hubs!!!

Peter (author) from Australia on April 10, 2010:

dnrkrishnan, thanks for dropping by and taking a look at our beautiful Aussie ladies :-)

dnrkrishnan25 on April 09, 2010:

hot and spicy...keep it up...

Peter (author) from Australia on February 26, 2010:

earnesthub, oh man isn't it great!

earnestshub from Melbourne Australia on February 26, 2010:

Agvulpes, this is why we live in Australia!

Peter (author) from Australia on February 06, 2010:

mel_89, thanks for the comment, Jessica Mauboy is a very lovely looking young lady and also I might add has a great singing voice. The other ladies you mentioned do indeed have a certain beauty about them , but I had to cut the list.

Miranda Kerr and Naomi Watts would be on my next list.

Thanks for your great comment.

mel_89 on February 05, 2010:

OMG what about other indigenous australian Jessica Mauboy, samantha harris & other australian women Nicole Kidman,Miranda Kerr, Kylie Minogue,Naomi Watts hmmm but the women here are beautiful tho

Peter (author) from Australia on January 28, 2010:

Springboard, yes the feed back I am getting from other people is that Aussies seem laid back and lead a life style to be envious of. Probably slightly overstretched but man I would not want to live anywhere else!

A week in OZ, phew depends what you mean by enjoy at the moment all you need is a pair of board shorts and a T shirt lol

When we have our holidays we pay about $65 a night, you might check out my Lakes Entrance hub

That is my fav destination but there a hundreds of other places. If you want let me know and I'll send you more info.

Thanks a lot for dropping by :-)

Springboard from Wisconsin on January 28, 2010:

Sorry to hear that. Everyone I have ever talked to as has had good things to say about Australia. That's hard to come by, really. Especially in a society like today where so many people are cynical, critical, or suspicious of everyone and everything.

How much in US dollars do you think I'd need to enjoy a week there?

Peter (author) from Australia on January 24, 2010:

Springboard, thanks mate I'm sure you would not be disappointed if you paid us a visit. My sister dated a US sailor at one stage and there was even talk of them getting married but it never happened. Ah well.;-)

Thanks for dropping by !

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